. When Should You Consider Lipoma Removal?

When Should You Consider Lipoma Removal?

Lipoma Removal

A lipoma removal is a lump of tissue that is filled with fat and feels very rubbery whenever you touch it. Now, most lipomas aren’t painful and won’t cause a lot of problems for you, but there are plenty of ways to have them removed if you want. If you are wondering if you should try to remove your lipoma, then you should see if you match any of these situations.

Still, for the most part, lipomas are very common and they are benign soft tissue tumors. They grow slowly on the back, torso, arms, shoulders, and neck, and typically don’t cause any pain and are not cancerous!

If They Are Painful

There are several types of lipomas, and one of the ones that actually can be very painful for you is Angiolipoma. Angiolipomas contain blood vessels along with fat cells, and they are painful because of this. They normally appear in young adults who are between the ages of 20 and 30, and they tend to appear on the forearms and can be very painful if touched. 

Now, they aren’t very common, but if you have an angiolipoma or any other type of lipoma where it causes pain if touched or integrated with, then you need to consider lipoma removal because it can be a massive problem as you go about your day to day life.

It Becomes Hard and Stops Moving

This is where your body might be developing an angiolipoma because most lipomas are fatty and soft on your body. They will wiggle and move when you touch them, but again the touch should be painless. If you notice that your lipoma is getting harder and isn’t moving, then you could be developing an angiolipoma which will be painful.

It Is In An Unsightly Location

Lipomas can appear on your body anywhere, and sometimes people cover them up and simply ignore them. However, if your lipoma is in an unsightly location like your neck, where it is noticeable and potentially embarrassing, then you might want to have it removed from your body.

Some people simply want their lipomas removed for cosmetic reasons, even if the fatty lump is in a good location and isn’t really impeding their life. If that is you and you simply want your lipomas removed for cosmetic reasons, then you can consider lipoma removal as well.

It Is Cancerous

You should always get any suspicious lumps or growths checked out at a London lipoma removal clinic. If you see changes in your lipoma, you should get it evaluated to make sure you aren’t getting liposarcoma. Liposarcoma is painless, but it is an uncommon soft tissue cancer and you can easily mistake liposarcomas for lipomas and vice versa. In order to make sure that you are completely safe, you need to have medical professional check things out and confirm what your lump is.

How Does Lipoma Removal Work?


Many people do live with harmless lipomas and they end up dealing with them, however, if you decide that you want your lipoma removed for any of the reasons listed above, then a lipoma treatment can be done for you to remove the lump.

Most lipomas are removed by surgery, where your doctor will cut them out. The doctor will inject anesthesia into the area that will be operated on and then they will make a cut into the skin over the lipoma, then they will remove it, and stitch the wound back up. Aside from a few scars, it is a short and simple 5-day procedure, and you just need to keep the area bandaged. 

For some larger lipomas, your doctor might decide to use liposuction as well, which uses a needle and a syringe to pierce the lump and remove the fat inside of the lipoma. Otherwise, the recovery is the same, and you’ll be free of the lump soon.

Get It Checked, But Don’t Worry.

Most lipomas are harmless, and the ones that cause pain, cancer, and other problems are pretty rare. Go and get your lipoma checked out by a medical professional, but don’t worry too much about it being cancer or some other harmful problem. And if it is harmful to you, then you and your doctor can start making plans to remove it.

Otherwise, see if you can learn to live with your lipomas, or you can keep on trying to remove them and get back to having a lump-free body!