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16 Best Wall Christmas Tree Ideas | Christmas Wall Decal

Wall Christmas Tree

With Christmas around the corner, the craze for Christmas decorations is now more than ever. The best thing about the best time of the year is that you can decorate your house any way you want. Be it ceiling tall Christmas trees or red and green ornaments, the holiday season is all about beautiful decors.

If you feel that this year you want to do something new with the Christmas décor, ideas for wall Christmas trees are getting trendier by the day. With wall decoration, you can easily customize it as per your choice and make your holiday decoration unique.

We have pulled together some amazing ideas for a wall Christmas tree with lights that will make your holiday décor stand out.

16 best wall Christmas tree ideas

When starting with Christmas decorations, it is not always necessary to go traditional and use large pine cone Christmas trees for your décor. You can even use various household items for Christmas. Here are some amazing Christmas tree alternatives that you can use to make a wall Christmas tree.

Light it Up

This is a classic hanging Christmas tree, and all you need to make it are fairy lights and ornaments, and clippers. Take your fairy lights and clip the top of them to the top of the wall. Next, go down diagonally, in the shape of a cone, in a zig-zag formation making the lights look like a Christmas tree. Tape the ornaments to the wall, giving it the appearance of the Christmas tree, and you are done. You can choose a fairy light of any color. Go for this warm, cozy décor idea for a wall Christmas tree.

Cork Tree

With holidays, comes the joy of parties, family, friends, and drinks. Over the year, save as many corks as you can and put them to use during Christmas. Get corks of various sizes and make a wall Christmas tree with its flat sides facing the front. You can cut a cork in half vertically and glue it to the wall at the face of the cone, making it the stem of the tree. add some warm yellow and white lights and you are good to go.

Pinboard Christmas tree

Do you have a pinboard of any size lying around? Stick pins of the board in the shape of a Christmas tree and use yarn to connect the pins. You can come up with a pinboard Christmas tree.

Photo Holder

Want to cherish all the good memories of the year through your Christmas tree? this wall Christmas tree idea is one of the best Christmas tree alternatives. Use a wire to make a Christmas tree structure on the wall. Next, you can decorate the wire any way you want with ribbons and streamers or keep it simple if you like. Get some polaroid photos of your friends, families, and loved ones and hang them in place of the ornaments. This will make your Christmas party shine and better than any other year.

Christmas tree shelves

Get wooden shelves of different sizes in ascending order. With the smallest shelf at the top and the longest one at the bottom, create a triangle structure. Decorate the shelves with whatever you like, from books to planters, and other accessories. This will last you the entire year and be the center of attraction during Christmas.

Stick Christmas tree

Go to your garden and grab some small thin broken branches of medium to small sizes. Attach all the branches with the help of thin fiber ropes and hang them on the wall. You can add lights and ornaments to give it the ultimate rustic look.

Streamer Tree

Get Christmas streamers of various colors, mainly green, red, and white, and stick them to the wall in a Christmas tree wall hanging pattern. Through in some lights, ornaments, and a big star at the top of the tree to get the holiday feeling. This idea is a great Christmas tree alternative if you are looking for something new.

Boho Christmas Tree

Cuckoo 4 Design
Neutral boho Christmas tree with macrame, grasses, and orange slices – Cuckoo4Design

For this wall Christmas tree, all you need is white and green yarn. Make a green triangle on a white background with the yarn and hang it on the wall with the help of a stick hanger. You can add golden walls on the tree to make it look even better.

Origami Christmas Tree

Use green and brown origami paper to make an origami Christmas tree. the only thing with this idea is, you won’t be able to make a life-size tree. what you can do is, make several small origami trees and place them all together on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Christmas Card Holder

All you need for this is ropes, tape, and holiday cards. Tape the rope on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree and hang the cards, making it look like a Christmas tree of cards.

Note Christmas Tree

Add little holiday sticky notes and other unique things in the shape of a Christmas tree and make it stand out. This type of Christmas tree is ideal for an office or classroom environment.

Tassel Christmas Tree

Use tassels of various colors and hang them in the shape of a Christmas tree. the shortest one at the top and the longest one at the bottom. Add photos, cards, lights, and Christmas balls to bring it to life.

Word Art Christmas Tree

Word Art Christmas Tree
Image Information – Christmas Tree With Words Transparent PNG – 617×809 – Free Download on NicePNG

Send a happy Christmas message with a beautiful wall Christmas tree design. Write a happy holiday message in the shape of a Christmas tree on a black background and stick it to the wall to make a unique and happy Christmas tree.

LED Christmas Tree

Make a wall Christmas tree with lights using LED. Tape the LED to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree and you have a beautiful wall Christmas tree.

Half Christmas Tree

Half Christmas Tree
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Half Christmas Trees Are Here to Stop Pets From Sabotaging Christmas

Make a real wall hanging Christmas tree with green Christmas streamers and lights, and ornaments. Throw in red ribbons and bows and lit up your Christmas.

Polaroid Photo Chain

Use chain in Christmas pattern to hang polaroid photos as a Christmas décor idea. This will make you want to cherish all the good memories of the year through your Christmas tree. This wall Christmas tree idea is one of the best Christmas tree alternatives.

These were the best 16 walls Christmas ideas to light up your Christmas.