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The Biggest Squid Game Twist | Ending Explained

Squid Game

After watching the Squid Game, many questions may come to your mind because Squid Games have become popular in a very short time as well as this web series is different from other web series. In just 10 days, this Korean web series has become very popular on Netflix and has taken place in everyone’s mind. It is one of the most-watched series in a short time.

These are the people who have acted as popular characters in the Squid Game web series:

  1. Lee Jung-Jae as Seong Gi-hun – Player number 456
  2. Jung Ho-yeon as Kang sae-byeok – Player number 67
  3. Park Hae-soo as Cho Sang-woo – Player number 218
  4. Heo Sung-tae as Jung Deok-su – Player number 101
  5. Oh Yeong-su as Oh II-nam – Player number 001
  6. Anupam Tripathi as Abdul Ali – Player number 199
  7. Kim Joo-ryoung as Han Mi-nyeo – Player number 212
  8. Wi Ha-joon as Hwang Jun-ho – The Police Officer
  9. Gang Yoo as the Squid Offering Man
  10. Lee Byung-hun as The Front Man

At the beginning of the Squid Game, we see all the players being taken unconscious to an island and everyone is allowed to stay in a hall room. We see that out of 456, player number 001 Oh II-nam, was the oldest.

In Episode 9, everyone is shocked when they saw the old man. And this is the biggest twist of the Squid Game because that old man is the core of the Squid Game. In the Squid Game, he admits that he made this game.

He made this game so that he and his rich friends could gamble on the lives of the players. He just played this game after being diagnosed with brain cancer. And he decided that he would participate in this game to feel alive.

The suspicious Scene of Squid Game

Squid game
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There are so many things in Squid Game that are suspenseful of the twist. In the Red Light Green Light game, when players are shot, almost everyone runs to the door in fear. But the old man had no fear of being shot or killed. Old man player number 001 was playing the game fearlessly when everyone was afraid to move.

Almost all of the games that were being played were Old Man’s childhood games. And he says in the Squid Game that he played a lot of these games as a child.

The Old Man 001 team had little chance of winning the tug-of-war because there was an only one team which had one old man and three women. But they won this game because of the intelligence of player number 001, The Old Man. There, too, he told everyone about his childhood, how he played tug of war games as a child, and how he won.

The Biggest Ending Twist and Explained

ending explained
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Until the last round of the Squid Game, two players numbered 218 and 456 survived. The rest of the Otters players were shot or they fought among themselves in the greed to win money and killed each other.

Those two players 458 and 218 were childhood friends. While playing the game, player number 456 says to end the game if he wants to save his friend’s life instead of money, but player number 218 feels guilt to do cheating on Ali and taking 2 lives for winning the game. So player 218 decided to kill himself and the number 456 player win the game as well as the money.

After One year of winning Seong Gi-hun, player 456 is leaving normal life as he lived before the game. He asked for money from people and he didn’t spend a single penny of his winning money. One day he drinks beer on the riverside. Old Women ask him to buy a flower and Seong Gi-hun saw a special card attached to his purchased flower.

 He saw the card was a Squid Game invitation card with an address. Seong Gi-hun followed the address and he walks into a room where an old man lying on the bed. Seong Gi-hun got shocked because that person is none other than player number 001, the oldest man of the game. He got shocked because the old man was still alive.

Oh II-nam points down the street to a homeless man. Looking at that homeless person in the snow, he says that person knows that if no one helps him, he will freeze very quickly. Oh II-nam said If I help him “That smelly, human piece of trash”. When he gets angry and asks her to shut up, the old man makes a bet with Seong Gi-hun that if no one helps the person on the street today, Oh II-nam will win and if anyone helps, Seong Gi-hun will win.

Seong Gi-hun believes that someone will help him. But as time goes on no one comes to help people on the street. But just before midnight, another man came to help. At that moment, Seong Gi-hun saw the man helping and shouted that he had won. But in the meantime, Seong Gi-hun sees that Oh II-nam is dead.

We know that the Old Man created this game and there was no joy in his life. Despite being rich, he had no joy in life. He thought he would enjoy playing this game.

In the next scene, we see Seong Gi-hun change the color of his hair and he brings his brother according to his promise to player number 67. After fetching his brother, he went to his friend’s mother, the mother of player number 217. Seong Gi-hun stays silent and does not speak.

Her mother is very happy to see the little boy. His friend’s mother asked him about his friend, Seong Gi-hun says that his friend didn’t call him. Without saying an extra word, Seong Gi-hun left the boy with a big bag fill with money and note. His friend’s mother was shocked after seeing that huge amount of money. In the note, Seong Gi-hun said that the money he borrowed from his friend.

After that Seong Gi-hun was on his way to going the US. He saw that the same salesman playing the same game slapping and red or blue paper turning game with someone, Seong Gi-hun run and try to catch him but he failed. He took the card from the unknown person and started screaming at the guy and tell him not to play this game.

After that Seong Gi-hun calls that number behind the card that he took from the guy and screaming. On the phone call, a man asks for going to the US but Seong Gi-hun takes his step back and turns behind; decide to find out who is behind in this game.

And the Squid Game season 1 ends. In the next part, we will know what’s next.