. 7 Christian Christmas Movies for 7 Days to Celebrate Christmas

7 Christian Christmas Movies for 7 Days to Celebrate Christmas

Christian Christmas Movies

With the Christmas holidays knocking on the door, it is time for you to gather with all your family members and start with the holiday celebrations. It is that time of the year when everyone forgets about their worries and indulges completely in a new world of celebration blooming with happiness.

Have you thought about ways to hype up your Christmas celebrations? What would be a better option than to watch an incredibly entertaining Christian Christmas movie? Though there are countless Christian Christmas movies on the web, there are some that you can simply not afford to miss! Check out this article to learn about some best Christmas Christian movies in detail.

7 movies to watch during the Christmas holidays

The Christmas Candle

 This is the first movie to start with. Max Lucado’s novel, the Christmas candle achieved a remarkable position in the film industry when it was brought to life by Pinewood pictures. This story depicts how the people of a village are tied together with the knot of faith.

The village men believe that miracles do happen when someone lights the Christmas candle and this is what the entire movie is about. This is an amazing movie to binge-watch with your family. So, make the first day of your holiday exciting with an incredible Christian Christmas movie.

It’s a Wonderful Life

 How could you even imagine spending your holidays without watching a comedy movie with your dear ones? This Christmas give this movie a call! Not only is this film about comedy and drama, but it also shows the beautiful side of life. It represents to the audience a deep inner meaning depicting how suicide is not an option to go for even in your darkest days.

An angel is sent from heaven to make the main character of the movie fall in love once again with the world. So, if you are in for some mood-refreshing movies, this is the best Christian Christmas movie to watch.

Miracle on 34th Street

On the third day of the Christmas holiday make the atmosphere of your living room bloom with mirth and laughter by watching this movie. This is a great comedy movie to be watched with your friends and family.

This movie depicts a story about an old man who goes up to be Santa Claus in his neighborhood and soon turns out to be quite popular. This movie is one of a kind and truly deserves a lot of appreciation for its excellent outcome. The ratings of this movie are quite apprehensible. All over, this Christian Christmas movie is worth watching.

Saving Christmas

Save this movie for the fourth day of your holiday celebrations. This movie is a great pick to be watched on lazy afternoons. Roll up on your couch and play this movie in your home theatre to feel the real thrills of entertainment. This movie again is more on the comedy side and showcases to the audience how the traditional ways of celebrating Christmas have disappeared into the broad sea of commercialism. Call over your buddies and set up the table with some winter special snacks to enjoy this movie every bit.

The Family Man


 Christmas isn’t Christmas if you don’t include a beautiful romantic movie in your Christmas movie playlist. This 2-hour 5 mins movie is both a romantic as well as a comedy movie that can set up your mood right away. The excellent ratings show the audience how brilliant it is overall. The main character of this movie is Jack who is given a choice to choose his love life and career.

Trapped between the two he struggles to keep pace with the fast-moving world. Ultimately all his struggles end but do you know what happened at the end of the film? Well, if you want to know the answer all you have to do is watch this Christian Christmas movie!

Christmas Town

Released in the year 2019, this movie is another super interesting romantic drama waiting to be included in your Christmas movie playlist. Spice up your holiday afternoons by watching this incredibly entertaining romantic Christmas movie.

The main plot of the film revolves around Lauren who finds both the love of a partner as well as her family in the Christmas holidays when she leaves behind her career in Boston. This film is about the celebration of life, and the announcement of new beginnings in various chapters of life. Ask your partner to watch this movie with you to stir the waves of love into the air!

The Bishop’s Wife

On the 7th day of the Christmas holidays, this is the best movie to watch. This is a fantasy film filled with ounces of romance to make you relish all your golden moments with your partner. This film runs for 1 hour and 49 mins and has got wonderful ratings. This film very brilliantly portrays themes such as human frailty, ambition, and humbleness.

The main character of the film challenges heaven to make some significant changes in his life. If you love to indulge yourself in fantasy movies, this is one of the best Christmas movies Christian for you to watch.

Get ready to watch them all

With this, you have come to the end of this article. Every Christian movie Christmas mentioned in this list are worth giving a watch. Call all your friends and family over, get your home theatre ready, fill up your cups with piping hot apple cider and deck up your plates with fresh Christmas pies before you start watching the movies. Enjoy this Christmas holiday like never before by watching these movies.