. 5 Best Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas And Tips

5 Best Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas And Tips

Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Boom! It’s Halloween time. Of all the holidays of the year, Halloween is my favorite. Because there can be no better time than Halloween to show creativity. Outdoor Halloween decoration is like a challenge in itself. It’s not easy to make everything scary.

From the backyard to the doors, windows, tables every part of our house should decorate with the best Halloween decorations. There is no better time to make everything scary and decorative. Today we will talk about Outdoor Halloween Decoration. In this article, I will share some ideas on how to arrange everything from the courtyard to the door this Halloween.

On Halloween, Millions of people spend thousands of dollars to decorate their homes and backyards. Everyone wants to do the best Halloween decoration with something different from every year. Make your home the haunted house with this Halloween house décor DIY trick. Don’t be surprised if the neighborhood will appreciate your decoration.

Halloween Lights Decoration Tips

Scary Lights

There can be no better decoration than Halloween lights. Light’s decoration cans double the beauty of other decorations. No one can imagine Halloween decorations without lights.

Orange and purple are the Halloween colors. So, always try to use Orange Halloween lights or purple Halloween lights for decorations. Both lights will increase your outdoor decoration.

Halloween light outdoor decoration is the best idea ever. You can use scary orange Halloween lights in your courtyard to the main door. Halloween string lights are another good option for outdoor Halloween decorations.

Pumpkin lights are never getting old for Halloween decorations or you can use LED lights for pumpkin decoration. You can easily get Halloween string lights at Amazon at an affordable price.

One of the unique things you can do in this Halloween lights decoration is using Halloween projector lights. Scary Halloween projector lights in your courtyard increase your outdoor look.

Here’s the Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Etched vine design Pumpkin


The most sophisticated decoration for your front door is topiary pumpkins with Etched vine designs. You have to purchase 3 different size pumpkins (small, medium, and large). Make designs onto the pumpkins. If you are not good to make a design you can search on Google Etched vine design and you get so many designs, just pick the easy one and make a design with paint colors.

Black Cat Door Decoration

The door doesn’t have to be too scary. Simple cat shape or cat-eye paint Decoration is enough. You just have to need black paint for the whole door or yellow and white paint for the cat-eye. Paint the door like a cat shape and the light scary black cat door is ready to rock Halloween.

Big Black Spider in Courtyard

You can make the big scary realistic spider with black balloons, faux fur, and bendable iron stick. Blow up a large balloon and a small balloon. Add both balloons together. The small one is for the face and the big one is for the body. Take bendable iron sticks and wrap them with faux fur with a help of glue. For the spider, leg Make 6 faux fur sticks. Take those stick and shape it like spider legs add them with the balloons with glue. 3 stick on one side and 3 for other sides. You can make white round pepper cuts with a black dot in front to make the spider eyes.

Pair of skeletons: Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Pair of skeletons

A pair of skeletons in front of the courtyard is transferring your home into a real hunting place. Make them more real with led scary lights. These will be the best Halloween house decorations outside.

Giant Eyes for Bushes and trees: Outdoor Halloween Decoration

To make giant eyes take two pieces of cardboard. Paint it like eyes. And put it on the bushes or trees. You can hang it in your trees. These giant eyes will be a great addition.