. 24 Trending Blouse Design Ideas that will Cover any Occasion

24 Trending Blouse Design Ideas that will Cover any Occasion

Blouse Design

Wearing a saree has always been a piece of fascination for women of all ages. Since being a child, rotating around grandmothers and mothers who wore sarees to make one wear. That’s how childhood went by with sole fascination in the piece of cloth named saree. 

Even if the saree is simple, a beautifully designed blouse can add a glamour quotient to it. Simple blouse designs to the designer ones, a blouse is totally up to the customer on how to create it to make it look fashionable yet trendy.

24 different ways to design a blouse:

1. Simple U-cut

A simple U-cut- quarter sleeve blouse design is everyday worn for ladies. This is not much of a drama but a simple, sober design to wear with any simple saree. 

2. Traditional Blouses

The traditional blouses with heavy embroidery and carvings are required when the other part of the outfit is very simple. Hence these blouses are much in fashion and can be paired with anything. 

Traditional Blouses
Image Source: South India Fashion

3. Simple Blouse Designs

Some want to keep the designs of the blouse simple. Hence a Trendy blouse front neck designs blouse is one for the go—nothing fancy, nothing gaudy, just a simple design to highlight. 

3. Simple Blouse Designs
Image Source: The handmade craft

4. A Cropped V Blouse 

A cropped v blouse can be put along with the wedding marriage blouse designs as well. These Blouses can add a funk affair to the wedding. Highlighting the body parts with so much elan.

Cropped V Blouse 
Image Source: Styles At Life

5. Crop Silk Blouse

A crop silk blouse with a lehenga or saree can add a modern look to the wedding day. With detailed embroidery and carvings, even mirror work can add a flair to it. Good heavy fineries and bold makeup can give this blouse all the necessary attention. 

Image Source: Brand: KalkiFashion

6. Cold shoulders

A funky cold shoulder blouse can light up any dull saree or lehenga. It gives a timeless look to the outfit as well as a look after wearing it. Pairing it up with a lehenga or a dreamy saree may be lightweight, or organza can highlight the blouse more.

Cold shoulders
Image Source: WedMeGood

7. Show off those arms

A trendy back boat neck blouse design with no sleeves can give one such out of the sensuous box look. Showing off the toned arms with intricate designs at the back and boat-shaped neck is what one can get mesmerized with, no matter what. This can be teamed up with any lehenga or saree or even a long skirt of a different color.

8. A high neckline

It mostly gives a professional look to the elegant sarees. The blouse with a high neckline always stands out. It provides an out-of-the-edge look with slender necks. Having fun trying it out with different varieties of sarees is what one ch experiments with.

9. The classic blouse

A classic blouse with puffed sleeves gives that feeling no doubt. It should be well-tailored, and then no one can stop her from looking like a princess. If one wants a traditional Indian princess look, one can opt for elaborate waist chains and jewelry.

Image source: Candy Crow

10. Sweetheart Neckline

As the name suggests, this blouse design is quite popular as well. Can be worn with a lehenga or a saree, this sweetheart neckline draws a lot of attention. It accentuates the body parts like no one. It gives a demi-goddess feel to the outfit carrier. 

Image source: Sweetheart Neck – House of Blouse

11. Detailings On The Back

The intricate designs with karigari work in the back neck latest blouse designs draw the whole attention. If someone is not well or not dressed to kill, they can wear these blouses and still create havoc at the party. The whole focus on the d-day remains on the wedding blouse back design, which is why most brides prefer this style.

Image Souce: Witty Vows

12. The Long Crop

It can be worn with a lehenga, skirt, or saree. This gives a very professional look to the cotton or organza sarees. The blouse can be of any matte color and can be worn with any multicolored outfit. 

Image source: Unsplash

13. A Curvy V-Neck

A curvy V neckline is something that most women have in their wardrobe. If not, then one can right away get one. It can set up any simple saree or lehenga on fire. Typically used as a crop top to the sarees or the lehenga, it can give that spunky look. 

Image Source: Tips and Beauty

14. A Deep V-Neck

One who wants to look sensual and sexy can go for this blouse type. Since the olden days, the deep V neck has been going in and around the fashion industry. The whole look with minimal jewelry and staunch makeup with a back blouse design latest will make heads turn for sure. 

Image Source: Blouse Designs Arena

15. Scoop Neck

The ones with long necks and lesser in terms of bust size can opt for this. This silk blouse gives a versatile look to the outfit worn. The neckline can be altered according to comfort and want. 

Image Source: Talking Threads
Maroon Scoop Neck Blouse

16. Deep Boat Neck

Deep boat neck gives a deep cut to the necklines. When these types of Blouses are worn, it does all the talking instead of the outfit per se. The saree should be simple, and the jewelry; otherwise, it will look too gaudy. 

Deep Boat Neck
Image Source: Beauty & Health tips

17. Go Halter Neck

Halter neck tops and blouses are always trending, no matter what the year’s styling is. The halter necks add a flair of modernity to the erstwhile traditional stuff. This look enhances the shoulders and arms. 

Image Source: WeddingWire.in

18. Mega Sleeves

Mega sleeves or gigantic ones are always connected with tops. But one can try it out on the blouses as well. The look allows the women to flaunt their toned figure with this one. These blouses can be worn with sarees, dhotis, as well as anything modern. 

19. Traditional Boat Neck

This blouse is carved out on a traditional blouse with Boat necks or Sabrina’s necks. The traditional blouse with an intricate design sets up the whole glam vs conventional trend. This whole idea is all about fun and making a statement. The front trendy boat neck blouse design adds that spunk to the whole look.

Image Source: WeddingWire.in

20. Off-Shoulder Blouses

Modern brides or women are now opting for off-shoulder blouses. The silk blouse with a shoulder off focus on the toned collar bones can be worn to a wedding or a day party. These can be worn by women of all types who have a narrow waistline as it tends to focus on them. The blouse off-shoulder design is quite trending nowadays.

Image Source: ShaadiWish

21. Adding Some Ruffles to the Blouse

Nowadays, it is pretty trending- the ruffled blouses. Adding up a few ruffles can cover up the skin a bit for the ones who are not too fond. It can also give a princessy feel to the erstwhile traditional saree or lehenga. Some frills and ruffles always add up a zing to the outfit. 

Image Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: Bling Sparkle

22. Simple Boat Neck

When one hears of a boat neck, it automatically reminds of a lehenga. The simple boat neck can be worn with a lehenga as well as a saree. It gives the neck and shoulder full attention. One with a toned collarbone can simply show it off with such blouse designs. 

23. Cold shoulder sleeves

Have always heard about cold shoulder sleeves on tops and dresses, but it can add up that glamour to the blouse as well. The trendy silk blouse with a design like that can bring up a storm if the whole piece has embroidery in it. 

Image source: Weddingz.in

24. Merging Different Styles Together

One can definitely merge different styles into a particular blouse. It gives an old era look as if it is an amalgamation of both ancient and modernity. A simple traditional blouse can be given an ultra-modern look when shaped up as halter necked. 


Blouses are said to be a redefining part of a saree. Even the simple blouse designs can make one look glamorous if the saree is worn in a perfect way. With beautiful designer blouse images in the various catalogs, it becomes easy to choose the designs. The whole saree blouse set-up brings about a fundamental change to women’s fashion altogether.