. 9 Wonderful Spiritual Cross Tattoo Ideas

9 Wonderful Spiritual Cross Tattoo Ideas

Cross Tattoo

With time, perception of fashion has changed and now, body art or tattoos are an important part of fashion and are the biggest representation of counterculture. People also get tattoos for spiritual and religious reasons and there are various kinds of tattoos that one can get. In this article, we shall take a close look at the 9 best cross tattoo ideas that spiritual people, especially Christians can get on various parts of their body, not only for spiritual or religious reasons but also as body art or simply to look good and feel confident.

A cross tattoo is nothing but the tattoo, that is, the graphical representation of the Holy Cross, that is, the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, on a particular part of the body. Various people opt for a cross tattoo on side of the neck and some people opt for a cross tattoo on the back of the neck. Cross tattoos are general representations of the Christian faith and thus, often contain graphical references to the Bible or the life of Christ or his disciples or Biblical incidents. We shall take a look at these various designs in the next part of this article.

Cross Tattoos: Spiritual, Stylish, and Artistic

Now, we shall take a look at the various designs of a cross tattoo that one might get. This is a brief overview of the cross tattoo designs and will serve as a prelude to the main list of designs. When we talk about cross tattoo designs, the most common designs are the cross with a crown of thorns tattoo or the cross tattoo with angel wings on either side, which is a reference to the Holy Bible. Many tattoos of the cross also contain quotes and inscriptions in the smallest fonts in and around them, and it looks not only spiritual, religious, and stylish, but sophisticatedly artistic.

9 Best Cross Tattoo Ideas

Let us now take a look at the various cross tattoo ideas which can serve as both cross tattoos for men as well as spiritual tattoos or Christian tattoos for women.

  1. Rose-Cross Tattoo – In the Christian faith, roses are significant as they represent various things such as purity, joy, and also martyrdom. Thus, the tattoo of a rose with a cross is a good choice to make as the rose not only serves as an important flower in the Bible but also in English culture as the national flower of England is the rose and thus, it is a sign of English patriotism.
  2. Three Cross Tattoo –This is pretty common and artistic as well and might be one of the following two: the three main entities in Christian faith: the Father; the Son and the Holy Spirit. It can also signify Jesus Christ and the other two followers who were crucified together at Golgotha.
  3. With the face of Jesus Christ – A popular design is having the face of Christ himself with the tattoo. There’s no better way to represent your faith through your tattoo than having the face of the Lord Himself.
  4. Cross wings – This is one of the most stylish and also one of the most popular tattoos with faith. The wings represent the wings of an angel and thus, bear a very distinct Biblical reference.
  5. Small Cross – If you want to pay a subtle tribute to your faith without overdoing it, you can always go for a small tattoo of a cross on any part of your body. These look super. On arms and necks.
  6. Simple cross – Rather than going for additional designs such as wings or faces or flowers, many people also opt for a simple cross, usually black in color, to have tattooed on their necks or upper arms.
  7. Tribal Cross – If you want to go for a stylish cross, you can always choose a stylish tribal cross tattoo. They resemble the same shape as a cross but have various curves and spots and thus bear a unique look.
  8. Heart – What better way to let people know how spiritual and religious you are and how much you love your faith than getting the tattoo of a heart with the Holy Cross? This looks good on chests.
  9. Cross Flower Tattoo– Flowers have various meanings in the Christian faith and are associated with various virtues. Thus, it is quite spiritual if you get a floral cross tattoo, and these are really good on necks, chests, and arms as well.


Thus, various cross tattoo designs have various meanings and represent various virtues and incidents, and things from the Bible. You can get these to not only keep your faith close to yourself but also look good and stylish.