. How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Future Spouse

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Future Spouse

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You might think that your spouse asking you to marry them, or saying yes to your own wedding question, is the hardest part of getting married. However, the hardest part actually comes whenever you need to pick the perfect wedding ring. Putting yourself into the shoes of your spouse is one of the hardest things you can do, especially with a wedding ring on the line! 

While there is no set of hard and fast rules to picking the perfect wedding ring for the future person of your dreams, there are a few things to consider that this article is going to tell you about!

Think About What Your Spouse Might Want

This is a pretty easy thing to think about, especially if your spouse wears a lot of other jewelry as part of their wardrobe. Try to figure out what wedding ring colors, gems, and styles are going to fit with your spouse’s outfits and other items because you don’t want the wedding ring to be the only piece of jewelry your spouse can wear.

Look for common colors and things that will complement one another, and you will be on the right track for picking the best wedding ring!

Additionally, you should also consider the wedding ring as well, and you can actually find a lot of Plain wedding rings that match their engagement rings. You don’t want to have an engagement ring that is too flashy when placed next to the wedding ring or vice versa. 

Talk To Your Partner Or Jewelry Experts

As much as it might spoil the surprise, some partners just know that a proposal is on the way, and if you are very indecisive you can talk with them about what they want with their engagement ring. This might take some stress off your shoulders as well as give you some comfort that your partner will say yes!

If you don’t want to tip off your partner, you can talk to some jewelry experts and see what they want. Jewelry experts are trained to make sure that everyone is happy with their ring selection, and they can also keep you up to date on what is trending and what is in style in terms of wedding rings.

Look For Details

The ring should also take into account the level of detail that everyone wants. Some spouses like their rings to be filled with detail and others want their rings to be as plain and simple as possible with only a few diamonds in the middle. Whether it is colored gemstones, textures on the ring, or even a loving engraving, you can see what level of detail your spouse wants and then can get them the ring they want. 

Again, this might mean that you need to talk to your spouse in order to make sure you don’t get them too flashy or too minimalist of a ring, but that communication will help everyone be happy.

Look For Size


For the most part, men have big fingers, and women have smaller ones, and this means that they will wear different-sized rings. So make sure that you keep size into account, and you might even want to look for ‘his and hers’ rings or rings that go well together despite the size difference. Not only can matching bands be very adorable and romantic, but it also means that you are keeping the sizes of the rings in mind.

Go Long-Term

You will want a marriage that will last a long time, and your wedding ring needs to last the same amount of time! While it can be tempting to buy the newest and trendiest ring to keep up with the times, you should look for a ring that can be considered timeless, because you don’t want to have rings that are only viable for a short period of time and then need to be updated and upgraded for the next big fad.

So pick rings that will be durable and that will get a lot better with age, just like your marriage will! Plus, if the ring is really good you can pass it down to the next couple in your family to get married!

Go With Your Head And Your Heart

Choosing a wedding ring by yourself for your future spouse can be a little tricky, but if you stick with your head, your heart, and within your budget, you will do just fine!