. All You Need to Know About JFK International Airport

All You Need to Know About JFK International Airport Before Travel

JFK International Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport, also known as the JFK International Airport, is the main international airport that serves New York City. This airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States and is quite similar to the map of airports in London.

This airport presently serves over 50 million passengers every year. This is the biggest airport out of the three main airports that serve the metropolitan area of New York City.

JFK International Airport was started in 1948; it was known as the New York International Airport and Idlewild Airport. After the assassination of the former president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, this airport was renamed the John F. Kennedy International Airport in praise of the 35th president.

Parking Facility of the JFK International Airport

There are numerous parking lots in the airport. The parking lots in the airport usually have their own color codes, which specify the parking charges. The usual charges for parking in these colored lots range from $4 for every 30 minutes to a maximum of $35 for 24 hours of parking.

If you plan to park your car for more than a day, the parking lot you must use is Lot 9, which has no specific color code. The charges are $18 for the first 24 hours, and for the next 8-hour periods, you need to pay an additional $6.

If you are going to the airport to pick up someone, you can use the cell phone lot, which is completely free of cost and a 5 minutes driving distance from every terminal. Besides, there is also a JFK Employee Parking Lot.

Food Facility at the Airport

Every terminal will get all types of fast food commonly consumed in America. This article has mentioned a few best options for every terminal.

  • Terminal 1: You can go to the Martini Bar, the Soho Bites, or pizza pubs. For Turkish food, you can go to Eat & Go Istanbul at departures at terminal 1.
  • Terminal 2: The best options here are Due Amici and Shiso
  • Terminal 4: Danny Meyers and Uptown Brasserie is a great choice for terminal 4 JFK food.
  • Terminal 5: Piquillo is very famous for its paella, and 5ive Steak is famous for its juicy steak.
  • Terminal 7: The choices in this terminal are not as great as that of the other terminals, but you can try out the Le Grand Comptoir wine bar.
  • Terminal 8: Bobby Van’s Steakhouse is the best spot in this terminal.

Terminal Details of the Airport

All the terminals in this airport have their specific departure and landing spaces for various international flights.

Terminal 1

This is the oldest terminal in this airport and is mainly served by Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, and Lufthansa. Many other airlines serve this terminal. Flights for JFK to POS are also available from here. You will get to see many Italy airports map in this terminal.

Terminal 2

This terminal is not as busy as terminals 1 or 4. This terminal had suspended all the terminal 2 arrival operations taking place from this terminal since the Covid period.


Terminal 4

This terminal is known to be the busiest terminal in this airport. The terminal 4 departures and arrivals terminal 4 are the most. This is also known as the Avianca terminal JFK or the Emirates terminal JFK and also Hawaiian Airlines JFK terminal.

Terminal 5

This terminal was opened in 2008 for JetBlue. This terminal is used by very few airlines, like Cape Air and Aer Lingus. You won’t see any Italy map of airports in this terminal. This terminal has replaced the previous terminal 6 and the TWA Flight Centre.

Terminal 7

In 1970, this terminal was designed for the BOAC and Air Canada. This terminal is also used as the Latam terminal JFK. At present, this terminal is operated by British Airlines. The famous airlines that serve this terminal are Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and United Airlines.

Terminal 8

It is one of the major Oneworld hubs, with the Americans operating its hub here. It is a very big terminal and offers numerous retail food outlets. Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, and Ethiopian Airlines are the main airlines serving this terminal. This terminal is also known as the Qatar Airways JFK terminal or JFK Qatar Terminal.

Hotels and Transportation

Several hotels near the airport include the Radisson Hotel JFK Airport, Crowne Plaza, Comfort Inn & Suites, and Days Inn & Suites. However, you must admit that the best and most well-known JFK airport hotel is undoubtedly the TWA Hotel.

Talking about the transportation to this airport, if you are trying to get to the airport from Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, you’ll take the E, J, or Z subway lines, or you can take the Long Island Rail Road to the Jamaica station. You can also book a cab or share a ride which will cost you an average of $50.


JFK International Airport is one of the busiest in the US and famous worldwide. This is the only airport having 6 central terminal areas in Jamaica, NY, and is used by numerous airlines.