. How to Style Wide-Leg Pants | Best Wide-Leg pant Style ideas

How to Style Wide-Leg Pants

How to Style Wide-Leg Pants

There are certain clothing elements very difficult to style, but once you get a hold of them, you can own the world with them. After a long run of skinny jeans and leggings, wide-leg pants are now back in trend. Are you worried about how to style wide-leg pants? Do you think wide-leg pants make you look frumpy? Are you not able to pull off a chic wide-leg pants outfit look? Say goodbye to getting overwhelmed by wide-leg pants outfits for we, your ultimate style guide is here with ideas and outfits that go with wide-leg pants. Jump into the article to know how you can rock wide-leg pant outfits.

How to style wide-leg pants?

Well, it might be a chore to get the perfect wide-leg pants outfit, but once you do, it’s worth every bit of the hard work. Here are some tips that come in handy while styling wide-leg pants outfits.

  • Choose the material of the pants correctly. Whether it be polyester, silk, satin, the texture of the fabric plays a big role in putting the look together.
  • Take help of bodysuits and shapewear to get better results
  • Pair the colors properly
  •   Choose the length of your wide-leg pants properly.

What shoes to wear with wide-leg pants?

You can wear pretty much any shoes you like with your wide-leg pants. Consider the entire outfit and the occasion before choosing the shoes. If you are going street style, sneakers are a great choice. On the classier side, you have pencil heels, platforms, strappy heels and for formals, boots work great. If you are opting for a more beachy, vacation look, you can even go for sandals.

Wide leg pants outfit ideas

While everyone is going gaga over skinny jeans outfits, it’s time you change the flavors of the street with amazing ideas of how to style wide-leg pants. Take a look at these 10 chic outfit ideas with wide-leg petite pants that will blow your mind:

1. Wide-legged ripped denim jeans

Ripped jeans have been in an everlasting trend, but now that it has coupled with wide-leg pants, the outfit has elevated to the next level. Style your wide-leg ripped denim with a plain t-shirt preferably of any solid color (white goes best with everything), and your outfit is ready to rock on a casual day. Accessorize if you want with layer minimal necklaces or keep it simple. Tuck the t-shirt underneath the jeans and you have one of the best high-waist wide-leg pants outfits. Sneakers go best with this outfit.

2. Stunning summer look

Stunning summer look

Pair your wide-leg pants with a camisole and sandals. This look will suit best if you have a top and bottom of a similar neutral shade. This summer-perfect look is stylish, classy, and elegant. Most importantly it is super simple and quick compared to how effortlessly beautiful it looks. If you have a long strap jute bag, hang it over your shoulders and put on the biggest pair of shades you own. Finish the look with sandals and a tasseled belt.

3. How to Style Wide-Leg Pants with Baggy cropped sweaters?

If you see your Insta feed, what is the one outfit that has been popular among almost every influencer? Over-sized crop sweaters are one of the best high waist wide leg pant outfits. The look is cute, fresh, and highly aesthetic. You can wear it on a casual day, to college, etc. it is one of the coolest solutions to how to style wide-leg pants.

4. How to Style Wide-Leg Pants with Oversized sleeveless top?

If you are looking for a modern, elegant and chic look to style your wide-leg pants, here is a girl boss look that you can check out. Pair a solid color round neck loose sleeveless top with wide-leg pants of contrasting colors. It is one of the best tops to wear with wide-leg pants.  This outfit is so stunning you can even wear it to date night. A white pant with a black top is the perfect combination for this outfit. Complete the look with sleek ballerina heels and you are ready with a world-class look.

5. Halter top outfit

If you are looking for ideas about how to wear wide-leg pants for Petites, we might have just the right outfit idea for you. A fitted pair of jeans that ends right above the ankle and has wider legs is the perfect pick for you. Get it in high waist, and fittings are done perfectly around the hips, with loose width around the thighs. Pair the pants with a cute halter top and platform heels and you are ready with your outfit of the day!

6. Baggy street style

Might sound very touché, but this look is the definition of chic, elegant, and cozy. To get this street style dressy wide-leg pants outfit, all you have to do is pair an oversized V-neck with the wide-legged pants. Tuck the sweater lightly underneath the pants and you are done. you won’t need to accessorize much. Just a good pair of heels, and you are effortlessly ready in minutes. Keep the hair down and simple with a middle partition or you can even put it into a messy bun to enhance the street style.

Wide leg pant

7. Sophisticated formal outfit

If you are looking for an outfit that looks sophisticated, elegant, classy, and rich, one of the best ways how to style wide-leg pants is to pair them with a blazer. Put on your high waist wide-leg pants and for the top, pair a chunky charcoal blazer with the outfit. With a pair of sleep white high heels, you have yourself a sophisticated vogue-worthy outfit.

8. T-shirt and Block heels

If you are looking for a cool, simple casual style, pair simple wide-leg pants with your favorite casual t-shirt and block heels of contrasting colors. Put your hair in a low messy bun, and accessorize with ear studs. A simple pouch bag will suit this outfit the best.  

9. How to Style Wide-Leg Pants with High neck tank tops?

If you are a fan of the minimalistic outfit, this might just be the one for you. to get this sweet, simple, casual yet hot look, all you have to do is get a tank top with a pair of wide-leg pants. You can put the look together with a cloth belt and our favorite heels and jewelry.

10. How to Style Wide-Leg Pants with Cold shoulder outfit?

Wide-leg pants with cold shoulder tops are a perfect date night outfit. A very chic solution for how-to style wide-leg pants is to pop them on with a ruffled cold shoulder top. This will enhance your collarbones and make you look glamorous.  


These were some ideas and tips for how to style wide-leg pants. If you are worried that you won’t look good in it, or conscious about your figure, just trust your guts and go for it anyway. Wide-leg pants are now the ongoing trend and it’s time for you to try them out.