. How to Style an Oversized Belt Buckle

How to Style an Oversized Belt Buckle

Oversized Belt

Minimalism is out, and maximalism is in. If you enjoy following the latest trends or trailblazing with new styles, you need to experiment with large and bold garments and accessories, which use colors, patterns, and materials to catch and hold the eye. One of the most underutilized and most interesting clothing options to capture the essence of maximalist style might be the belt buckle.

Belt buckles can come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and materials. Attaching a belt buckle to a belt is simple, which means you can invest in a variety of belt buckles and exchange them to add personality and flair to every outfit. However, pulling off an oversized belt buckle takes some attention to detail. Here are some style tips for making belt buckles fashion-forward.

Your Bottoms

When you wear an oversized belt buckle, you want this unique and remarkable accessory to be seen. Thus, you need to wear bottoms that will not detract from the style of your buckle. The quintessential bottoms for an oversized belt buckle are boot-cut denim jeans, which nod appreciatively to the Western origins of large, decorative buckles. These jeans should be form-fitting around the hips and thighs, with no extra bagginess or bling that will detract from the buckle. Traditionally, boot-cut jeans widen slightly from the knee to the hem — to account for the bulk of cowboy or work boots around the calves and ankles. However, oversized buckles can also suit straight-leg and skinny jeans if you feel more comfortable in these options.

As an additional note, you can wear an oversized belt buckle with a skirt. A mini denim skirt with a large belt buckle is Y2K retro in a way that is trendy for young people in the 2020s. If you would prefer more coverage, you might opt for a light and flowy midi skirt in a bright color or Western pattern. Generally, it is best to avoid longer denim skirts, which can look and feel stiff and uncomfortable.

Your Top

It bears repeating: You do not want any of your clothing to cover your belt buckle. So, when you are considering which top you want to pair with your jeans or skirt, you need to prioritize shirts that have a hemline above the waist of your bottoms or else shirts that will stay tucked in. Some options to consider include:

  • Button-up: A short- or long-sleeve button-up is the best option for a traditional Western-wear outfit. Button-up shirts should be tucked in, or you can tie your button-up in a knot at the waist.
  • Bodysuit: Bodysuits are body-hugging shirts that snap at the crotch. These are ideal tops for tucking in, as the snaps will prevent the shirt from bunching up and coming loose outside your bottoms.
  • Crop: Crop tops are any shirts that are shorter than the standard shirt length. Most crop tops fall somewhere around the natural waist, but some only extend to just below the bust. You can find crops in all manner of styles, but you should avoid anything too flashy that could detract from your buckle.

Your Footwear


Shoes are more important to the overall look and feel of your outfit than you might expect. When you are styling around a statement piece like a belt buckle, you want your footwear to match the style and energy of your outfit, but you might not want your shoes to taking away from the attention of your primary accessory. The traditional footwear for oversized belt buckles is definitely cowboy boots, to which you might consider adding boot jewelry for an over-the-top look. However, you might also choose a simple pair of ankle boots or combat-style boots like Doc Martens if you are not angling for a particularly Western fit. Fashion experts advise matching the color of your shoe to the color of your belt, but barring that, you should aim for a neutral tone that works with the rest of your outfit.

A flashy, oversized belt buckle is exactly the statement piece your maximalist wardrobe was missing. Once you become comfortable pairing your big buckle with other elements from your closet, you can become part of the next great fashion trend.