. Top 9 Unique Nail Designs with Diamonds

Top 9 Unique Nail Designs with Diamonds

Nail Designs with Diamonds

Bejeweled nail designs have taken the world of friends by storm. After having retained their popularity throughout the last two years, it appears as if rhinestone nail designs have become a staple in the world of nail art.  Diamond nails look classy and sophisticated, plus they are a great way to upgrade your look for any special occasion be it a birthday, wedding, or festival.

How are diamonds added to nail art and is it painful?

There is more than one way of adding sparkling rhinestones to your nails. Some people prefer to go for styles that incorporate these rhinestones subtly into a blend of colors and designs, others prefer to let the rhyme stones remain at the center of attention, yet others go bonkers about the idea of diamond piercing on the nails. 

None of these processes hurt. These diamonds are either glued onto real or acrylic nails or the front most end of the nail is pears and a rhinestone ring is added to it.  This is done on the part of the nail that is usually clipped out, the upon the extended acrylic region and does not cause any sensation at all.

9 Trendy Diamond Nail Ideas

There are endless ways of adding a little more sparkle to your life, and your nails remain no exception. However, in this list, we have handpicked the most favorite of all such ideas and there is something here for every reader.

Red nails with diamonds 

Red nails with diamonds are any woman’s dream to wear. Especially in the summer months, red adds a sheen to one’s complexion and luster to one’s hair.  Even for women who never wear much red, vacations are the perfect time to get that once-in-a-year ritual over with.  All shades of red from the rusty sober to the fiery crazy look refreshing when paired with light blue denim or earth-toned colors that usually adorn this time of the year.

Ombre nails with diamonds 

Ombre nails have been huge since last year. People have been smitten by the clean powerful look that a finely crafted pair of ombre nails can provide to everyone. The plethora of ideas themselves within the sub-genre is enough to turn anyone’s head, and when you add the characteristics sparkle of ombre nails with diamonds – well we all can guess how perfect the result will be.

White coffin nails with diamonds 

Diamond nails

All of us have to try coffin nails at least once. Just to see what the craze is at least.  With the breezy occasions that adorn summer, well we thought, what could be better than reserving this design for a special one’s wedding? Or maybe our anniversary?  White and rhinestones are a celestial combination; they are a good idea even for a little self-pampering vacation to any exotic, beachy location. White coffin nails with diamonds are as classy as it gets.

Diamond nails and spa 

It is an open secret that getting your nails done is not a chore but an experience. Recently most nail parlors and art salons have come up with a rejoiced method of making this experience even sweeter.  Diamond nails and spa is the component of a luxurious day reserved for no one but yourself. Maybe you can treat yourself to a meal after this, bill out a few products you have never tried before, and call it a day with some filling dessert!

Hot pink nails with diamonds 

Hot pink is this year’s color. Influencers all over social media are rocking the pink with handbags, sweat pants, sneakers, and even sunglasses. No one day you are finding some pieces in your closet as well! Own your pink this summer sparkling set of hot pink nails with diamonds. Hot pink nails with diamonds are especially great for the back-to-school, which took such a long time and is finally happening.

Nude nails with diamonds 

On the opposite spectrum of the smoking pink is the gentle allure of the nude nails with diamonds. The diamond stands out upon your hands like the stars reflected by the ocean at night. Rhinestone piercings look the best on nude nails. If you are recently engaged, add a few more diamonds to your already glowing hand! Nails with diamonds that are this versatile and go with every outfit under the sun are sure to have a loyal following, isn’t it?

Abstract nail designs with diamonds 

Nail designs with diamonds are such a good mixture no one will be able to tell it was an improvisation. if you love long acrylic, bejeweled nails that grab everyone’s first attention, go for a crisp and colorful design to complement the diamonds that are being added. On the other spectrum of this, if hyperrealism fascinates you, you can go for specialized artists who can make your nails look like a deck full of treasures.

Sheer sparkle diamond nails 

The sheer nails serve as a moderated version of the French manicure. These nails believe in the superiority of keeping the cuticle untouched, except for as in this case with the addition of some glitter and rhinestones. The sparkling diamond nails surprisingly, look just as eye-catching as perhaps brilliant blue diamond nails or any other palette of rainbows. 

Royal blue nails with diamonds 

Royal blue nails with diamonds are tantalizingly gorgeous. They give off a mystic, untouchable aura.  If you are planning for a summer full of romantic days and meeting cute strangers at nini nightclubs, something as dark and mysterious as the royal blue will add just the necessary touch to your royal ensemble. Blue nails with diamonds are one such style option that suits women of every age and aesthetic.


Rhinestone designs are here to stay, and we can see how these days they are being incorporated into every new trend. Recently, as coffin nails rose to prominence, coffin nails with diamonds were at the frontier of that revolution. With the fun, summers write around the corner, a and bit of glitter can make everything brighter.