. 5 Best Free Yoga Application for Beginners

5 Best Free Yoga Application for Beginners

Free Yoga Application

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Yoga helps keep our bodies healthy. The importance of yoga to focus, to maintain slowness is immense. today we will talk about 5 Best Free Yoga Application for Beginners. There are many applications for yoga at present. Some applications have to take a subscription. Again, few applications can be used without a subscription. Today I will talk about some of the yoga applications that can be used for free without a subscription.

Do Yoga with Me

Do Yoga with Me is a free yoga application. It can be used on any Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad. This app is completely free. basically this application is iOS friendly. It has an extensive tutorial video collection. This application has each video about 5-10 minutes long. The steps in this video are all made by professional yoga trainers. This is great for starting yoga.

Pranayama: Universal Breathing Free Yoga Application

Breathing exercises are very effective exercises. It helps the certain case of PTSD, anxiety; also well for lower blood pressure, heart rate, and more. It helps to teach how to breathe in the right way. It has meditation features. So, you can do meditate through this application. This free yoga application is good for yoga lovers.

5 Minute Yoga

It doesn’t need any description. The name of this application will revile the features. This 5-minute yoga application is for those people who have less time for yoga. 5 simple postures shares every day in this application. Users can set timers or reminders in this application. This application is great for those who love yoga but don’t have much time to do it. So, this application helps you out.

Yoga for Weight Loss: Free Yoga Application

Yoga for weightless

It is the best yoga application to do yoga during the lockdown. Yoga for weight loss beginners is very good for beginners. It has daily yoga practice things. You can follow this free yoga application easily.

Grokker Yoga

Grokker is a workout, all-around fitness, and beginner’s friendly application. It has meditation properties and yoga hack properties. It also has a 21-day happy yoga challenge, weight management programs, 25 videos for beginners, 6 gentle yoga video programs, breathe work, and many more beginners’ friendly features.


Underbelly is a North California-based yoga application. Yoga is just not a workout. It should be engaging and relaxing. this application has been designed for android and iOS both.


Yoga helps to stay calm. It also helps to have a peaceful mind. Yoga has many uncountable health benefits. Hope these 5 free yoga application will help you to do yoga at home. So, do yoga and stay calm and healthy.