. How Long Does it Take to Dry Paint - Fast Drying Paint

How Long Does it Take to Dry Paint – Fast Drying Paint

Fast Drying Paint

Product painting has the power to give any item a characteristic look and aesthetic, which is exactly why it is held as a crucial step in the finishing of both handmade and mass-produced goods. After all, almost all niches of production rely to a certain degree on a comprehensive paint job. Therefore, the ultimate finishing and durability of any painted piece lie with the following correct steps throughout the process.

A very important aspect to educate oneself upon while getting involved in the process of painting is knowing how quickly your specific paint dries out. This knowledge builds production quality, strength between multiple layers, and overall result as well as prevents health complications that regular workers might contract.

Have questions about spray, acrylic, enamel, and oil paint drying time? Let’s answer them.

How long does it take for spray paint to dry?

How long does spray paint take to dry? Spray paint is a fast-drying paint. Spray paints of various qualities and widely used for Graffiti, murals, and other wall art creations. Graffiti and murals are being used increasingly as an interior choice among homeowners and designers who follow different architectural styles. Many painted goods as well seemed to benefit from the use of spray paint as it saves money and effort.

Spray paint usually dries up within 30 minutes on walls and plastic surfaces. The quick drawing quality is what allows artists to create intricately shaded and designed artwork where they apply different layers of paint one after the other without making a mess. How long to dry spray paint comparatively depends on the amount used. Moreover, great quality spray paint dries relatively quickly. Leaving spray paint to dry for 24 hours can deliver a complete cure to the painting.

How long does acrylic paint take to dry?

Now, how long does it take for acrylic paint to dry? Acrylic paint is being used widely these days for almost everything and has greatly traversed the times when it was employed by the textile industry alone.

Acrylic paint on credible materials as well as earthen or plastic goods can dry within 20 to 30 minutes at most. Topping even spray paints in this area, most high-quality brands drive within the average time of 10 minutes. Being another fast drying paint, curing acrylic paint takes up to 48 hours.

Apart from the amount of paint used and the surface it is used upon, the temperature of the surrounding area, humidity, paint quality, air circulation, oil-based on the nonoil-based material, etc act as factors affecting the drying time, as these can slow down the drying of even fast drying paint. Most acrylic paints are water-based. Similar to the tone and structure of acrylic paints, latex paints also drive within 30 minutes on any surface.

How long does oil paint take to dry?

oil paint

For many materials, no other paint at present can give the finishing that a proper oil paint can. And in some cases, this rule extends from products to architectural designs. Most creators do worry about the drying aspect of oil paint, including even fine artists – so, how long does it take for oil paint to dry?

Oil paint articles are suspended in linseed oil, and the viscosity of this oil makes its drawing time to be many falls that of regular water-based paint. Therefore the question of how long it takes oil-based paint to dry has a rather demotivating answer.

Lightly oil-based paints take a minimum of 5 to 7 hours to dry, whereas a typical oil paint will take a whole day to do so. Oversaturation in one area will automatically increase the drying time. The surface upon which oil-based paint has been used also plays an equally essential role in determining the time frame of complete drying. Oil paint can take almost a week to cure.

How long does it take for enamel paint to dry?

Enamel paint is used on oil-based products to retain their glossy finish even after they have been painted. The coating applied by enamel paint is usually glossy and thick. These days the available options in the market for enamel paint are two – oil-based and water-based enamel paint. Typically the difference in drawing time between the two is not much, and both have different optimal usefulness on different surfaces.

Like The other paints on the list, less humidity and warm temperature can enhance the drying. For the curing process however one will have to increase the amount of oxygen available in the atmosphere. Enamel paint takes up to 3 days to dry completely at general room temperature. Curing the enamel paint requires at least a week.

How to make oil paint dry faster?

After gaining the above information, our common course of inquiry wants to know how to dry oil paint faster? Enamel and oil paint dry times are such that they can easily hamper the overall production rate due to the time it takes to get each item ready. At the small creators level, we can employ the following ways to amplify the drawing of not-so-fast drying paints like oil and enamel.

Manual methods

It’s providing a dry and warm atmosphere, direct inflow of air, and an open environment without direct contact with external heat and wind, etc can help the paint dry faster. Creators should refrain from coating multiple layers that were unnecessary and leave the items untouched near an air circulator. Such simple steps can enhance the drying rate.

Japan dryer

Japan dryer is a naphtha-based additive that changes the surface structure of the oil-based product converting it into a fast drying paint lacquer. This is done by facilitating the oxidation of the paint oil. However, like most additives can change the structure and color of the paint itself if added in greater quantities.

The usual recommendation is to apply only one ounce per a couple of gallons of paint, however again it depends on the surface of the item as well. In most cases, not even one ounce is required.

Coating an acrylic paint background

When applicable (surface depended) it is a good idea to first quote the product with acrylic paint before going in for a full coat of oil. Thin layers of both can prove to be your divine combination. Acrylic paint dries off quickly leaving a surface that is in a state of oxidation and open to absorption.

Therefore, the oil paint comes in contact with oxygen and dries more quickly. In certain cases if you are well versed with your paints, following this step up with the application of a little heat can be undertaken, but very carefully.


Therefore, how long does oil paint take to dry need not deter you from creating items that astonish and inspire the world with their originality and practicality? A great finish is like a good attire; they say a lot about someone’s taste, beliefs, and abilities. The good news is, that great finishing for non-fast drying paint can be achieved by simply taking care of the correct procedure.