. 90+ Best Slowed and Reverb Song for Instagram Reel

90+ Best Slowed and Reverb Song for Instagram Reel

Slowed and Reverb Song

Are you an Instagram user? Do you want to increase the views of Instagram Reel? Then you have come to the right place. At present, it would not be a mistake to say that the Instagram reel has taken the place of TikTok.

At the right time after TikTok was banned, the Facebook owner bought Instagram and added the option of making reels. This Feature has been launched in 90+ countries including India and USA. Here I will discuss with you 90+ Slowed and Reverb songs that can make you viral overnight.

Here’s the List of Viral Slowed and Reverb Song For Instagram Reel

  1. You And I by Katy Perry – Slowed and Reverb
  2. Lakhon Mile Koi Bhi Na Tumsa Mila- trending slowed and reverb song
  3. Sukun Mila – SLowed and reverb
  4. Party – Doja cat – Slowed
  5. Tomake chai by arijit Singh- Bengali SLowed and Reveb Song
  6. Tum Tak by siddhart Amit Bhavsar
  7. Jeno Tomari Kache By Somelata and Ash King – slowed and reverb
  8. Mere Bina Main Rehne Laga Hoon- Slowen and reverb
  9. Darkhaast By Arijit Singh Slowed and Reverb
  10. Tera Yaar Hoon Main By Arijit Singh( Slowed and Lofi)
  11. I Love You for Infinity By James Young
  12. Jeene Laga Hoon – Lofi mix, slowed
  13. Isque Bhi Tu Mera Pyar Bhi Tu – Slowed
  14. Tera Hone Lgag Hoon – Lofi Reverb
  15. Pehle Kyun Na Mile Hum- SLowed
  16. Manwa Lage by Arijit Singh- Lofi mix
  17. Dekha Hazaron Dafa by Arijit Sing- SLowed and Reverb
  18. Jab Tak – Slowed
  19. Mojood Hain Har Sans Me- SLowed x Reverb
  20. Tu Jo Mere Paas Hai- Slowed and Reverb
  21. Tujhme khoya Rahoon Mai- slowed
  22. Bas Ek Bar Tumko Dekhne Ko – Slowed And Reverb
  23. Faded x Channa Mereya – Slowed
  24. I Realy Like to Party – Slowed and Reverb
  25. Tell MySelf I’m Alright – Reverb
  26. Mast Magan – Slowed and Reverb
  27. Tum hi ho – Slowed and Reverb (Tere lIye hi Jiya mai)
  28. Maine Roya Tujhe dhund dhund ke – Slowed dand Reverb
  29. Na ja- Pav Dharia
  30. Lisa – Money slowed and Reverb
  31. Tere Bina Jeena Saza Ho Gya – Slowed and Reverb
  32. Often – The Weekend – Slowed and Reverb
  33. Manike Mage Hithe x Jejon Premer Vab Jane Na (Slowed and Reverb)
  34. Let Me Down Slowly x Kabhi jo Badal Barse
  35. Ek Tuhi Yaar Mera by Arijit Singh -Slowed and Reverb
  36. Tomake Chara Ye Akash Saje Na by Arijit Singh (Bengali Melody)
  37. Bol Do Na Zara by Arman Malik
  38. Pal By Arijit Sing- Lofi Mix Slowed
  39. Saaware By Arijit Sing- Lofi And Slowed
  40. Suna Hai Suna Hai By Atif Aslam- Slowed and Reverb
  41. Ride It – (Tere Bina Mujhe Nehi Jeena) Slowed and Reverb
  42. Love Nwantiti – Slowed and Reverb
  43. Maine Nivayaa Hai Karke Dikhayaa Hai- Slowed and Reverb
  44. Doja Cat- Let me be your Woman – Slowed and Reverb
  45. Maine Roya Tujhe Dhund Dhundke – Slowed and Reverb
  46. Main Tenu Samjhawaan ki by Arijit Singh – Slowed and Reverb
  47. Nashe Si Chadd Gayi – Slowed and Reverb
  48. Need you to Stay – Slowed and Reverb Song
  49. Childhood Slowed+Reverb
  50. Tu jo Mere Paas Hai Slowed and Reverb
  51. Zaalima by Arijit SIngh- Slowed+ Reverb
  52. Copines- Slowed+Reverb
  53. Jeene Laga Hoon – Slowed+Reverb
  54. Bhuli Ni To Ami Tomar Mukhe Hasi- Slowed And Reverb
  55. Jalebi Baby – Slowed+Reverb
  56. Rum Pum Pum by Natti Natasha x Becky G- Slowed+Reverb
  57. Oliver Tree – Life Goes On- Slowed+Reverb
  58. Senorita – Slowed and Reverb
  59. Baby, I Need To Know – Slowed+Reverb
  60. Bumpy Ride – Slowed+Reverb
  61. Waalian – Tere Nal Chali Haseen Koi Na – Slowed+Reverb
  62. Shape Of you x Mann Mera – Slowed and Reverb Song
  63. Kangna Tera Ni – Slowed+Reverb
  64. If I Show You My Flaws – Reverb
  65. Saddi Galli – Slowed+Reverb
  66. Let’s Get Naughtier – Slowed and Reverb Song
  67. Bum Bum Tum Tum – Slowed+Reverb Song
  68. Teri Ada Ada Pe Marta – Slowed and Reverb
  69. I Like Me Better When I’m With You – Slowed+Reverb
  70. MC Lavin – Sua Amiga Deu – Slowed+Reverb
  71. Tu Shamil Hai Mere Hasne Me Rone me – Slowed+Reverb Song
  72. Jab Tak Tujhe Pyaar Se by Arman Malik – Slowed and Reverb
  73. Teri Ore – Slowed and Reverb Song
  74. Dream Girl Ohh- Slowed And Reverb
  75. Ride It – Slowed
  76. Runway – Aurora – Slowed+Reverb
  77. Sugar and Brownies – Slowed and Reverb Song
  78. Talking To The moon- Slowed And Reverb
  79. Raataan Lambiyan By Jubin- Slowed And Reverb
  80. At My Worst – Slowed+Reverb
  81. Lovely by Billie Eilish – Slowed+Reverb Song
  82. Ankhey Teri – Slowed+Reverb
  83. Make You Mine – Slowed and Reverb Song
  84. My Baby, I Love You Voice – Slowed+Reverb
  85. Playdate to You – Slowed+Reverb Song
  86. Izajat Hai – Slowed and Reverb
  87. Tum Kyun Chale Ate Ho- Slowed And Reverb
  88. I’m Sorry Don’t Leave Me – Slowed and Reverb Song
  89. Perfect by Ed Sheeran – Slowed+Reverb
  90. Dill Ko Karar Aya – Slowed and Reverb
  91. Levitating by Dua Lipa – Slowed+Reverb
  92. Tarasti Hai Nigahey – Slowed+Reverb
  93. Tum Jo Aye Zindagi me – Slowed+Reverb
  94. Kitthe Chaliye – Slowed+Reverb
  95. Mahiyan Mere Mahi Janiya Dill Jani -Slowed and Reverb
  96. Tum Kyun Chale aate Ho – Slowed+Reverb
  97. Zara Zara – Slowed and Reverb
  98. Tum Jo mere Sath Ho – Slowed+Reverb
  99. In The Getto – Slowed+Reverb