. Top 7 Life-Changing Lucky Plants

Top 7 Life-Changing Lucky Plants

top 7 Life-Changing Lucky Plants

The tree is our friend. There are many reasons why we regard trees as our friends. And the most important of those factors is the oxygen, which we get from trees. Today I will talk about 7 life-changing lucky Plants. Some trees bring us good luck. According to Vastu, we all need to have plants in our homes.

Some of the trees we know as Prosperity Trees. It believes that some trees bring us prosperity. Some trees are kept at home or in the office bring prosperity. Today we will discuss few good luck trees.

Money Plant

Money plant is a very well known Plant. This many plant tree is found in families in China and India. These money plant trees remove negative energy and help maintain prosperity. This plant is climber type. It is kept in water when it is small and when it grows in size it is also kept in the soil. According to the ecosystem, the tree should be placed in the southeast corner of the room.

Lucky Bamboo Tree

The lucky bamboo tree brings us good luck. According to Vastu, this tree will bring good luck to the person who will take care of the Lucky Bamboo Tree. This tree is very beautiful to look at and it is kept in the water. This plant grows very fast when planted in the ground. Many people keep this tree at home for home décor. Eastside is best for this plant to get very good results.

Tulsi Plant: Life-Changing Lucky Plants

Tulsi plant is full of medicinal properties. This tree has many benefits. The Tulsi plant is worshiped according to Indian culture. They believe that God lives in this tree. According to the Vastu, this tree should be kept in the east and northeast.

Snake Plant

This tree is the most vibrant plant. This plant leaf is twisted. I heard that this tree helps to remove toxins from the air. This tree does not need much care. This tree stays fresh with a little bit of water. It is better to keep this tree in the office. This tree looks a bit like a snake’s body so this tree is called a snake plant

Aloe Vera Plant

The benefits of the plant aloe vera are endless. This aloe vera is used to beautify the skin and hair. Southeast Corner is the best for this tree according to Vastu. This plant does not need much care, it needs a little water to keep it fresh, but care should be taken not to keep it in too much sunlight. Direct sunlight makes the tree yellow.