. Greet The Sun With Daily Sleeper Summer Dresses

Daily Sleeper Summer Dresses: The Best Outfits to Spend Summer Days In

Sleeper Summer Dresses

Spring has come and summer is not so far from us too. Even though the weather might not feel like it yet, soon the warmth of summer air will soothe our busy life. That’s why it’s now time to look through your wardrobe and think about what would you add to it. The Ukrainian brand Sleeper is a perfect place for finding new interesting designs and outfits. They have been working since 2014, and now have perfected their manufacturing, creating the most practical and versatile clothes there could be.

One of the most exciting things about this brand is that you can find looks for any occasion here:

  • a pajama party
  • a fancy dinner
  • New Year’s party
  • a Christmas present
  • a bridal outfit
  • a birthday present for your partner, friend, or relative
  • and more.

There seems to be nothing Sleeper hasn’t got covered. They have even been creating their shoes, bags, and items for the home. And minding that they have launched several collections, it didn’t come as a surprise to us that they have decided to reveal their fresh Summer Market clothing line. The collection is distinguished by fun colors and floral patterns, as well as some new twists on the regular brand’s designs. There are a lot more new items here, and the Daily Sleeper summer dresses line is a great representation of that. So, if you were hesitating to check out this label, likely, a peek into Sleeper’s new drop will change your mind.

A Picnic Dress – a Perfect Solution for the Relaxed Day

Let’s start by saying that Daily Sleeper summer dresses have everything to be your number one outfit choice on a hot day. They are made out of high-quality natural linen and so characterized by great breathability. You can be sure not to get too sweaty wearing, for example, a picnic dress. A breezy, relaxed-fit design that will still manage to underline all the right figure features. A romantic heart-shaped neckline and puffy shoulders will give you that easy-going elegant look. The dress comes in pansies, polka dot, and pink Vichy, and also features practical pockets that add even more fun to it. However, that’s not the only linen dress by Sleeper you will see in this collection.

The brand also decided to include their beloved loungewear dress design into the line. This one is as suitable for chilling at home, as well as for striking down the hot city streets on the way to run your errands. A soft elastic band around the neckline will allow you to wear the sleeves on or off the shoulders, depending on your mood. It’s a button-up dress out of 100% lightweight linen, that can be worn with or without a belt, as well as combined with cardigans and sweaters for more chill summer days. The design also comes in a variety of colors, from navy blue to white with pansies. Besides these two amazing designs, there are also a few more, like the Atlanta linen dress, with big sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulders, the Belle design with a stretch bodice and lantern sleeves, and a Brigette button-up maxi and midi dresses with matching belts.

Sleeper Summer Market – It’s not all Just Dresses

A picnic dress is a good choice, but some of us may feel more comfortable moving around in pants or shorts. And sometimes it may be hard to find a flattering pair of those, but not with Sleeper. This brand became known for its suits and pajama sets, and they continue to please their customers with more and more interesting sets. For example, they have added a completely new item to their Summer Market collection – a Baccara linen jumpsuit. Wide flared legs, funky crossover straps, and multicolored design – what else do you need for a groovy summer look?

Well, maybe only a Rumba linen lounge suit! This set will make you look carefree and relaxed. Besides, a button-up tie-front top, as well as ankle-length ruffle-trimmed trousers can be worn together as a set, but also mix-and-matched with other summer items in your closet. And it also comes with a matching scarf to make the whole look even more unique. There are also outfits for shorts fans – linen lounge sets with button-up relaxed T-shirts and Atlanta linen lounge sets with signature billowing sleeves and a stretch bodice. Both designs come with a pair of ruffled shorts that add a bit of versatility to the elegance.

However, besides all of the outfits for your daily errands, Sleeper has also introduced several swimsuits and Athpleasure sets. Just take a look at their Ariel swimsuit ruffled harnesses. Who said that going for a refreshing swim can’t be elegant? Surely not with this piece. And if you are more into bikinis, then check out the Opera bikini set. Inspired by one of Sleeper’s dresses of the same name, this set represents a contemporary take on the elegance of the muses of the past. You can also have this set with shorts instead of briefs.

What Else Does Sleeper Offer?

Not only a nice loungewear dress, or a jumpsuit can be found on the Sleeper’s website. As we have told you, there are numerous collections, that feature party pajama sets with feathers or shimmering lurex, wedding dresses, wedding suits, unisex loungewear suits and sizeless pajamas, silk and satin ballet flats, as well as fluffy slippers, and many more other items to complete your stunning outfits. What you always need to remember, is that Sleeper is all about self-expression and versatility.

So, even if you purchase a set of clothes, you can wear each item apart, combining it with your favorite sweater, T-shirts and shirts, shorts, trousers, or a pair of jeans. There is no limit to how you can style yourself with Sleeper — everything is up to your comfort and imagination. And as all of the clothes are hand-sewn by most qualified seamstresses, you can rest assured that the sizing will fit and that every stitch will be in its rightful place when you put that pajama set or a dress on. Clothes are made to fit us, to make us comfortable, and not the other way around, and Sleeper stands by that.