. 5 Easy Tips To Make Your Social Media Look Beautiful

5 Easy Tips To Make Your Social Media Look Beautiful

Social Media Look

If you’re thinking about making your social media look a little different, you’re not alone. Brands and influencers all over are looking to find a way to improve their profiles and attract a bigger audience. The logic is simple – people want to see better content on their phones, and they will engage more with posts that are well thought out and add value to their lives. This doesn’t just mean boring stuff. In fact, it never means boring stuff.
It means posts and content that is visually appealing as well as interesting and captivating – something that makes users stop scrolling and pause to read or listen to what you have to say. Brands also often use social media to bring a human, friendly, and more personable image of their company to the public, and specifically their own customers.
If you feel like this is something you’re having trouble with, you’ve come to the right place. This article will talk about five easy things you can do to make your social media profile look beautiful and stunning.

User-Generated Content

One of the best ways for a brand to establish a connection with its audience is to put the spotlight on them. Not only does this make for some great opportunities for engagement and giving back to their customers, but it also makes for some great content. Brands like Sol De Janeiro and Fashion Nova are just some examples of brands that are using this strategy to generate content for their social media accounts.

To do this, you need to ask your customers to tag you in the posts they create or post them under a particular custom hashtag. Once you have the posts, you can edit them just a little to make sure they fit your social media layout and design. You can learn how to do a number of things like remove shadows from your face and even adjust the composure or add a filter over photos with the help of a basic editing app.

In most cases, users benefit from the exposure they get from their content being posted on the business’s social media, but small businesses can incentivize their customers through different things like discounts on future purchases or freebies.

Learn the Basics of Mobile Photography


If you’re in charge of your own content creation, you might want to start learning about the basics. It’s hardly ever possible that you see a particular scene and manage to capture it perfectly on your social media. Rules like the rule of thirds and concepts about balance help you take the right shot, and then things editing best practices can help you make sure the photos come out just as you want them.
Here are some terms you might want to look up:

  • The rule of thirds
  • Learn how to use the HDR settings on your phone
  • learn the Photo editor use for better result
  • Learn what destructive editing is
  • Learn how to take balanced photos

Knowing how to use your phone camera properly and adjusting the exposure, contrast, and focus in your photos can make a huge impact on the quality of content you put forward.

Make It Interesting

Your photos are high quality, sure, but are they interesting? Capturing your audience’s attention can be tricky, but using visual queues can really make it easier.

Don’t be afraid to use small reels and “Boomerang” like videos on your feed, add graphics and doodles to content you shot last night, experiment with text, and see what online templates like the ones on platforms like Canva can do for your business.

Even when you’re not posting photos online, you might want to experiment behind the scenes to see if you can come up with something interesting.

Understand Your Target Audience

When you make any kind of content, you need to keep in mind who the target audience is. There’s no use making content for people in their 40s that contains slang that only young people would use and understand, and anything you make in your own language when you’re trying to communicate with kids isn’t going to do well either.

We can take this example a little further and say that even if you’re talking about finances and investing, you won’t get too far when you use jargon that is hard for regular people to understand. At the end of the day, that is who you’re interacting with. This means that even if you’re talking about a very technical topic or are making very industry-specific content, you need to make it easy to understand for your target audience – if you want to talk to common folks who wouldn’t know much about it, skip the jargon.

This means that no matter what content it is, it needs to be relatable and easy to understand for your target audience. If you skip this step, your posts won’t do well no matter how aesthetically pleasing and high quality they are.

Stay Consistent

Once you pick a theme, tone, and style, you need to stick with it. Consistency is one of the most important parts of building a brand image or a stable profile – you need to have your followers be able to recognize your content out of context, and to be able to associate a particular tone and “personality” to your brand or your account.

This can’t happen if you keep changing it up every six posts, so keep it consistent. Once you’ve settled on your approach, stick to it!