. 8 Cozy Winter Loungewear Essentials

8 Cozy Winter Loungewear Essentials

Cozy Winter Loungewear
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This winter, it’s all about wrapping up and getting down with the comfy, cozy vibes. While glitzy and glamorous party outfits in gemstone-inspired colors are certainly a fun part of the winter season, your clothing for strictly lounging purposes can be equally stylish and exponentially more comfortable.

Consider curating a chic and ultra-cozy loungewear collection that will keep you warm and happy for the entirety of any movie marathon, baking session, or a good book. Think of it as your own personal capsule wardrobe: loungewear edition! Here are the must-have pieces you’ll need to keep you feeling comfy all winter long, no matter how low the temperature might get.

1. Comfortable Undies:

As you might have guessed, it’s crucial to start off your top-notch loungewear outfit with underwear that stands up to the same level of comfort and lounge friendliness. Instead of underwear that you might wear underneath jeans, workwear or nicer outfits for going out, choose a pair of panties that stretch well and won’t interrupt any form of lounging. Cheeky or boyshort styles work well with most loungewear pieces and you can never go wrong with a pair of comfy seamless panties.

2. Soft Joggers:

Loungewear doesn’t have to make you look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Whether you’re lounging around on a Sunday afternoon, after work or on a winter vacation, consider a pair of joggers as a refreshing alternative to baggy sweatpants. Joggers are great for lounging because while they have a bit more shape than sweatpants, they allow for a more relaxed style than tight-fitting leggings.

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3. Fluffy Socks:

Don’t neglect your feet when curating the perfect loungewear outfit. To keep your toes feeling cozy throughout any lounge-based activity, make sure your sock drawer is stocked with comfy socks that are thick and warm. Ankle or mid-calf socks are great for lounging because they will cover the area between the bottom of your pants and the sock, keeping you from getting too cold. Bonus points are awarded for printed or fleece options.

4. A Loungewear-Approved Bra:

Unless your idea of loungewear includes going braless, you’ll need a comfy bra that won’t poke or pinch you while you relax. For this reason, a soft bralette is the best option to pair with your loungewear outfit. This style of bra is usually made without wiring, metal clasps or other pieces that might cause you to become uncomfortable. It’s a soft, stylish switch you can make to turn up the coziness on your next loungewear ensemble!

5. Thermals:

This style of loungewear is great for particularly chilly lounging sessions. Thermal leggings or cozy thermal waffle-knit tops make a fantastic addition to a comfy outfit. They can be worn underneath another layer (or two) for lounging outside by a crackling fire or with cozy socks indoors underneath a blanket.

6. Beanie:

Yes, cozy hats are perfectly acceptable for indoor wear, too! To add some warmth, hide a bad hair day or simply finish off a winter loungewear look, throw on a soft knit beanie in a color that matches your outfit. While super thick and chunky options might make you feel a little too warm inside, a thin beanie made from cotton usually does the trick while you’re lounging around inside the house.

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7. Slouchy Cardigan:

Since a good layering technique applies to all types of winter clothing, you can put your skills to the test by layering the perfect loungewear look. A cardigan is great for any winter loungewear outfit because it’s equally versatile and comfortable. You can wear it over a long sleeve shirt and comfy pants or with a tank top if the temperature is a bit warmer. It’s also easier to slip on and off since you don’t have to pull it all the way over your head.

8. Warm Slippers:

While socks are totally acceptable with a loungewear look, you might prefer to have some extra coverage on your feet. Slippers are great for a day full of chores around the house or doing a bit of work from your home office space. Between open-toe, slide-on and ankle boot styles, there is a pair of slippers perfect for everyone’s loungewear preference.

Styling winter loungewear outfits is all about gathering comfy pieces that will allow you to remain cozy no matter what you do. Combine some of these pieces with what you already have to create a cute and casual winter outfit that’s totally your style. Whether you’re looking to create a full loungewear closet capsule or just want to gather a few good pieces to wear around the house, this list is a great place to start.