. Everything you Need to know about Perspex Sheets 

Everything you Need to know about Perspex Sheets 

perspex sheets

Plastic comes in all shapes and sizes and has many uses across a variety of industries. 

Perspex sheets are a common kind and form of plastic and are used in all kinds of ways, on massive buildings, in aeroplanes and shop windows, and even in aquariums. 

There are also lots of things you can do at home, DIY style using perspex sheets. They are a relatively inexpensive and durable alternative to, say, glass or other materials. 

What is a perspex sheet? 

A perspex sheet is a flat piece of plastic that is light but durable and completely see-through, in most cases. Perspex comes in a variety of colours or tints, is weather-proof and will last a long time, no matter the conditions it’s exposed to.

You might hear perspex called other things – like acrylic or plexiglass. Acrylic is the general name for the plastic, whereas perspex or plexiglass are both brand names. They all describe the same thing – flat sheets of plastic with many benefits. 

What are the benefits of perspex? 

Perspex is:

  • clearer to look through than glass and stronger 
  • lightweight and less fragile than glass – it won’t shatter into a million pieces, which makes it easy to work with
  • an economical choice, especially when compared to other plastics 
  • customisable, in size, thickness and colour and comes in sheets, rods or tubes. 

Where are perspex sheets used? 

Given its durability perspex is used in a variety of outdoor environments. It’s used in buildings for windows and skylights, as signage or shelving in shops, and in our post-pandemic era, perspex is a very useful sneeze guard in hospitals, offices or doctors’ surgeries. 

How can I use a perspex sheet at home? 

Given it is light and reasonably affordable, perspex is a DIY-er’s dream. You can use perspex to make:

  • Picture frames
  • Furniture, like a coffee table or bookshelf 
  •  Backsplashes in your kitchen or bathroom 

How do I cut a perspex sheet for my project?

If you’re not someone who works with plastic daily, or you don’t have much experience working with plastic, it’s best to measure up your project – for example, the size of your splashback or picture frame you’d like to make – and then go to a professional plastic supply company. Plastic warehouse will supply and custom cut the sheet for you, depending on what you need for your project, and they have a huge range of colours available. You can send us a message to get started.