. Guide to wear Different Panties With Different Dresses

Guide to wear Different Panties with Different Dresses


Do you know, what to wear under a tight fitting dress? How many of you have seen the panty-line through your dress? I know many of you have had this problem. No matter how much time you spend in your wardrobe, your panties hold your comfort all day long. It’s difficult to choose different panties with different dresses. Wearing the right panty with the right dress is important.

It’s pretty clear that 99 percent of women wear underwear for regular. But it is very important to wear different underwear with different dresses. It should be washed after wearing panties. Today I will tell you how to choose different panties with different dresses.

Different Panties

Boy Short Panties Cotton

Skirts and short dresses

You can wear this underwear with short skirts and shirt dresses. Boy short underwear prevents panty line from the bottom. Boy shorts are super duper comfortable.  You can wear boy short under your flared dress.

Control brief: Different Panties with Different Dresses

High waist jeans and bodycon dresses

You can call the control brief a high waist brief. Control brief makes your body look slimmer. It will prevent you to showing your tummy fat. You can wear high waist brief under high waist jeans and bodycon dresses.

Cotton Thongs

Shorts, bodycon dresses, tight skirts, and pencil skirts

Nothing is sexy like thongs. You can wear thongs under any kind of tight or choose dresses. It will not show any panty line to ruin your outfit. Teenagers can wear thongs if it’s comfortable for them.

Butt lifter


If you want your butt to look bigger then this butt bigger panty is best for you. It will lift your butt. You can wear a butt lifter under high waist denim. It will give you a sexy look after wearing. This panty is super duper comfortable.

Jockey Panties

Regular denim or top

Jockey panties are one of the comfortable panties. It has come in different color and you can use it in regular base. It is so comfortable and easy to wash.