. 16 Best Rustic Wall Décor ideas: Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom

16 Best Rustic Wall Décor ideas: Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom

Rustic Wall Décor ideas

If you are thinking of shaking things up a bit and want to go for beautiful wall décor, rustic wall décor is worth choosing. A rustic wall décor will give your house or room, or bathroom or kitchen a natural, earthen feel that is worth having. There are various designs available and all of them are equally good.

But before you settle on one, you need to be sure of the fact that it will look good in your room and with the furniture and the objects in the room. You also need to get something that is suited to the weather and will not rot or get spoiled. Something too elaborate might be clumsy in a small room and something too subtle might not be noticeable at all in a big room. Let us take a look at some of the things that need to be kept in mind while choosing a suitable rustic wall décor.

Things you should keep in mind

Whether it is rustic wall décor or rustic bathroom décor, you need to put a lot of serious thought into it because this is not something that you can change if you don’t like it or replace it for a new one. It should complement the vibe of the room and look good in it, and not take away the attraction of the other decorative items but add to them. For example, if you are choosing a rustic bedroom wall décor for a room with wooden floors and wooden walls, you can definitely go for a gorgeous rustic wood wall décor.

16 Of The Best Rustic Wall Décor Ideas: Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom

Let us take a close at some of the best ideas for rustic wall décor for your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

1. Vintage French Country Decorative Large Mirror

Image Source – maisondecinq.com

This large, grand mirror is as stylish as they come and will surely add to your living room a subtle touch of style, sophistication, and also retrograde vibe. Simply the best among large rustic wall décor for the living room.

2. Vintage and Distressed Big Fleur-de-lis Decoration

Image Source – visualhunt.com

This magnificent piece of art is something that any art enthusiast will treasure. This quintessential representation of vintage French design will give your room a feel of an old Parisian take of love.

3. Multi-Grain Neutral Harvest Wreath Wall Art

A beautiful wreath that will give your living room a classic, retro farmhouse vibe that many might treasure, this breathtaking piece is worth having and not letting go at all.

4. Warm and Cozy Happy Home Design

Collect your favorite paintings and decorative pieces to decorate a wall and make it feel like a piece of home. This will help you give your room that warm, fuzzy feelings that makes you feel like you are at home. Among the sweetest rustic wall décor ideas for the living room.

5. Floral Wall Art

Image Source – Printerest / etsy.com

Of any color and perfect for your bathroom, floral Wall art is all that you need to make your full and bland bathroom wall a little more fun and give the occupier something to look at.

6. Abstract Wooden Wall Art

Image Source – addicted2diy.com

Not only is this piece beautiful and artistic, but it will also add to your bathroom a subtle touch of style, grandeur, and sophistication. Well, just because they are bathrooms doesn’t mean they have to be unsophisticated, right?

7. Vintage Style Bathroom Wall Art

This is the best way to add some vintage glamour to your boring bathroom walls and make them interesting. They are also pretty affordable and thus you don’t have to worry about exceeding your budget.

8. Funny Dog & Cat Reading Newspaper Wall Art

Aren’t these the cutest? Yes, they are, and don’t we know it! That’s exactly the reason why this entry made it to this list. Paintings of cute dogs and cats reading newspapers in your bathroom will certainly make your bathroom walls more fun and exciting.

9. Cloudy Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Image SOurce – thediyplan.com

Not only are stylish and kind of funny, but they are also quite useful as they are not just decorative items but also toilet paper holders. Worth having in your bathroom.

10. Wood Cutting Board “Eat” Art

A fun rustic kitchen wall décor, this beauty would look absolutely magnificent with wooden walls and a lot of wooden furniture and cabinets and shelves in your kitchen.

11. Food, Family, Love Prayer Sign

A clear sign to show how much these things mean to you, this adorable piece of rustic wall décor, made of wood, will surely make your boring kitchen walls quite fun and exciting.

12. Rolling Pin and Recipe Card Display

Another significant piece of rustic wall décor to show off your love for food and different types of cuisines and trying new recipes, this is absolutely perfect for someone who likes to cook, eat and also has a deep passion for art.

 13. DIY Small Space Kitchen Herb Garden

For those that love cooking and also gardening, this is perfect for your kitchen. You can whichever plants you want and make a little hanging garden in your kitchen itself.

14. Framed Vintage Silverware Art Project

To mat your beloved utensils and silverware is the best way to show appreciation for your food and kitchenware. This wall décor is a celebration of food and cutlery and will add a touch of subtle glam to your kitchen.

15. Wood and Binder Clip Art Boards

These are fun items to add some excitement to your bland kitchen walls and they are as cute as they come. This subtly stylish décor is really worth having in your kitchen.

16. Unique Pre-Lit Tree Wooden Wall Art

Image Source – pepperfry.com

This adorable, glowing artwork is simply the best to light up your room. This cute little piece is as artistic as they come and is definitely worth having in your bedroom.


Thus, now, you know the list of the best rustic wall décor that you can choose for your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. All of them are equally beautiful and thus, you must put some serious thought into them, before choosing one. All the best choosing a beautiful rustic wall décor!