. 8 Summer Shoes Ideas For Men and Women

8 Summer Shoes Ideas For Men and Women

Summer Shoes

SHOES – an absolutely necessary aspect of everyone’s everyday wear. Isn’t it?

Shoes stand nowhere second to a pant, or perhaps a shirt, and in modern fashion are often used typically to accessorize or add a statement to the rest of the outfit. On top of that, shoes play essential utilitarian roles: the pair you have on can determine how you move or how far you walk, or even how well you are able to exert yourself in day to day activities throughout the day (and night, for all the party people out there.) Be it men, women, kids, or even dog shoes for summer, you are looking for styles that add fashion to comfort and longevity. Looking for some options for summer shoes?

Here is a list of summer shoes that cannot disappoint any heart.

Dress Sneakers

When you do not have time to ponder over what the perfect style of shoes for today might be, throwing on a pair of white dress sneakers is probably the 10/10 option. White dress sneakers have been in style since 2016 and have never wavered since. They go with jeans, dresses, skirts, and semi-formal wear, and act as the most commonly used winter and summer shoes for women and men alike.


summer shoes

Formals, though technically a primary contestant in men’s summer shoes aesthetic, are incorporated flawlessly these days into the feminine, baddie-inspired party wear styles too. Formals are appreciated as office wear as well as night-time frolicking, and with the increased use of ties and blazers in casual wear these days, formals are nowhere to rock the stage.


Loved, hated, and loved again, crocks have surprisingly made their way back to everyday fashion beautifully. Visualized anew by big designers and small creators alike, celebrities have again started wearing crocks at all places from casual walks to the airport. If you already have that old, timeless cute summer shoe pair stashed away somewhere; this summer is the optimal time to think about making space for them in your vacation luggage.

Cowboy boots

Sometimes, a trend is re-launched, and surprisingly, it stays. Cowboy boots are one such thing. When they suddenly flooded social media last year, everybody thought they were the side effect of the rising thrift culture and would soon pass. But lo and behold, the love people have for them only went on increasing, and here’s our prediction: cowboy boots will be huge this year too!

Faux leather boots

Faux leather is a commitment to the environment, a commitment we should not hesitate to make. The good news is, in the last couple of years experts have come up with unprecedented ways of delivering quality in the Faux. But boots in summer? Well, which other women’s summer shoes would let you rock those toned calves under your smoking hot little sequin dress?

Flip Flops

Dream addition to everymen’s casual summer shoes list, the flip flops are one thing men’s fashion sports the way women’s never can. We call these the ultimate summer shoes men because they go with every occasion out there – beach parties, family gatherings, water parks, museum strolls, and quick trips to the ice cream parlor. A brightly colored pair and your summer is a blast already.

Ballet flats

If you are more so looking for a pair of closed-toe summer shoes that still let the rest of your foot breathe, ballet flats are your pick from every fashion school student’s dream book. Ballet flats have an interesting history behind them and they have forever been a huge part of women’s accessories. They are comfortable, come in a variety of sub-styles and spare the wearer from the pain of strutting about in heels all day.

Hiking shoes

Summer hiking shoes manage to keep you cool without you losing your grip in the realm of ever-increasing summer activities; but then, is not a cool trail into the quietness of nature a welcome part of the summer months? Hiking shoes are another of those utilities that have now entered into and are rocking streetwear.


Be it men’s summer shoes or women’s or kids, comfort without a compromise on style is key. With an increasing focus on individualistic styles in mainstream fashion, experimentation on such fronts is becoming more and more welcomed. If there is something we missed on this list but you would really like to bring back for summer this year, by all means, rock it out and set the trend, fashion is all about surprises.