. Write for us – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Food

Write for us – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Food

Welcome to Stay On Style. Do you want to share your amazing Lifestyle related articles with our Design and Fashion Lifestyle Magazine? Stay on Style provides you a platform where you can share your stories and informative write-ups about food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home décor et cetera.

We allow Guest posting for everyone to connect with the world and share their stories through words. You can be anyone, anywhere, doing anything you want and still be a part of our ever-growing community.

Guidelines for Guest Posting at Lifestyle Blog

  • Topic – We love to see innovation and new ideas. Enhance the creative side of your mind and come up with new ideas of your choice that aligns with our niche.
  • Length – In a well-researched informative article, we expect you to write at least a minimum of 1500In0ords.
  • Images and External Links – We would appreciate it if you increase the quality of your articles with high resolution, copyright free relevant images. Also add reference links for topics that need verification and link building purpose.

What can you write for us?

At Stay on Style, we welcome new and innovative ideas all the time. However, if you are not clear on what basis you have to write, here are a few suggestions:

  • Review Articles – You can review a beauty or fashion related prduct that you recently used or a book that you read which you feel other women should watch or read as well. Whether it was a TV series, a movie, a food recipe, or anything else, you are free to review it and add your personal experience and opinion about the subject in question to aid other people to see it.
  • Food Recipes – You can share with us your amazing food recipes. Our blog is a great place to share as well as receive authentic food recipes to satisfy your demanding taste buds.
  • Tips and Tricks – Like hacks are the new mantra to a happy life. Did you find easy DIYs to reduce hair fall? Is there a secret to your flawless skin? Share it with us. Post your DIYs and other hacks that have made living a little easier for you.
  • Travelogues – Write about your favorite places and dream destinations. Share with us why you chose the place and every what’s and how about it.
  • Lifestyle and home appliances – You can write articles about how to decorate our houses or easily do it yourself crafts and paintings to add life to our houses.

You can talk about your hobbies and personal experiences.

 Example – Guide to Denim Inseams for Women: Get Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type

How to write an article?

The format of the article depends on what you are writing. If it is a general article then the structure should be divided into-

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Pay attention to the length of the article. It should not be too long nor too short. The amount of information you add is very important. Make your article crisp and catchy. Mark the keywords properly to make sure people understand what they are reading. Try not to use too complicated words and sentences. It should be reader-friendly. Don’t insult anyone or use explicit language in your article.

How to submit your article?

To submit your article email it to us at writeforus24@gmail.com Get to know about the pricing and terms.

After reviewing your article if our editorial team approves of it, you will get the confirmation email. Send your article in MS. Word format or in Google docs. Make sure to add the images as an attachment with the document.

You must never upload content that has been written and published elsewhere.  Our copyright policies are extremely crucial.  Make sure your content is original and not copy-pasted from anywhere else.

Your application will be thoroughly reviewed by our editorial team. No matter who, where, or what you are, everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to be a part of our journey. You don’t have to be a professional writer or someone with great expertise.  Just share with us your personal experiences with sheer honesty, your reviews, and other exciting stories to get featured on our website. Niche keywords:-

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