. 7 One Piece Swimsuit Trends for 2022

7 One Piece Swimsuit Trends for 2022


In 2022, one-piece swimsuits are going to be everywhere. You’ll find a variety of colors and styles on the beach this summer, so get ready to get your own trendy one-piece ready to go. Unsure where to start? Here are a few of the most stylish one-piece swimsuits for Summer 2022.  

Vintage Looks

This year, we’re all about vintage. Since one-piece swimsuits are ultimately vintage pieces themselves, you’re sure to find some vintage-inspired looks this year. Look for suits with tiny flowers or bold black-and-white stripes that curve with your body. Swimsuits that tie behind your neck and feature boy-short bottoms are back in style, along with one-piece options that include a skirt. If you want to look like a pin-up model from the 1950s, there are a ton of popular swimsuits that can help you achieve that look. It’s a great year to experiment with vintage styles and find what works for you. 

Make sure to include vintage accessories, too. Cat-eye sunglasses pair well with striped suits, and big straw hats go with just about anything. 

High Hips

One-piece swimsuits with high hip cuts used to be a staple of the past, but they are coming back in a big way. Show off those hip bones with cuts that aim high. Pair with a cutout or vintage-style swimsuit and you’re sure to draw a ton of attention. High hip cuts can make your legs look longer and help emphasize your waist, too!


One-piece swimsuits

Cutout suits have stayed popular for years, so you might already have one! The great thing about cutouts is that you choose what to show off. You can choose a swimsuit with a back cut-out, waist cut-out, and more. If you can dream of it, there’s probably a suit out there for you. Have a cute tattoo you want to show off? Find a cutout swimsuit that will frame it nicely. Want to show off a belly button ring? There’s definitely a cutout for that! Cutouts are popular because you can get creative with them. 

Asymmetrical Designs

Cutouts are popular, but asymmetrical designs are becoming popular as well. An asymmetrical design may include a cutout, but most of the time it refers to a swimsuit with a single strap, or a cross-body type suit that comes down on one hip but leaves the other exposed. However you want to wear them, asymmetrical styles are going to be popular this year.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are big this year, but the designs are far from traditional. This year, floral patterns are getting a glow-up. You’ll find more jungle-centric florals, including dark greens, large leaves, and more. Tropical floral prints are going to be everywhere as the weather warms up, and your swimsuit is the perfect way to show them off!

Scrunched Materials

Scrunched swimsuits create a unique look. The scrunched fabrics can pull attention away from your stomach and focus it on the areas you want to show off. But that’s not the only benefit of scrunched fabric designs!

Adding more texture to your swimsuit can make your patterns and prints pop. Scrunching in also emphasizes your waist and creates a more classic look overall. Try scrunched swimsuits that follow the other trends we’ve talked about, too.


Prints are always popular for swimsuits, but this year prints are even more popular. While floral patterns will always find their place in your closet, this year we’re looking at bolder, brighter patterns. Gradient patterns that subtly change from one color to another are a good bet. Animal prints are making a comeback too – even unconventional ones. While you’re used to seeing zebra and cheetah prints, be on the lookout for giraffes or cow prints, too. 

Finally, geometric patterns are on the rise. These patterns blend colors and shapes to create bold, eye-catching looks. You can blend any of these patterns with cuts from further up on our list. A scrunched swimsuit can look great with animal print, and a cutout suit with high hips can be great for a gradient pattern.


Before this summer rolls around, make sure to grab a one-piece swimsuit to wear to the beach. There are so many styles to choose from that you’re sure to find one that matches your style. Don’t forget to choose accessories for your beach look, including a sunhat, matching sunglasses, a wrap, and cute sandals!