. 5 Best Air Coolers At Low Prices: Beat The Heat

5 Best Air Coolers At Low Prices: Beat The Heat

Arctic Cooler

With the summer around the corner, opting for air coolers to soothe and calm your hot, energetic days can be a great idea.

Even though these days coolers are only looked upon as alternatives to air conditioning, their portable nature, and more breathable, airy coolness is preferred by a lot of people. They can be used in the open and can stir up, as they say, quite the breeze.

From reviewing popular brand names like arctic air cooler to imposing practical filters like mini air cooler, you can use this comprehensive list according to your diverse needs.

Five cooler brands that deliver quality at a budget

In this list down below we have listed five brands that remain at the top of their game when it comes to a quality air cooler. Their eye-catching pros are also listed alongside.

Arctic air cooler

The Arctic air cooler has ruled the scene for a few years now with its added technology at no-hidden prices with every new model they release. This time, their winning model award has to go to the arctic air freedom personal air cooler.

As the names suggest, arctic air coolers are focused on providing personal comfort. They stir up remarkable, breezy cooling over small distances. They are more preferred over short-area coverage rather than whole rooms. These coolers can be placed anywhere and can be used at any time due to their next-to-no noise generation.

The cooler works on evaporative cooler technology. It humidifies and cleans the air. Arctic air cooler reviews have always been great and there is nothing to worry about on this one.

Polar breeze portable AC

More on the conditioning side than the breezy one, the polar breeze portable air cooler is an all-in-one, low-cost air conditioning and portable air cooler that is known to be one of the most satisfying on the market.

Though they might feel like ACs, they are not. They can be used outdoors and almost anywhere. When most ACs reach 20 degrees to 25 degrees of temperature difference, the polar breeze can reach up to 35 degrees of difference.

Polar breeze claims to use thermal cooling technology to provide strictly personal relief on hard summer days. And needless to say, they do not seem to disappoint.

Honeywell air coolers

The Honeywell air cooler operates on the same evaporative technology. They famously use very little electricity to run and thus save up hugely on your utility bills. They are also really popular because of the numerous stylish designs they come in. Honeywell coolers come in both spot cooling and room cooling capacity.

Honeywell air coolers can conveniently be used for long periods as an alternative to the central cooling system that overworks in the summers. This is to say, Honeywell air coolers have specifically long longevity and can service hard hours.

Costway coolers

The cost way air cooler is beautifully built, they are one of the most economical coolers on the market, and they are extremely lightweight which makes them extra portable. Costway coolers are the non-compressive type air cooling systems that will seem like a dream come true.

Costway has a similarly beautifully built website, facilitates a great online purchase experience, and provides great customer service.

Their coolers claim to reduce bacteria, germs, odors, and air particles like pollens and dust to provide you with a better environment for everyday habituating. Its best model boasts of an 8L tank that can provide adequate and deep, humidifying cooling for the summer months.

They even come with an electronic, remote control method so you as the owner, have nothing to worry about during those super lazy, scorching hot afternoons.

Breezy blast air cooler

The Breezy blast personal air cooler is one of its kind on the market. It is very tiny – unbelievably tiny, as small as a water bottle of regular capacity. It can cool for up to 40 minutes at a time, which we are not complaining about when we look at the compact size.

It is also extremely cheap, costing only somewhat 50 dollars in rough estimation. It works with ice packs that are placed on three sides within the cooler. A turbine fan leads in the air and it swirls around in that icy cave and cools down. These ice packs are the only addition you need to make to the cooler before leaving your house. You can turn it on or off using a simple power button.

How does an evaporative air cooler work?

So, how does an evaporative air cooler work? An evaporative air cooler draws in the hot, dry summer air from its surroundings and initiates its contact with cold water (or in some cases ice) that is present within its system.

This contact lowers the temperature of the hot air, also simultaneously moisturizing it and cleaning it. The mechanism allows the air to be released only after this contact has been initiated a fair few times, and this ensures that the air is sufficiently cool.

The performance of the cooler does depend on the temperature of the water put in, the temperature outside and the state of moisture already present in the air.


Air coolers are an inexpensive, eco-friendly way to manage heat while out of doors. They are alternatives to air conditioning and good for a change. They are also far more efficient than coolers which makes them a perfect choice.