. 6 Stunning Earrings For Men- Ideas and Design

6 Stunning Earrings For Men- Ideas and Design

Earrings For Men

Nowadays, earrings are no longer concentrated as jewelry only for women. No matter if you are choosing Kendra Scott, Cat Bird, or Clairs earrings, you can be assured that you can make a strong fashion statement and finish off the look in style.

However, make sure to choose the right piece of jewelry, the one that reflects your style and personality, and lastly, your taste at its best.

To guide you through the challenging process of buying the best earrings for men, we have for you, this detailed manual. Use it wisely and let your earrings be the showstopper of your look.

Types of Earrings for men

There is a wide range of earrings out there, available for men. Choose from our collection and find yourself the one that suits you the best.

  • Stud Earrings for men

Studs are the most basic and most worn earring type available for men. You will likely receive a stud when you first get pierced.

The thing which makes the stud different from other typesof earrings is that it has a straight post that goes through the earring hole, and a screw at the back to secure it in place. It is an excellent choice for beginners as it is very versatile.

Studs come in all shapes and sizes and are made of any material from white gold, diamond fitted studs,and sterling silver, to surgical plastic and platinum. You can either keep it simple, like a silver ball, plate, or a shape, or go fancier with a diamond or sapphire-centered crown stud.

  • Diamond Earrings for men

Diamond earrings for men can also be available in a variety of styles, you can get diamond-crowned studs or basic diamond balls. Diamond clip-on or diamond magnetic earrings for men are also a great option if you want to wear temporary earrings or fake earrings without making a hole in your ear.

Unlike studs which are available at all price ranges, diamond earrings can be affordable only to a few. Diamond stud earrings for men or balls or hoods, all of them are quite costly, but the effect they give you is worth all the price.

Stud Earrings for men
  • Hoop earrings for men

Hoop earrings for men are a growing trend. Every influencer and celebrity wearing them nowadays, and their portrayal in movies and shows is also very common.

Alike studs, hoops are very wearable and flexible earrings for men that can go with any attire and you can sleep comfortably wearing them. Also, these are a little more comfortable as they sit flat on your neck without pressuring your ears.

When it comes to styling a hoop earring, you can go full pirate-life and embrace a big hoop. Alternatively, a medium-sized gold or silver hoop will also add style and taste to your look. Hoops are thin and comfortable and don’t draw too much attention.

  • Flesh Tunnel

Flesh tunnel earrings for men have become one of the best and boldest looks available regarding men’s earrings.

What these rings do is tunnel through your flesh and stretch it up, so that you can fit vertical hoops inside your ear.

This process includes stretching up the flesh of your earlobe over time. Once you have gotten the tunnel of your choice, there are many options among tunnels to choose from like, tunnel gold earrings for men, white gold earrings for men in tunnels, and many more.

While this look might be too bold for some, if you can actually pull it off, it is worth taking the risk. Before you go for this look, remember that tunnels are irreversible without plastic surgery. All in all, the idea is a very cool earring for men.

  • Cross earrings

Looking for a cross earring? You have come to the right place as we will tell you everything about earrings for men cross.

Earrings for men cross has dangly crosses which look far bolder than the simple hoops or studs. If you have the confidence to pull off this style, you are up for the best.  These earrings are worn by some of the sensational folks on the planet including Harry Styles, and Neymar Jr.

Cross earrings are worked using a straight post that goes through your earlobe, making a hole, and have a hook with which the cross is attached. The cross dangles as you walk or move, and it offers one of the boldest books there is.

  • Novelty Earrings

Novelty Earrings add fun to your entire look. These rings are custom made, and mostly worn in one ear only. They can range from anything, from a blade or razor to the face of a dog or your favorite food.

The point of novelty earrings is to express you through the earrings. You can even get long metal ropes as your earrings if you are looking for a bold look.

As these earrings depend upon your imagination, you can get them in any material you can. From platinum to real gold earrings for men, these earrings are very experimental and fun to wear. You can even get fitted earrings like black diamond earrings for men.


So, these were the 6 best options for earrings for men. The world of earrings has endless styles, you can get them as long or as short as you want, in any material, from gold, silver, platinum to plastic.

Earrings depend on your creativity and confidence. If you can pull off the look with the earring of your choice, no one can stop you from looking the best in the room.