. How to Make More Space in Your Home Garage?

How to Make More Space in Your Home Garage?

The best way to declutter your home garage

You have come to the right place if you’re tired of dealing with useless junk in your garage and want to make more space. We will be discussing how people let their home garages get cluttered up to the point where they don’t even have adequate parking space anymore. It may be that you like collecting stuff or that you may have a hobby that you’re pursuing in your garage. Whatever the reason may be, when it gets to the point where you can’t even park your new Mazda CX-9 in the garage, you have a problem. 

People like to fill their garages with stuff that they don’t use anymore, thinking that they can put these items away for now and then forget all about them. Guess what? Those useless items are collecting dust and aren’t going away anytime soon. If you’re having issues parking your car in your garage and it is filled with stuff, it’s time that you made some room in your garage. 

How can you do that? It’s pretty simple. There are basic ways you can make more space in your garage, and these tips can be followed by anyone experiencing problems with garage space. When the time has come to do some spring cleaning, the garage should be the first space you should look to declutter. Here are some simple but effective ways to make more space in your garage. 

Organize Everything 

The first step towards making more space in your garage is to organize all the stuff kept there and collect dust and rust. Having an organized garage will give you more space to park your car and have more room in the garage. It’s not just living space, but keeping some items on racks on the walls of your garage will provide you with more space at the bottom. 

So pick up everything lying in your way and organize them into little compartments where you can keep items stored properly. That will provide you with a lot more space, but be prepared to deal with the dust as you pick up items and store them away in their rightful places. 

Declutter Everything 

Our next step follows the first one, as when you organize your garage, you will need to declutter everything in the garage. That goes true for items you need for gardening in the garage or some items you need for your hobbies. Having your gardening tools lying around or the bicycle thrown in a corner isn’t doing anyone any favors. 

You need to look in the mirror and pick up these items fast. They are in the way and taking up a lot more space than they need to. Store all your gardening tools and utensils in the shed in your backyard, and if you don’t have a shed, it’s time to build one. You can also organize racks on the walls where you can hang items that you’re not using anymore. 

Host a Garage Sale 

One of the best ways to make more space in your garage is to host a garage sale and sell off all the items you’re not using anymore. It will get rid of the power tools you’re not using, but all the rest of the stuff collecting dust will be off your hands. In the meantime, you also get to make some cash along the way, which is why it is preferable to host a garage sale. 

You can collect all the items you want to sell and put them in the front of your garage so that these are the first pieces that people see. Hosting a garage sale is one of the easiest ways you can make more space in your garage, and it will tell people that you’re a smart cookie who knows how to get rid of things that they aren’t using anymore.


It’s always best to have an organized garage with lots of parking space, but most people neglect their garage space and let it get ruined by throwing away useless junk in that space. The tips we have shared above are the best way to get rid of all the stuff you have been hoarding over the years and allow you to have a neat garage space with plenty of room to park your new car.