. 15 Stunning Butterfly Tattoo Designs

15 Stunning Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs because of their versatile and sophisticated look. They come in many different aesthetics and styles. You can get a solitary one or a flock of them; a glass winged black ink one or one in an array of rainbow colors. Here are some unique and fascinating tattoo idea butterfly designs that you will like both as a beginner and an old tattoo junkie.

What does A Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

In ancient Greece, Butterflies were patent to the Greek Goddess Psyche, the goddess of the soul or mind. They are still today associated with the integrity and sanctity of our intellect. They are allies to growth and Mental Health. Besides, goddess Psyche was the wife of the Greek God of love, Eros. Hence butterflies have come to symbolize the unification of the mind and the heart, only after which can one’s outlook towards life be immortal.

Often associated with femininity, they are a representation of beauty and poise. Butterflies, due to the metamorphosis they go through, are associated with change, transformation, and new first phases. Good luck and hope are also a spring tattoo butterfly meaning.

Now you know why combined with a heart butterflies can become beacons to everlasting love!

15 Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Tattoo

The famous Ulysses Blue Butterfly Tattoo or the Blue Morpho Butterfly will be a perfect new tattoo for your delicate and mysterious aesthetic. Blue butterflies stand for mystery, energy, and depth.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

Traditional Butterfly tattoo designs are making a stir in the fashion industry again; a traditional design can soon be a popular addition in Butterfly Tattoo aesthetics, too.

Violet Butterfly Tattoo

Dark violet is a rare color. It symbolizes ambiguity, meditation, and the cosmos. It can give an aura of magic and fantasy to its wearer.

Spiritual butterfly tattoo

Butterflies are often paired with zodiac signs, birth charts, the divine eye, and chakras to surround them in a spiritual nuance.

The Girl and the Butterfly

The girl with butterfly wings is a beautiful tattoo to get in remembrance of yourself or your favorite woman in life; this magnificent girl is just contemplating her first flight in the discovery of herself. She is wearing her fear as her drive.


A butterfly with flowers tattoo is a wonderful freshness to embrace with the elegance of your spirit. They are here to remind you of spring, fresh beginnings, colors, and the balance of life in nature.

3-D Butterfly Tattoo

3D Butterfly tattoos are very popular. They are made with great detailing and when they are flying around or sitting on you; their shadows make them look captivatingly real.

Red Tattoo

Red Butterfly Tattoo is so famous simply because there is something about red on a butterfly – its gracefulness married to the danger, bravado, and strength of that color.

Butterfly with a crescent moon

A butterfly flying all the way to the face of the crescent moon and sitting with the stars at night – what is there not to like about this?

Matching butterfly tattoo

If you and your friends or significant others are planning on getting a tattoo together, butterflies can be a very romantic option. They come in many complementary designs and each of you can get a simple butterfly tattoo together.

The famous Emerald Swallow Tail

The emerald swallowtail is a gorgeous butterfly that takes you back to the depths of undiscovered forests in an instant. Some will say it captures the true butterfly tattoo meaning.

Famous Blue Clipper Butterfly

Another hypnotic beauty is the Blue Clipper which scarcely looks to be of this world with its strange and fascinating visuals. It is preferred by the ones looking for a blue small butterfly tattoo with a twist.

Famous Monarch Butterfly

Perhaps the most well-known and coveted butterfly is the Monarch Butterfly. If done well, it will be a star of the show on your hands, calves, collarbones, and even your back.

A Butterfly Heart

Often Butterfly heart designs are chosen to represent familial and long-lasting bonds. Ironically though, butterflies do not live long. Why do they represent long-lasting love? We talk about that in a bit.

Butterfly with skulls

Fascinated by death, philosophy, and the Dark Academia? The Butterfly with skulls will announce to the world the importance of brooding upon the gloomy and inexplicable.


It may be said that butterflies are almost a staple to tattooing. They look good with all kinds of clothing and are gender-neutral like all good things should be. If you are thinking of getting a new tattoo in the new future, you may even want to design a custom tattoo mixing and matching these beautiful ideas and can get a butterfly tattoo on hand, wrist, collarbone, calves, chest, back, neck, and more.