. Kids' Makeup kit: The Correct Age To Give Your Child Makeup?

Kids’ Makeup kit: The Correct Age To Give Your Child Makeup

Kids' Makeup

Did your little princess just ask for her first makeup kit? Quite naturally, there might be a million questions going through your head about what you should do in such a situation. Nowadays, kids have gained access to more information about lifestyle, fashion, and makeup from a very tender age due to their exposure to social media. So, consequently, they show interest in makeup from a very young age as well.

If parents are concerned, then remember makeup to go out is not the same as playing and pretending to wear makeup at home. As kids see their parents and other grownups, as a part of their process of development, they imitate and pretend to be like their role models. Allowing your kid to play with makeup is not only recreational but also has an educational value.

Good for you, there is a multitude of choices you can find when it comes to kids’ makeup. You can easily find kids’ makeup kits, and vanity that are safe and fun to play with. In this article, we will list for you some great make-believe as well as real natural makeup for your kids that are absolutely safe and will help explore your child’s creative side.

Which Is The Correct Age To Give Your Child Makeup?

Well, as kids nowadays often see their parents putting on makeup, naturally they feel the urge to imitate them. However, using hard real makeup for adults on your child can be bad for their skin. Offering real makeup to pre-schoolers and toddlers is overwhelming.

For that purpose, specifically, kids’ makeup has been developed, which can be found in both has to pretend to play makeup and safe, natural makeup. As long as your child is not too obsessed with the idea of makeup or is starting to associate their confidence and beauty with makeup from such a young age, it is safe for you to give them kids’ makeup. In this article, you can surf through 4 great makeup kits for kids that will help them develop a creative side as well as develop fine gross motor skills.

Best Kids Makeup Set

You can find Kids’ makeup sets in various certified online stores. These brands are trustworthy; hence you will not have to worry if the products affect the skin of your little one.

Take a look at these amazing makeup kits for kids.

Beverly Hills My First Princess Cosmetic Beauty Set

This is a very popular makeup set for kids. Absolutely perfect for pre-schoolers from 3 to 6 years old. Although the makeup looks very convincing, it’s a make-believe play makeup kit for kids. All the items present are pleasant-looking but none of them are real. Thankfully, your little princess will love it and not get the trick at the same time.


It has a very concise design and comes in a pouch so that the little lady can carry it with her wherever she wants to. The kid’s makeup vanity comes with an eyeshadow palette, pretend lip gloss, and blush. However, you do get real makeup brushes for the authentic feeling. It also comes with a cute little mirror for her to admire her pretty face.

Glamour Girl Pretend Play makeup set

If you looking for a pretty all-encompassing makeup kit for your little girl, this is a great choice you can go for. The Glamour Girl makeup kit contains a range of exciting make-believe makeup items including lipsticks, eyeliners, compact, eyeshadow, lip gloss, and whatnot.

The entire makeup range is totally pink in color and even has stones and diamonds embellished in certain places like the makeup brushes and the handle of the mirror. This fashionable makeup set comes with 13 pieces, which are safe and easy to play with. From foundation to mascara, it carries everything, but you do not have to worry as all the makeup is made out of foam making it child-friendly. From 3-year-old kids to toddlers, all can play with this kid’s makeup kit.

Joyin Toy all-in-one girls’ makeup set

If your little lady is growing up and getting interested in makeup, as a parent you must ensure that the products you provide her with are best for her and also the healthiest. This is a natural kids’ makeup kit that contains a variety of items for your young one to play with and explore.

The items include a colorful shimmer powder, lip gloss, eyeshadows, and more that should keep your little one entertained and feeling all dolled up. The packaging of the products is very appealing and kids love it no matter what. All the products in the set have gone through extensive toxicity checks and are all FDA approved. As a result, there is no need for you to worry about skin rashes or allergies with its use.

Make it up My First Makeup Kit

Are you looking for something gorgeous glittery and pink for your little princess? Lucky for you, we have come with the one and only makeup kit made exclusively for such elegant princesses. In this bright and beautiful kids’ makeup kit you will find blushes, lip colors, and glittery eyeshadows. It opens from the top, and also from each side, where more bright and pastel colors can be found.

You will also get a mirror that is not scratchable and unbreakable for the main purpose of safety. This makeup kit is a must-have if your little girl is demanding her first makeup item now. All the items are made with natural products and you can absolutely trust the brand with its safety guidelines.


So, these were some of the best suggestions for kids’ makeup. If your main agenda for makeup is Halloween, you can very well use these products to make a Halloween look for your young one. From princess to witch makeup kids are going to be fond of these makeup kits once you present them to them.