. 7 Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses That You are Obsessed with

7 Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses That You are Obsessed with

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

The dusty blue bridesmaid dress has been on the bucket list for every couple getting married this year – the tone and sophistication of these beautiful designs present the wedding aesthetic standards we are dreaming of achieving!

Like many others, if you have been contemplating whether or not the dusty blue bridesmaid dress will beautifully contrast or compliment your wedding when you and your style choice, we are here to show you the perfect list of dusty blue wedding selections that are sure to melt your heart.

The dusty blue color in any shade is striking and flatters every skin tone. Get ready to have a beautiful wedding experience with all your closest people looking fascinating in carefully crafted bridesmaid dresses of a remarkable dusty blue color.

Satin dusty blue short dress

Dusty blue dresses look like entities of unparalleled beauty, but it can easily be imagined how satin makeup can further this Royal effect. The satin dresses, usually knee length or shorter, were first popularized by youngsters in the 1950s and since then have been considered appropriate formal wear on most important occasions. Today satin short dresses have become one of the most chosen dress options for bridesmaids worldwide. With this choice, you also get a chance to participate in this popular statistic.

Dusty blue cocktail dress

A cocktail dress looks ravishing on almost anyone. It is notorious for flattering every body type and moderating extraordinary heights (tall or short) or waist circumferences (small or large). They can do so because they accentuate the correct body parts and can correctly fit everybody, irrespective of how it is made. One of the most affordable premium quality cocktail dresses we can ever suggest is the cocktail dress Lulu’s, a striking choice for your bridesmaid and any important guest.

Fit and flare formal dress

This dusty blue bridesmaid dress is less fun but more elegant. It is best suited for those weddings which value poise and dignity among the guests and attendees. Refrain from worrying about whether fit and flare would be a disappointment; in the current turn of aesthetic choices in mainstream media, the fit and flare formal dress is all the rage, from high-end weddings to memorable professional events. Often these are accompanied by elegant and flattering necklines, and your bridesmaid can always add a striking necklace to the look for the big day.

A-line dusty blue formal dress

Blue party dresses usually succeed very well in creating a feminine yet mysterious effect. If you are a hopeful to-be bride, it is exactly the effect you are looking for. At the same time, you also don’t want to disappoint your bridesmaids by going for something too extravagant or too boring. In such a case, what you should end up choosing is the A-line dusty blue formal dress. The A-line dress can be various lenses and often has an interesting and elegant sleeve and neckline choices. Have fun with the length and the neckline while you keep the overall design safe and eye-catching.

Cowl neck princess prom

Cowl neck prom dress – who did not dream of this while they were in college or High school? If most of your bridesmaids are from that time, it might be a great idea to recreate the prom look – more so if you and your partner are childhood sweethearts! But even if that is not the case, prom party dresses make excellent wedding day choices as they keep the atmosphere fun and flirtatious without being too over the top. We all want a wedding day where everybody feels young and rejuvenated again – and this clever choice might be your first step towards that.

Revolve gowns

Revolve gowns mic chest and the being an unexpected choice on your part that will make everybody so very happy. They are not one of the most commonly chosen bridesmaid options, yet day can compliment your wedding dress beautifully. Gowns themselves give an air of secrecy and sincerity to the wedding day. The dusty blue color is made especially for the gown dress – it can be argued successfully too. Therefore, make sure to keep the revolve gown as an option for those bridesmaids who do not shy away from a little extra display of grandeur on a day that is so special for you and your partner.

Vintage dusty blue bridesmaid dress

Ever wondered when the popularity of the dusty blue bridesmaid dress first originated? Looking into the patterns and styles that dot the history of wedding traditions and dresses, you will find unforgettable vintage creations that any woman would die to get today. It is possible to lay your hands on a perfect dusty blue wedding or bridesmaid dress. Designs inspired straight from the Victorian or Edwardian Times if you so wish. If thrifts from the 1950s are not readily available, you can always get some tailored with that specific vision in mind.


It was our look into the fashionable dusty blue bridesmaid dress and how you should choose the perfect ones for your big day. Since your bridesmaids are so fun and appreciate versatility, feel free to choose multiple designs from this list and add your custom twists to them for a surprise!