. Back To The Office Bra’s

Back To The Office Bra’s

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Two years after the pandemic all kicked off many of us have fully adjusted to life working from home, and the comfortability that comes with it. We know that going braless during lockdown was a trend that stuck around, especially when working from home became the normality. However, as we finally find ourselves returning to normality, and the office, we have a new thing to worry about. Wearing a bra again!

Fortunately, there is no need to despair. We have put a number of bras to the test so you don’t have to. In this article, you will find our 5 favorite back-to-the-office bras that will provide you with all the support you need at work whilst giving you the comfort you deserve.

Top 5 back to the office bras

One of our favorite bra retailers is Bras and Honey which stock a range of high-quality lingerie for all shapes and sizes. The brands they sell include the likes of Panache, Fantasie, and Elomi.

1.   Fantasie Smoothing Bra

One of the best t-shirt bras we tried was by the brand Fantasie, well known in the bra industry for its consistency when it comes to making high-quality bras. The Fantasie smoothing bra gives the perfect smooth shape without compromising on support by using specially designed fabric. Bras and Honey stock this bra in a range of colors and sizes meaning no one has to miss out on this fantastic everyday bra. What made it stand out to us was that it was unnoticeable under clothes and super comfortable making it perfect for work.

2.   Freya Starlight Bra

The next bra we discovered that is absolutely essential for any lady’s wardrobe is the Freya Starlight Bra. This bra not only provides you with the support you need through its lightweight underwire construction but it is also seam-free. What’s more the fabric of this bra came with great stretch giving it just the right fit and full coverage which ensures you feel confident and secure when you’re back in the office.

3.   Curvy Kate Daily Dream Bra


If you have a bigger bust and are tired of looking for a good quality bra that fits properly whilst giving you the proper support, Curvy Kate has come to the rescue. They have a range of bras available for a fuller bust, our favorite day to day one being the Curvy Kate Daily Dream bra. The design of this bra is classic, ideal for wearing every day. It creates a flattering figure with foam-lined underwire cups, discreet seams, and fully adjustable straps.

4.   Panache Superbra

Another excellent bra for any D plus woman in the Panache Superbra range. Each bra features a seam-free supportive cup, perfect to be worn every day under tight-fitted clothing. This molded cup is designed to give you all the comfort and support you need whilst being stylish enough to make you feel confident throughout the day.

5.   Elomi Bijou

If you have a higher waistline and are looking for a bra that gives you the right support whilst keeping you secure, the Elomi Bijou might be the answer. This bra is specially designed with a curved underwire to do exactly that without giving you too much push-up. The straps on this everyday bra are adjustable and set wider providing you with increased comfort and support on the bust.