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About Us

Who are we?

StayonStyle is a leading lifestyle blog of the new age. With a focus on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and food, we attempt to light up your life a little more every day. At Stay on Style, our main objective is to turn your average days a little more beautiful and manageable with our exciting events, news, trends, and delicious recipes for food. We are a group of millennials just like you, in a quest to find what makes us happy. With a fresh blow of energy, we aim to provide you with content that will fulfill you. We are not just any textbook-defined “Women’s Lifestyle Portal” but a lot more personal than that.

What do we do?

Stay on style is your one-stop shop to go if you are looking for new ways to wear your old boring clothes, or trying to find something out-of-the-box to cook, or even looking for ways to make your house look better with amazing DIYs and interior décor ideas. We offer all the information you need to solve the basics of your life. Looking for a way to wear Mascara without causing harm to your lashes? We have the perfect solution for you. Want to know how to lose weight without having to cut on the delicious deities? Our diet recopies will be your best friends in that case.  Our content is designed in a way to make you aware of all that you need to be as a woman living in today’s world.

What do we want?

Stay on Style is a platform for all millennial women to read, watch, and hang out. We want to glitter your moments and blast a series of new stories. We aim to achieve all these with you no matter who you are or where you are. Whether you are a stay-at-home lady or someone who has to spend her days in front of the screen all day every day, we have just the right thing for you. Every woman deserves to receive top-notch services and be treated with care and courtesy.

We want to give the fashion and lifestyle industry a new face. Innovation is our primary means to attain what we are looking for. We want to provide every woman with content that will make her feel like herself.

Be the star of the kitty party and the center of attention among your friends by having up-to-date information about the latest trends and styles.  We also provide verified reviews on the best cosmetic and healthcare products.  Know what is good for your skin and hair by expert stylists and professionals. 

Our Promise

The use of “we” constantly emphasizes a community that Stays on Style wants to grow with you. Whether you want to know the latest news of the entertainment industry, want to catch up on the latest trends, or find something personal that suits your taste, we will keep providing amazing content.

Our primary objective to fulfill your purpose includes:

  • Implementing a positive change with engagement and collaboration
  • Provide our customers with an independent platform to empower and encourage them
  • From time to time engagement with our customers to improvise the quality of content as per their wishes

Stay on Style is a leading Lifestyle Magazine for women. Connect with more phenomenal women like yourself, empower and embrace your womanhood with Stay on Style.