. 9 Common Sports Bra Mistakes That You Should Avoid

9 Common Sports Bra Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Sports Bra Mistakes

Hey ladies! Are you aware of the Sports Bra Mistakes you are making every day? It’s time you should rectify the common bra mistakes you are performing. Check out this article and put an end to your everyday bra struggle.

Wearing a bra can be uncomfortable if you do not go for the one perfect for you. It is undoubtedly, very confusing to pick the appropriate bra for yourself with plenty of options, varieties, fabrics, and brands. It ultimately leads to choosing the wrong bra and committing the various common bra mistake that every woman makes.

However, do not panic. Let this article help you! Read to learn more about the common mistakes you are performing with your sports bra.

1. Wearing the wrong fabric

You might think that the fabric of your sports bra is not a very big deal but, that’s not the truth. The fabric of your bra decides whether your everyday bra experience would be comfortable or not.

There might be certain fabrics that you are allergic to! And wearing such material would undoubtedly result in breakouts and allergic reactions.

Isn’t it the last thing you would want?

In addition to that, the fabric you select for your Sports Bra would be breathable and comfortable enough. A useful recommendation for you, get yourself the Calvin Klein sports bra.

They are especially known for their comfortable and breathable fabric that sits smoothly on your skin. If you are perplexed about finding a sports bra with the perfect fabric, a sports bra from Calvin Klein should be your choice.

2. Not wearing the perfect size

This is one of the most common Sports Bra Mistakes you will ever come across. Who knows perhaps, you are making the same mistake.

Wearing the wrong-sized bra can be the worst mistake you can commit. Know that sports bras usually don’t come in small, medium, or large sizes.

The cup-sized sports bras are the ones that you should shop for unless you have a size lesser than 32A. If that’s the case, it is okay to go for small-sized sports bras. Else, your only choice should be the cup size.

Now, why this size?

Because it will hold your breasts in place without making you uncomfortable. So, in case you are wearing the wrong-sized sports bra, rectify your mistake without any delay.

3. Wearing the same sports bra for a very long period

Everything has an expiry date, and so do bras. You might think that this is a lame reason. But, in reality, it is a significant factor that you should take seriously.

 sports bra

Though sports bras are incredibly durable, you cannot wear them beyond their expiration.

Now, how would you understand that your sports bra has expired?

Bras don’t come with expiry date tags like consumables. But, some signs can tell you if your bra has reached its expiry date. Check them out:

  • Your bra is going all up to your back
  • Your breasts are not staying intact
  • Your bra is looking all worn out

If you experience any of these signs, darling, it’s time you get yourself a new sports bra as soon as possible.

4. Wearing a bra without panels

Pannel-less sports bras are a big no! Does your sports bra have panels? If not then it is a mistake that you are committing.

You might think, why is this a mistake?

The panels present in the sports bra primarily provide support to your breasts. And if your bra lacks panels then definitely it’s not the right one for you. A bra with more panels would provide your breasts with the support they need.

So, the next time you go bra shopping, remember to pick the sports bra with the most panels. Opt for the Champion sports bra to get a comfortable mesh panel.

5. Using a dryer every day

It is justified that not washing up your bra frequently can make it smelly and unhygienic to wear. But, the mistake that you are doing here is by putting your sports bra in the dryer!

Don’t do that! Instead, give your bra a good wash using your hands. Use some delicate lingerie wash to retain the elasticity of your bra.

You are ruining the elasticity of your bra by putting it in the dryer every day. So, quit doing that and save your bra!

6. Wearing the same bra every day of the week

Bra Mistakes

You might think it is okay to wear the same sports bra every day but, no honey, that’s not how it works. If you tend to wear the same sports bra each day of the week, the elastic will stretch out faster than it should.

If this happens, you will have to discard your new bra within a few weeks due to its lost elasticity. And a sports bra with loose elasticity ain’t a sports bra at all! You should keep at least 2-3 bras in your wardrobe.

Wear each of them on rounds and this way you can stop the excessive stretching of your bra.

7. Wearing the wrong impact sports bra

The impact plays a crucial role when it comes to Sports Bra Mistakes. There are two types of impacts, high impact, and low impact.

The high-impact sports bra gives incredible support to large-chested women, preventing them from bouncing and moving. The low-impact bras on the other hand give support to small-chested women.

If you are a heavy-chested woman you would need a plus-size high-impact sports bra for your daily workouts. The Nike high-impact sports bra is the best high-impact sports bra you can get. If you are a small-chested woman, you have to get yourself the best low-impact sports bra. You can pick the Nike indy sports bra.

8. Wearing a non-adjustable sports bra

Even if it’s a sports bra, do not settle for a non-adjustable one. Why so? Because your body will change with time. You don’t need to fit into the same size always.

Sometimes you might need to tighten your bra a bit. The other times you might need to loosen up a little.

So, if you wear a bra that’s non-adjustable, how will you cope with these changes?

The Shefit sports bra is a spectacular choice to go for and avoid one of the major Sports Bra Mistakes you are committing. The sports bra from Shefit is both adjustable and comfy to make your everyday bra struggle effortless.

9. Wearing the Sports bra without removable pads

It may be possible that you are wearing a sports bra with the wrong padding and adding up to your Sports Bra Mistakes. This can again make things extremely uncomfortable for you. Sports bras are great for all kinds of sports it is evident in the name.

But, sometimes you might face issues of your nipples showing up during a workout session. This is a serious problem and you need to resolve it quickly.

The solution is simple, go for a padded sports bra with light or foam padding. The V-neck longline sports bra can be your pick in this context.

However, wearing a sports bra with very heavy padding can also create problems. So, it is more convenient if you get yourself a bra with removable pads. This way you can put on the pads whenever necessary.

Closing notes

These are the 9 common Sports Bra Mistakes you are committing to make your bra time utterly uncomfortable every day. Though everyone makes mistakes, you can rectify all your mistakes by going through this article. Reading, learning, and implementing are all you have to do. The next time you go out bra shopping, get yourself the best sports bra by avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this article.