. 6 Best Casual dress Codes for Men to Get Professional Look

6 Smart Casual Dress Codes for Men

smart casual dress codes for men

If you’re invited to an event that demands smart casual wear or you just want to explore the masterstroke of men’s fashion wear, you have come to the right place. Your clothes should be able to communicate who you are and what goals you want to accomplish. In this article, we will show you a list of the best 5 smart casual dress codes for men. Before getting into that let’s dig up what smart casual actually is.

What is a Smart Casual Dress Code For Men?

Given the smart casual dress code’s somewhat ambiguous in nature, it’s no surprise that most sources remain unknown when defining it. Its definition and meaning vary based on the season, location, and purpose. It can be complicated even for men to know exactly what to wear in smart casual attire.

However, some agree that the men’s smart casual dress code, by theory, is a handsome attire with a slight informal hint. If you think blazers with khaki pants are tuned with quality moccasins and you’re heading in the right direction. Your outfit should be well-fitting but not as formal as a business casual or business professional style.

Tips and Tricks for Smart Casual Men’s Clothing Styles

smart casual dress codes for men

If you are wondering how to execute your smart casual look flawlessly and express yourself with your clothes, follow the DOs and DON’Ts and be the star of the show.

Here are some tips for nailing in your smart-casual outfit:

  • Wear khakis, straight pants, or a good pair of denim.
  • Don’t wear sweatpants or track pants.
  • Do wear altered shorts that have a clean-cut, slim profile and are right above the knee.
  • Don’t wear athletic shorts like cargo shorts, swim trunks, loose-fitting shorts
  • Do wear comfortable, but still fashionable shoes like brogues, boat shoes, oxfords, and moccasins. Try to keep your shoes neutral. It enhances the entire look
  • Don’t wear trainers, flashy sneakers, or crocs

Though an additional note for your smart-casual look is to choose the perfect shoe fit. Men’s shoes are more flexible and can also be used for different similar-themed events. When choosing, consider the sizing system as there are shoes that have different sizing such as European, Italian, etc. If you’re more familiar with your US size, learn more about these and how to convert each size such as Italian shoe sizes to US to get the perfect fit for your quality pair of shoes.

What are the Must-Haves for a Smart Casual Dress Code?

Few pieces of clothes that your wardrobe should always have to get the best of men’s clothing style are:

  • A casual blazer (preferably blue) made of light material
  • Khaki pants
  • A really nice pair of jeans
  • Straight fit chinos
  • A casual shirt
  • Round neck t-shirts
  • A good pair of oxfords, loafers, or tasteful moccasins

Even though it is optional but accessorizing your look will give you the perfect smart-casual closure. So, you might add a nice watch, a pair of killer shades, or even a pocket square.

What are the Best Smart Casual Dress Codes for Men?

 Here is a list of the best 5 smart casual dress codes for men.

The Round neck t-shirt look

T-shirts are versatile. Every man has at least one t-shirt in his wardrobe. Throw in a pair of dark denim (ankle length) with a light-colored t-shirt. Put on a casual blazer. Sum up the entire look with a nice pair of Oxfords and you are good to go. To add an even more informal touch, add a pair of shades.

The Khaki Pants: Casual Dress Codes for Men

This is a common choice in smart casual men’s styling. A few would often compare chinos vs dress pants for this but a few guides such as this from Blank Label can help you decide. The best thing about this look is that it always works out. Pair your khakis with a casual shirt (light blue or black). Keep the first 2 or 3 buttons of the shirt exposing the upper portion of your chest to get the killer look. Complete the outfit with a good-looking moccasin. This look is great for both night and day

The Winter Look

Smart casuals change with seasons. In winters get the warmest woolen button-down sweater you have with a pair of tight-fit jeans and top it up with a black trench coat.

Polo Shirts: Casual Dress Codes for Men

A polo shirt with expensive quality jeans will never deprive you of a casual look. You don’t have to spend a lot on a polo shirt, but a polo shirt provides a more attractive look than an expensive shirt. But before buying a polo shirt, make sure the shirt fits you. A Polo shirt is always the best casual dress code for men

The Casual Friday Outfit: Casual Dress Codes for Men

If you have a not-so-formal day in the office, this is the best choice for you. Go monochrome with your bottoms and shirts and add a dark-colored blazer or sweater. Wear a nice pair of smart casual shoes and become the next trendsetter at your workplace.


Wear a tight-fitting light-colored casual shirt to go with dark chinos with stripes or checks. Get a neutral blazer and finish the look with a handsome loafer.

These were some amazing ideas for a smart casual and casual dress for men.


Create our own style statement by not playing by the rules. Between the two dimensions of formal attire and couch-potato, the smart casual niche has developed its popularity. This style is poles apart from the business professionals and casual hip. In simple words, a smart casual dress code for men is one of those styles that let you truly express yourself.  Owning to that, you should carefully consider how to bring out your smart-casual outfit.