. 7 Gift-Giving Tips for When You're Too Busy to Shop

7 Gift-Giving Tips for When You’re Too Busy to Shop

Gift-Giving Tips

Gift-giving is a great way to show gratitude or affection for another person. However, gift shopping can be a stressful process for people who work long hours or have rest days when stores are closed. And if you add in the holiday rush, then you’ve got yourself a combination that might make you give up on gift-giving altogether. 

With some careful planning, you can send a thoughtful token even if you maintain a busy schedule. With these tips, you can avoid the crowd and make sure you’ve got presents for everyone you care about.  

Give Presents Everyone Will Enjoy

Maybe you belong to a large family or have a large friend group, so personalizing presents may be a bit difficult. You can opt to buy presents that can be enjoyed by all and buy in bulk instead of making individual purchases. For example, if you’re shopping for women’s pajama tops for one of your aunts, get a few more to give to all your aunts, female cousins, and maybe even your mom and sisters. Pajamas are a great gift idea as these clothes can help them sleep more comfortably at night. 

You can also buy presents like hand sanitizers, lotions, stationery, and holiday clothing in bulk or get good deals from stores for purchasing a lot. Stores will also sell gift sets that you can break down into smaller gifts, like a set of bathroom essentials or stationery sets. These can be cheaper alternatives to buying single items.

Decide Who Gets What

If personalizing presents is something you enjoy, make gift shopping easier by deciding on specific presents for the people you love. When you know what to get your friends and family, you’ll spend less time scouring different shops at the mall or checking out the entire store hoping something will speak to you. 

By knowing what you’re buying, you can also make a plan for your shopping trip. For example, you can choose to go to a mall that will have all the stores you need to visit. You can also check stores online or their social media accounts to see when they have a sale so you can shop on those dates. 

Shop Gifts Online

 Gifts Online

If you already know what you’re getting your loved ones, shopping online can be more convenient than going to a mall or visiting physical stores. Most online stores have apps for your phone, so you can shop any time you’re free, be it day or night. Online stores will also have discounts or deals that you can’t apply in physical stores. 

With a store’s website or app, you can scroll through their merchandise in a second instead of going around their store looking through different items. You can also avoid the problem of going to a store only to find out they don’t have stocks for the product you want. And if they don’t have the item you need, searching the internet for a different shop is fast and easy. 

Get Them a Trip or Plan an Activity

Give your family a vacation or holiday trip instead of material items. Instead of buying them something that they may not need or use, a memorable experience is something they’re more likely to appreciate. A vacation can also have positive and longer-lasting emotional effects, plus it gives you a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. 

You can also gift your family or friends amazing deals for vacations, such as discounts on accommodations or group tickets for amusement parks. These deals are purchases you can make online too, so they’re convenient and easy to buy. 

If you want to spend less, you can plan simple activities you can do together, like hiking with your partner or going on a picnic with a friend. Personalizing these activities or vacations to suit their tastes will not only make the trip more memorable but also guarantee their enjoyment. 

Buy Them Gift Cards

A lot of people are shy about sharing what they want, and you don’t always know what your friends may need. So if you have this gift-giving problem, giving your loved one a gift card can be the perfect solution. With gift cards, your friend or family member is sure to get a gift that they can fully appreciate. 

You can even personalize gift cards by getting one from a store your friend frequents. For example, if your friend loves a specific clothing brand, get them a gift card from that shop. Gift cards also work for online stores and physical stores, so they’re convenient for any type of shopper. 

Regift Old Presents 

If you have received presents you don’t necessarily love, consider gifting them to your friends or family who would appreciate them better. Regifting these unused items is better than throwing them away or gathering dust in your closet. However, don’t use re-gifting as an excuse to simply dispose of things you don’t want. Make sure that the recipient will actually like or be able to use the item. Maybe your mom gave you a pretty paperweight that you don’t use. Gift it instead to a friend who loves stationery. 

Regifting can also help you save on gift expenses. Just make sure that these items are in good condition before giving them away. Regifting might also be more convenient for you if you’re busy, as you’ll only be looking at the items in your house instead of checking different stores at a mall. 

Splurge on Wrapping Materials

If you’re not feeling too confident about your gifts, you can spend a little extra time or money on getting your presents wrapped artistically. People tend to like presents with elaborate gift wrapping, even if the gift itself is not something expensive. If you don’t have the time to wrap your present, you can hire someone to do it or buy gift bags or boxes that already look beautiful.

The joy we get from gift-giving is universal, and being busy shouldn’t take that amazing feeling away from you. Beat the gift-giving hustle and bustle by following these tips. With these suggestions, you’ll surely be able to get something for everyone that matters in your life.