. Statement Outfits and Pieces for Your Everyday Wardrobe

Statement Outfits and Pieces for Your Everyday Wardrobe

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Everyone wants to have that special style moment where they stand out from the crowd and turn heads for all the right reasons. One of the main ways you can do this is by putting together a statement outfit that will encourage all eyes to be on you. Whether you want to go with a show-stopping dress or a powerful suit moment, it’s always possible to cause a stir and make a statement wherever you go.

But, coming up with such a statement outfit can sometimes be hard to achieve. If you want to make an entrance and deliver a serious fashion moment, here’s how to add some of the best pieces to your closets for a statement outfit that will make the style stand out.

What is a Fashion Statement Outfit?

You don’t always have to just throw on the boldest print or the brightest colours to make a fashion statement. Sometimes the most simple look can really make an impression on everyone who sees you.

Making a fashion statement can be as easy as mixing a unique combination of patterns or styles that most people wouldn’t normally think of. Or by pulling off a minimalistic style that oozes elegance and glamour.

You can take this approach with more casual pieces by pairing a fun shoe, a bold belt, or eye-catching jewellery. Play it safe with neutral colours. When the occasion calls for something more formal, stick to neutrals such as black and white for both your outfit and your accessories. For everyday looks, choose a tone-on-tone colour palette with an accent piece in a complementary colour, or opt for soft neutrals like beige.

If you want to make a statement everywhere you go, it will often come down to having a few key pieces that can elevate and improve any outfit you throw on.

Statement Pieces for Your Wardrobe

A good wardrobe should be filled with versatile pieces that can be incorporated into many different looks and make a statement.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the most important pieces that every fashionista should own if they want to make an entrance at every opportunity. 

1. Blazer Dress

Perfect for taking your style from the boardroom to the dance floor, a blazer dress is a smart yet flexible piece that every wardrobe could do with.

This type of dress can appeal to every kind of person, whether you’re working hard at your desk job or trying to come up with a killer outfit for the next night out with your friends.

With beautiful tailoring, sharp edges, and statement shoulders, you’ll be looking the best-dressed every time with one of these pieces.

Let the dress do all the talking and complete a look with minimal accessories and a pair of killer heels.

2. Scuba Dresses

Give your silhouette the attention it deserves by wearing a figure-worshipping scuba dress. Made out of smooth and silky fabric, this kind of dress will show off all your assets in the very best way so you can feel confident with every step.

We love to wear scuba mini and midi dresses for their ability to flatter our bodies, but they are also super versatile for any occasion you’ve got coming up.

This go-to style of dress is perfect for all body shapes and will work with your silhouette to show off your own unique timeless beauty.

3. Women’s Suits and Trousers

Not everyone feels their best when wearing a dress, but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t make the same killer fashion statement.

If dresses aren’t your thing, you can still get people’s heads turning by wearing a suit and trouser combination. A power suit is an ultimate wardrobe essential for those who want to feel strong and confident wherever they go.

This type of outfit is just what you need if you want to make a style statement while feeling comfortable and glamorous. Get creative with matching bold colors, or mix and match the styles for something a little different.

4. One-Shoulder Cape Dresses

If you want to make a statement, you can’t always play it safe with traditional necklines and styles – try something new and why not try stepping out of your comfort zone with a one-shoulder cape dress?

These dresses are a style where you have your typical midi, mini or maxi dress, with a long, flowing cape hanging off one shoulder.

This is a really dramatic style that gives both a regal and glamorous look to anyone to wear. It’s a slightly more elegant piece, so it’s ideal for pulling out for a super special occasion or important event rather than just going for brunch with your closest friends.

Because all of the drama is focused on the cape, the rest of the dress will normally be kept pretty simple. However, if you really want to go with the unexpected look, you can pick a bright colour that instantly grabs people’s attention.

5. Jumpsuits


If you love the look of a long dress but want something that’s a bit more functional and comfortable, a jumpsuit may be the perfect thing to add to your wardrobe.

Mixing the comfort of trousers with the appearance of a dress, a jumpsuit can create a real fashion moment that no one will be able to forget. These are versatile pieces that can easily be worn for more casual occasions or dressed up when you really want to create the WOW factor.

With a jumpsuit, you’ll be able to nail the everyday cool style that every IT girl is able to employ or add drama to your next night out. There’s a reason why so many people love these stylish and versatile closet additions.

Keep it simple in tailored pieces, or get a bit creative with embellished jumpsuits, bold designs, and bright colors that demand the attention of every room they enter.

6. Mini dress

Mini dress

A mini dress can be glamorous and elegant, but it can also be chic and special occasion-ready. It is the perfect choice for a night out, a special event or even just a day at the office. It has that signature detailing that you would expect from designer labels and directional styles to suit any body shape.

The most common material used to make a mini dress is silk. The dresses are often designed with an elegant silhouette, which means that they are not too tight and not too loose either. 

A mini dress is a flattering and elegant way to show off your legs. It is an elegant dress that has a sophisticated look to it. The design and detailing are minimal which makes it stand out from other types of dresses. 

7. Midi dress

The midi dress has been a wardrobe staple for decades. It features a length that falls anywhere from the top of the knee to the thigh, and it’s not as short as a mini dress. The midi dress is perfect for special occasions, but can also be dressed down for day-to-day wear. It’s often paired with heels or boots and can be worn with a blazer or cardigan in the fall or winter months.

A midi dress will never go out of style because it is so versatile! Midi dresses are generally considered to be more glamorous and elegant than shorter dresses. They are often worn for special occasions such as weddings, galas, and other formal events

Speak with Fashion!

In this article, we’ve helped to give your wardrobe the boost it needs by sharing some of the most important items that every fashion icon should own.

From tailored blazer dresses to fun jumpsuits, with this list of clothing, you’ll be able to make an impressive entrance and make a serious style statement every time you step out of your house.

If you have any of these items or are thinking about adding these to your wardrobe after reading this article, we’d love to know how you style them – let us know!