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How To Turn A Bedroom Into An Anime Lovers Dream Room

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Are you a weeb? Have you always dreamt of an anime-themed bedroom? Well, now your dream is finally about to come true. Nowadays the buzz for anime is not only in Japan, but people all over the world are getting crazy over anime and manga. The reason for this sudden hype is simple – anime and manga have very engaging and interesting storylines, relatable characters, and stunning visuals. A lot of people have claimed that the visuals of anime are better than the actual visuals of the same sight.

This is why, children, teens, and adults are looking for anime bedroom ideas. From stickers and paintings to anime-figured led lights, take a look at some of the best anime bedroom background ideas which is indeed a dream of any anime lover.

What are some of the best anime bedroom background ideas?

Anime Posters

It doesn’t matter if you have a big room or small, posters are the easiest and most efficient way to start anime-themed bedroom décor. Depending upon what series, movies, and characters you like, you can change the vibe of your room with posters, making it a haven for anime lovers. The best thing is, your expense will be very less and if you ever feel like removing them, you can do it without damaging the walls. To make it even more real, you can add lighting effects and place anime toys around your room.

Anime Stickers

Maybe you have noticed that anime is becoming more and more popular around the world nowadays. Your anime room design is incomplete without any anime-themed stickers on your drawers, cupboards, and computer. We choose our favorite anime based on the story, the characters, etc. It’s a great idea to share this passion in your room by creating custom stickers based on your favorite Anime. There are multiple sizes and shapes, so they can be adjusted to the surfaces you put them on. It is very impressive and interesting for you to design some custom stickers to show your personality, hobbies, and what you love

Anime Headboard

If you have a small room, this is one of the best techniques you can try. Make your room cozy and comfortable by adding a cute anime bedroom background. All you have to do for this décor idea is print your favorite anime scenes, characters, or anything you like in various sizes and paste them on the wall behind your bed. This will act as a great headboard for your bed.

To kick it up a notch, you can even throw in some lights and accessories like fake vines or anime toys on the bedside table. And, your anime room is ready!

Attack On The Titans Themed Bedroom

Attack on the Titans is one of the best-selling Manga around the globe. Its genre is a dark fantasy that has a mysterious story. It has relatable characters and a wonderful storyline that makes anyone fall in love.

To decorate your bedroom with this theme, you can hang some posters or banners on neutral-colored walls.

Also, if you have some toys, you can hang them on the wall with the help of hooks or hangers. To make it more beautiful, you can buy some themed bed sheets and pillow covers and use them.

Contemporary Modern Anime Bedroom

Do you have a minimalist taste and want to go with something calm and contemporary? Choose a wall in your bedroom and use your favorite anime scene or character as its wallpaper. This will make the wall the sole center of attraction in your room. Keep the rest of the room simple so that the wallpaper stands out to make a dream anime bedroom background.

Naruto-Inspired Anime Bedroom Background

Are you a young adult with the craze of Naruto, or the parent of a little one whose ninja way stands out? Well, either way, it’s time to make your room stand out with mind-blowing Naruto designs. You can use three-dimensional painting to bring out the energetic vibe of the room. Match the color scheme of the bedroom with that of the anime. Use shades of orange and blue in your curtains, sheets, and other elements of the room to give it the typical Uzumaki-Uchiha vibe. Apart from the wall, you can even use Naruto wallpapers on the doors of your cupboard.

Well, this in itself is more than enough but if you want to go even bigger, throw in some Naruto toys, models, and accessories. Dattebayo!

Dragon Ball Z-Themed Anime Bedroom

Whether you are a true anime fan or not, every child is quite fond of Dragon Ball Z. They fall in love with this cartoon series without even knowing that it is an anime. Is this the case with you as well?

Most people choose Goku as their favorite character, but you can add paintings or headboards of your favorite character, such as Gohan or Vegeta.

Try to keep the surrounding wall colors neutral such as white or grey, so the main focus is on the anime characters. You can add red shelves to match the Dragon Ball Z mural.

Manga Wall

Do you have too much in your mind and not enough space to put it all? Use the manga versions of your anime as wallpapers. The Manga presents more descriptive illustrations and a higher number of scenes, probably covering all that you have in your mind at once. The manga wall can also be customized in any way you want. Moreover, it goes will all kinds of décor, be it vintage, modern or minimalist.

Doraemon-Themed Bedroom

Are you and your children a fan of Doremon? And are you planning to decorate a bedroom for a kid using the Doraemon theme? Then, it is the best idea that you have got.

No kid in the world hates Doraemon. It is a Japanese cartoon series based on the friendship between a boy and a robot.

You can add posters of Doraemon and his friends on a blue wall. You can choose either a particular movie theme or the individual characters. The color that goes best with this theme is blue. So try to maintain the color as much as you can.

Anime Gaming Bedroom

If you play anime games and series and stream them online, having the appropriate anime bedroom décor is necessary. Give your room the correct lighting effect with neon lights and purple lights. Hang various anime and character posters all around the room. Use stickers for your gaming setup. You can even use anime accessories to give your room the cute anime bedroom background effect.

Anime Collection Display Bedroom

If you are fond of collecting cool and cute anime stuff, such as toys and posters, DVDs, and figurines, you can display them on a hanging rack or in a showcase.

The collection is a common trait of every anime fan. It looks really cool if you display them instead of storing them in the cupboard. It shows your love and affection for anime and the time you spent collecting the pieces.

Apart from this, it also provides a wonderful vibe to your bedroom. Remember one thing. Anime collections are meant to be shown to the people who say that anime is not cool.

Anime Neon Light Décor Bedroom

Japan is a leading country that uses neon lights on every corner of its streets. Therefore, numerous merchandise stores have started manufacturing these neon lights and some anime themes.

You can fill the walls of your bedroom with such anime neon lights, which look very attractive when switched on. You don’t need to keep them switched on 24*7. Keep them switched off during the daytime and turn them on at night to get the best results.

Try to keep the wall colors neutral, or even you can go with some other colors that match the colors of the neon lights.

Get your room right and soon you will have followers flooding your stream.


So, these were some of the best anime background bedroom ideas for all weebs. When it comes to age hardly ever matters. Reflect on your anime ego in your bedroom with the help of these anime bedroom ideas. Use your collections, figurines, manga, and various other accessories to make your kawaii bedroom.