. 7 Best Harry Potter Slytherin Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Best Harry Potter Slytherin Halloween Costume Ideas

Slytherin Halloween Costume
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Potterhead, are you? Well, we get you, because we love the Wizarding World just as much as you do. And incase you want to show off your love for the Wizarding World this Halloween, we have the perfect idea for you! A Slytherin Halloween costume, duh! Costumes of other Houses might be cool, but if you want it to be cool as well as scary, there is nothing better than a Slytherin Halloween costume. For the perfect Slytherin cosplay, wearing only a Slytherin robe won’t work. You need to be creative.

If you want, you can buy an ordinary Slytherin costume, from a shop that sells cosplay material, and then add features to it or design it in your own way. A Harry Potter Slytherin costume is scary in itself, and with some added designs or features, Harry Potter costume Slytherin has the potential to become the scariest costume in town.

Top 7 Slytherin Outfit Ideas for Halloween

Let us take a look at the 7 best Slytherin Halloween costumeswhich you can go for:

Plain Slytherin Robe with a Hat

This is the simplest  Slytherin Halloween costume and is pretty easy to slip into. It can either be a male or a female Slytherin uniform. You can also buy shoes and other such accessories to match your Slytherin female uniform.This is easy to maintain and pull off, but the proper dress-up works like magic.

Dressing up as a Particular Character

You can also dress up as a particular character from Slytherin such as Crabb, Goyle, Malfoy, or Millicent Bulstrode. All you need to do is buy a men’s or women’s Slytherin costume, and then do your hair like the particular character. If you are good at imitations, even better!

Face Painting the Slytherin Colors

Now, for this, you won’t even have to buy a robe. But if you want your appearance to be really scary, you can buy a Slytherin Halloween costume and then paint your face with Slytherin colors. But remember z the colors should not contain any harmful chemicals and remember to wash them off, completely, after the event ends.

Dressing up as Salazar Slytherin

Well, this will take quite some effort. You will need a Slytherin robe, a goatee, and a really solemn face to go with all this. You will also need a lot of grease or hair wax to maintain that scary backbrush. You can also do an accent, for added effect, or speak Parseltongue.

Dressing up as the Dark Lord Himself

Well, beware! This is going to be quite scary! And so will be the number of prosthetics and makeup required and the dedication required to maintain and pull off this look. But this will probably be the best Slytherin Halloween costume of all. You can ask your friends to dress up as the Death Eaters.

Pulling off “The Snape”

Well, if you go for this, remembered, he is one of the most beloved in the series. This is best suited for those with long, black hair. All your need to do is apply some grease or wax and middle-part it. And a Slytherin robe to go with it. Voila, you will be giving out detention to kids in the streets like crazy! You can put on some makeup, to make you look as pale as Snape himself.


Well, just buy a Slytherin Halloween costume or a Slytherin robe and take care of the rest on the spot. Improvise. If you really are a Potterhead, then there is a high chance that you will know the most iconic dialogs from the books or films by heart. Put that knowledge to good use. If you improvise, you can keep changing your persona and scaring people in more ways than one.


Well, there are various other characters you can dress up as. You might remember that the legendary wizard of King Arthur’s Court, Merlin, was a Slytherin himself. Or there are the Gaunts, who are some of the most creepy characters in the series but would make pretty interesting and scary Slytherin Halloween costumes.You can also dress up as random Dark Wizards, wearing the Slytherin colors.