. 5 Best Baby Products for Your One Year Old

5 Best Baby Products for Your One Year Old

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Finding the best baby products can be challenging when your baby is a year old. Moreover, during the early growth days, you will have to buy many things for your baby until the child gets used to everything around the house. So, this article will cover the five products you will need for a one-year-old infant to make things simple.

Convertible Car Seat

While you’re traveling with an infant, you can let the baby rest on a convertible car seat. The Diono Radian 3QXT convertible car seat can sustain a weight of up to 120 pounds. Once installed in a car, you will not face any issues when your child uses it for a comfortable ride.

The easy-to-adjust 12-position headrest will make the travel comfortable for your child. Apart from everything else, the seat has an anti-rebound bar which helps to enhance stability and keeps your child safe.

Play kits for fumbling toddlers

As you’re concerned about the overall development of your little one, you can think of bringing home a play kit. Apart from helping to build fine motor skills, the kit helps the infant explore spatial relationships.

Soon after you unbox the kit, you will come across things like a wooden coin bank set, a puzzle, and a book that can take you through some activity ideas. Additionally, you can use the wooden stacker and teach the infant to fit things together. Above all, the items inside the kit will introduce the baby to physics.

Foldable and Adjustable tricycle

A tricycle will offer your little one an experience like never before. And, awesomely enough, when the infant is not utilizing this tricycle, you can fold it and keep it inside a car trunk. In addition to maximum functionality, the tricycle has an innovative design for a safe ride.

Xylophone with a bench

This xylophone is nothing but a multi-functional instrument that the baby can play in many ways. Once the infant hits the ball, it will fall down from the bench and slide across a board. Since the entire design looks visually appealing due to the water-based print, the instrument is safe to use.

Playing the musical instrument will help the baby develop fine motor skills. Over time, the infant will also be able to recognize different sounds and develop hand-eye coordination. Baby might also develop an interest in music when he starts playing the instrument repeatedly.

Fruit shaped teethers

Whenever you come across such kinds of teethers, the baby can chew them without bothering about anything. Since the teethers are made from 100% food-grade silicone, they will not cause any problems to infants’ gums.

Furthermore, you can keep the teethers clean after boiling them in a vessel. Besides chewing, the infant can also strengthen his fingers as he grabs the stem. On the other hand, the baby will not feel uncomfortable while chewing the teethers.


There are many things that you can buy for a one-year-old baby, but these are things you definitely don’t want to forget!