. 9 Best Long Sleeve Swimsuit Ideas for Summer 2022

9 Best Long Sleeve Swimsuit Ideas for Summer 2022

Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Long-sleeve swimsuits have again become hugely popular, both because of the shifting trend towards showy clothing and the return of vintage clothing styles in almost every facet of the fashion industry.

Moreover, we women know that long sleeve swimsuits have for many been more than just a trend; from protecting our sensitive arms from the harsh chlorine or salt waters to the scorching hot of the summer days to preventing unnecessary tanning, these babies have always been a godsend.

Due to their immense popularity throughout the decades, long sleeve swimsuits come in a variety of styles. Which of them are hot for this year’s summer? Let’s take a look.

Great long-sleeve swimsuit summer 2020 ideas

1. Floral print swimsuits

For women who like to keep things simple and feminine in the summer months, the floral print is definitely in right now and will probably continue to stay so for a few subsequent summers to come. Prints ranging from Brackley-colored geometric shapes to more subtle abstract creations, these one-piece long-sleeve swimsuits are available in the budget as well as design options.

2. Metallic swimsuits

A sure shot way to raise the temperature even more with blinding how to match that of the summer sun is to go for the metallic long-sleeve one-piece swimsuits. Long-sleeve swimsuit Metallica is also in keeping with the trends due to the huge popularity of golds, silvers, and sequins this year. They flatter the body shape and go with any makeup if you are planning to wear some to the pool.

3. Backless swimsuit

Another long sleeve swimsuit idea that you will never regret – nor will anyone else who finds themselves unable to stop gawking at your flawless charm – is the backless long sleeve swimsuit. These backless cuts can be modest or can reach right to the small of your back. Go with what you are comfortable with. Cut-out swimsuits have backless options in oblong, diamond, rectangle, and many other fun shapes.

4. Two-piece swimsuits

Long-sleeve swimsuit top and bottom hands down look great together. They suit women of all body types and age groups due to their classic presence. The bottom can be modest or flaunty: some wearers even seem to prefer an added later of the skirt, though that might interfere with swimming for beginners. And yet from the fashion point of view, long sleeve swimsuits two-piece with their frilly skirts being huge right now, all we will say is why not?

5. Swimsuits with shorts

Shorts are flattering, and they are practical. Long sleeve swimsuits with shorts are probably one of the most minimalistic, no-nonsense options out there; an added benefit is you get to look like a badass in them while you work your skills! Shorts options have various sizes and lengths to them, so make sure to show those curves as much as possible without going out of your comfort zone. However, we will probably not recommend this one for sunbathing purposes and you know why!

6. Plus size swimsuits

Long-sleeve swimsuits plus size lack behind no one when it comes to availability and options. Choosing the right size for a swimsuit is doubly important simply because of how figure hugging there is. As a large girl, if you are buying long sleeve swimsuits online we suggest a size up to facilitate free movement and breathability under that tight fabric. Plus size swimsuits are solid, patterned, glazed, etc., and dazzle any onlooker at first sight.

7. Cartoon swimsuits

Long sleeve swimsuits for kids are din not only because of their colors but also their prints. Animes, Video games, Disney, Barbie, etc all have their own versions of printed swimsuits, and kids are mesmerized by them. Moreover, they have no reason to pinch your pocket as simple designs are available on any website or store that does not charge exclusive prices. These swimsuits are made with elastic fabric and added aerodynamic technology to make swimming more fun.

8. Long sleeves and bikini bottoms

Must you let go of the flirty strings or the bikini bottoms you opt for the long-sleeved swimsuit? Absolutely not! Long-sleeved bikini looks just as good as anything else out there with the added benefit of preventing your arms from turning to roasts. Ruched bikini tops and tie-it-yourself bottoms are just one of the endless possibilities in the world of women’s long sleeve swimsuits.

9. Solid swimsuits

A solid or one-color long sleeve swimsuit is another minimalistic option on the list. It is also the go-to move for some time who is still confused about what to choose. You may be uncertain about any option on the list, but you cannot be uncertain about an all-black one-piece bodice! Besides, solid swimsuits can be opted with many of the other added styles, like the backless or the strings! Definitely, a flattering option for both everyday and occasion uses.


Long sleeve swimsuit is definitely the best next buy. More designer options include retro additions in terms of color, frills, polka dots, a-line cuts of the seventies, bohemian prints, and an endless array of asymmetrical pieces that you will fall in love with.