. How to Style Leather Shorts to Look cool and Elegant?

How to Style Leather Shorts to Look cool and Elegant?

Leather Shorts

The return of winter always brings fascinating trends and classic fashion icon revivals. And yet, leather shorts are not a distinct winter or fall item; when paired cleverly, they can be worn in any season.

Leather shorts ruled the world in the late 80s and the whole of the 90s. This item is, therefore, a hot piece of your collection and a recreation of a legendary retro design.

One might then wonder how to style this cute little pair correctly throughout the year – since this clothing will stop the show anywhere, from a lazy day at a rainy cafe to the most happening club-hopping session you have had in a while!

While we will be talking about some of those similarly iconic pieces of clothing which complement leather shorts well, it is important to note that the success of these outfits is all about how much attention you are paying to the details.

Rhinestone necklaces, combat boots, biker gloves, and Gothic bandanas – nothing is too much on a knockout like you!

6 ways in which you should style your leather shorts for the best effect

Of course, most items in your closet, no matter how bland in themselves, will shine up a few degrees when you pair them against your leather shorts.

However, when you think of making heads turn, these are the few picks we got for you.

Let the red pop!

Since red leather shorts are huge right now, we have decided to start this list with that very pair in mind. The beauty of red or maroon leather shorts is that they don’t need you to do much with them.

The best thing you can do for that hot red is to let it stand in contrast with the rest of your outfit – add on colors like white, beige, and greens with your red shorts and allow them to claim the full attention of the observer.

You can always add a red beret on top if you want to go a bit extra.

Don’t forget to go extra with your Jewelry and add something like a diamond or pearl set for more value.

Animal prints are back.

Animal prints are indeed back in every shade and color you can possibly imagine. However, if a retro look is what you are going for, pairing the most classic-looking animal print top or pumps with your black leather shorts can indeed prove to be a very clever choice.

Animal prints are fascinating because they are so versatile; you can add a fur shawl, a suede cap, retro sunglasses, long diamond earrings – and in some rare cases, all of these together to this leather and animal print outfit. Still, it won’t be too much.

There is a lot of scope for experimentation with this set, which is why it is so much fun.

Go monochrome

The standard and sophisticated monochrome aesthetics are opposite to extra and experimentation.

It never fails to make an impression and is bold without being loud. You can use your brown leather shorts as an inspiration and conjure up an outfit full of shades and tones of brown, beige, white, and ochres for an astounding effect.

Light golden Jewelry and matte nails will be your ultimate cover of attentive detailing for this look. This look is best for a quiet self-care day, a solo travel wardrobe, or a romantic date you have been planning for some time.

Your Jacket is the twin.

Most people tend to underestimate the effect that leather can have in the presence of more leather, or they shy away from it thinking it can be too much.

But your leather shorts need a twin, and a biker leather jacket can serve the purpose instantly.

You can also add biker gloves and combat boots to the Jacket for the best effect.

Leather caps will also appreciate your pair of shorts very well. If you like to dress up in a carefree and wild girl sort of way, add some lace and fishnet to your outfit, and you will be good to go.

Pair with fur

Leather is indeed a luxurious item and has been historically paid with other similar goods that show their luxurious and designer origins.

That is why good quality fur pieces complement leather shorts so well. And because these are shorts, you can easily go large on the size of the fur you are choosing for this outfit.

Mostly for that contrast, the color of your shorts is desirable; if you are going for dark leather shirts, then your fur should be the color of white or off-white. When we say fur, we mean anything from jackets and sweaters to shawls and mufflers.

Every black crop top that you own

Now this one is for those basic head turners that you need on a hasty yet important day that you need to rock.

Our little secret is stated quite plainly for you – every petite black crop top you own will perfectly go with your leather shorts.

You can add from basic solid crop tees to halter necks and spaghetti straps- the more happening the crop top, the better, of course.

If you have that backless black satin top that you never ended up wearing, take it out now and place it next to your leather shorts, and you will instantly see what we are talking about.


Leather shorts are great not only because they look flattering but also because they make you feel like a Queen.

They flutter on most body types and can give an elegant shape and composure to your entire attire.

When deciding the makeup for your look with the leather shorts, go for dark smokey eyes and bold lips – red or mauve doesn’t matter. Trust us on this one, and you won’t regret it!