. Top 6 Professional Haircuts For Businessmen.

6 Most Professional Haircuts For Businessmen Reviewed By WiseBarber


Starting a career as an employee or an entrepreneur is a new phase of your life. It is one that comes with challenges that claim most of your time and energy. More than likely, you’ll not be able to be consistent in some of your previous activities. 

For most, keeping their hair styled in perfect order becomes nearly impossible. Some other men continue to rock the casual haircuts they are used to, which may be improper in their places of work. But are there some special haircuts that can give you a professional look while making hair grooming easier and less time-consuming? Well, the answer is yes and I have listed them below.

1. Buzz Cut

A Buzz Cut is the simplest haircut to fix, meaning that you can recreate it by yourself at home with basic hair clippers. It is a super clean haircut that is edgy and amazingly easy to maintain, making it a good fit for men with busy lifestyles. And the good thing is, this haircut has a lot of variations that you can experiment with, such as a Buzz Cut Fade.

2. Textured Curly Crew Cut

Textured Curly Crew Cut

You can achieve a modern and mature look with a Curly Crew Cut. It is another low-maintenance style but one that is stylish, sexy, and appealing to the female gender due to its masculine effects. If your hair is straight, you can shape it into perfect curls with heat curlers and curl-enhancing hair products. After fixing a Curly Crew Cut, remember to apply a texturizing spray or sugar spray for texture.

3. Clean Shave With Corporate Beard

Get a clean look with a touch of boldness and a dash of cuteness with a Clean Shave, AKA Bald head. This haircut gives you a break from the hassles of maintaining a haircut and lets you focus on your job. By pairing a Clean Shave with a Corporate beard style, you achieve a professional haircut that most brides are recently rocking on their big days.

4. Slick Back With Medium Length Beard

Stride into the office with the looks of a perfect gentleman by styling your hair into a Slick Back. This hairstyle is perfect for men in their 40s and those in the age groups above that. You can also pair your Slick Back with a Fader or an Undercut for a modern look and then perfect the combination with a medium-length facial hairstyle.

5. Hard Part With Fader

Rock a modern high-class haircut at a business conference or a dinner organized for professional businessmen and women. This is also a perfect haircut for weddings, dates, and other important events and romantic settings that demand you to look like a real gentleman.

6. Short Pompadour   

As you probably know, Pompadours are some of the most voluminous hairstyles for men. It features chunky but well-styled hair to the top-front of the head (a “Pomp”) and tapered sides. But hairstyles with high volume are the hardest to maintain. That’s why professional barbers created this variation for those leading a busy lifestyle. This Short Pompadour is stylish, professional-looking, and easy to upkeep.

In Conclusion

Striking a balance between a super busy lifestyle and well-maintained hair can be a bit difficult. Each is time-demanding and effort-sapping. But with these low-maintenance haircuts, you will always look ready for every formal setting without committing to any serious hair care routine. You can also check our post to know who the 10 top male models with long hair are.