. The 7 Best Stylish Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

The 7 Best Stylish Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

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Can’t manage your curly hair properly? Searching for new haircut styles to fit your looks? Confused among so many styles?

We understand it is tough to manage curly hair and if not looked after properly it can create a huge mess on your head. Thus, having haircuts at regular intervals is almost necessary. Here in this article, we have the best of the best haircuts for curly hair which will undoubtedly make you look the best among the rest.

Top 7 Best Stylish Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

We know it is essential to maintain a good hairstyle to look good not only on occasions but also when going to outings, parties, and everywhere. In this article, we have shortlisted some haircuts for men with curly hair which are not only currently very trendy but also would never go out of trend.

Here we have 7 trendy haircuts for curly hair males. They are:

  • Short lower Flat with Curly Top

A classic combination of voluptuous curls with a high-top fade style gives you a brilliant style of haircuts for men with curly hair. This cut style is basically inspired by the class flat top fro. This haircut style gives you a cool fading in the lower part, separating the high from the low fade.

  • Drop Fade

Curly Drop Fade is like the 2.0 version of the traditional fade with more style and contrast. But keep in mind to let your barber know not to go too high in the fade otherwise you won’t attain your desired cut.

  • Modern Mullet cut

Do you have long hair? Searching for elegant stylish haircuts for long curly hair? If you’re fond of out-of-the-box styles and wants something that not many people can pull off, then this modern mullet cut is the one for you. These haircuts for male with Curly hair effortlessly brings edginess to your style which not many people can pull off easily. This cut is for men who want to try things differently from the stereotypical styles and has the confidence that they can pull it off easily.

  • Angular Fringe

If you’re looking for medium haircuts for curly hair that can enhance your look and make you look cooler this angular fringe is the best option for you. In this, the curls are put in an angular way on the front Of your face to give you a stylish look. However, this style calls for some maintenance and you may need to readjust the locks multiple times a day to avoid them falling into your eyes. Otherwise, this look is definitely a must-try!

  • Medium Curly Quiff

One of the best and most preferred hairstyles for men of any age group is the quiff. It’s a classic hairstyle that suits every gentleman who is searching for smart haircuts for men with curly hair. Quiff is a style that includes plenty of hair in the front part of the head, receding into shorter as it moves towards the back with a trimmed back and side.

  • Bowl Cut

One of the most popular and commonly known haircuts for naturally curly hair is the Bowl haircut. The bolt cut is back in trend and is definitely looking better than ever. Back in the 90s, a smooth and perfect bowl cut was highly on trend and was super demanded by the men. Also, today’s modern bowl cut is filled with beautiful textures but looks a little bit messy and that is what gives it an ultimate cute and impressive touch.

  • Shadow Fade

If you are highly fond of those haircuts where the barber cuts the hair in the back and on the sides A little short, keep curls of medium lengths on the top and in the front, long loose fringe then opts for shadow Fade. These looks not only go sassy with informal stylish looks but also can be styled well to go stylish with formals.


Hope this article was helpful and now you have a better and clearer conception about which and what kind of haircuts for guys with curly hair do you have. Go beyond regular styles and look at how people admire your new looks.