. Artistic Ideas for Blank Walls: Add Some Sophisticated Touch On your Living Room

Artistic Ideas for Blank Walls: Add Some Sophisticated Touch On your Living Room

Artistic Ideas for Blank Walls

The living room is the most important space in your home. This is the place where you attend to your guests and if you keep the walls hope your living room vacant, it may look very boring.

Then, you must be thinking about what you need to do. You can add any large wall pictures for the living room, oversized canvas art, large paintings for the living room, etc.

Putting up a large wall of art in the living room is as important as putting up proper furniture in the space.

If you keep your walls vacant, they look very vague. If you are smart enough to put the perfect elements of wall art for the family room in the correct place, it will be very easy for you to put on some personality in your house.

Whether you have some affection for classic canvas wall art for the living room or are searching for something which is a bit of the wall, then this is the perfect place for you.

So, without wasting any more time let’s find out some best wall art for the living room.

Art for living room walls

You need to decorate the large blank walls of your house with some wall art ideas for living rooms. Once you decorate the walls of your living room, you will see that the ordinary living rooms will be transformed into magnificent ones by using this unique wall art for the living room.

In this article, we have some great ideas for wall décor for the living room that you can use for decorating the large living room walls.

1. A Splendid Gallery

So, starting with the first one which is large paintings for the living room.

If you’re willing to give your living room an eccentric look, you can transform it into an art gallery.  in this idea, you can feature a collection of living room artwork on the walls of your living room and give the walls an eclectic look.

 Splendid Gallery

All you need to do is take out all the framed posters or photographs, wall art paintings, or some canvas pictures for the living room and give them a new life on the walls of the living room.

If you want them to look more expensive, then you can cover the entire wall with the artwork. This is a wonderful idea if you want to provide continuity to your walls.

2. Dramatic Art Wallpapers

Choose any type of wallpaper for your living room’s big wall décor. There are two categories of wallpapers.

You can either go with the traditional way of real wallpaper using glue or you can use the temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper. There are numerous varieties of patterns and large art prints for walls that come in elegant colors.

Art Wallpapers

Are you not satisfied with the wallpaper only? then you can try adding some large wall art for a living room that is of the same color family.

And this is a brilliant idea for wall art in the living room.

3. Pressed Plants In Custom Frames

Plants are such things that can evoke memories and strong emotional connections for many people.

This type of wall art design for the living room is an excellent one because they are handcrafted in a custom framing project.

All you need to do is plug some branches and leaves from your favorite green plants, press and frame them with custom frames and your natural-looking earthy abstract wall art for living room wall décor is ready.

These framed pictures] can be your eye-pleasing paintings and will improve your decision-making power too.

This types of painting are really good for gifting someone. Like a flower in a special bouquet will be a treasured gift.

4. Shelves Work Wonders

The shelves are not only décor but also a good source of space management. If you like to add some space to your living room then don’t think just go for a wall Shelve.

Wall shelves become very trendy nowadays. A few wooden shelves on your living room wall and decorating the books on them can enhance the look of your wall.


Installing a floating bookshelf that will lend an interesting character to the blank walls is also a mind-blowing living room wall art idea.

If you implement this idea of showing off your books on the wooden shelves on your living room wall canvas, you can make your home look cultured to any stranger who is visiting you.

So, you must try out this living room art décor once.

5. Sculptures on the wall

If you like an old-school kind of look for your house this living room artwork idea will work wonders. The sculpture is a classic way of making your living room stand out among the other commonly seen ones.

This is very unique wall art for the living room. You can do sculptures of popular influential figures from history or even from our present day. This will help flow positive energy into the mind of people who are in the room along to give a classic old-school look to your living room being fulfilled at the same time.

6. Landscape Framed Canvas Art Print

Are you having a stunning landscape photo that you have clicked from a recent vacation? you can transform it into living room wall art.

Yes! you have heard it right.

Moreover, this art for living room wall ideas could help you to show off your work.

 Canvas Art

You can personalize the framed canvas prints and make them a perfect one that will bring a touch of warmth and personality to any space in your home. 

This idea of framing canvas pictures for the living room is a very excellent way to showcase all your favorite memories.

Additionally, you can add landscape wall paintings for the living room. Not only you can bring elements of nature into your home but also these paintings for living room walls can add visual appeal.

7. Add Some Potted Plants

You can also decorate the large walls of your living room by adding some greenery to the space. This wall art design for the living room will provide the living room of your house with a boost of fresh oxygen.

8. Postcard Wall Art

You may receive postcards from your family friends or some guests. All you do is lock them up in the locker.

Instead of doing that you can build an excellent large wall décor art by clustering them together. After clustering them together you can add a frame or you can keep them casual with an unframed design.

Postcards work as great wall art for the living room since they can be afforded by anyone as they are cheap wall décor for the living room and are also very personal.

 Postcard Wall Art

After you add some shelves, you can place the potted plants on them. There are many pre-made wall-mounted planters available in the market. You also have got a choice of making them at your home if you do not want to purchase them from the market.

You can easily make them at home by installing small floating shells on the wall and placing the plant on top of them and creating wall art for the large wall.

9. Board and Batten

The name “board and batten” may sound like fancy stuff but it’s not the case. It is just the art of adding some strips of wood to the wall in an interesting pattern.

If you are willing to add this excellent living room wall art, you can buy the woods or MDF from any hardware shop.

All you need to do is attach them with carpenter nails or wood glue and paint it in a bold and dramatic color to get a splendid look for your living room wall.  

The finish that you will get from this large wall décor for your living room will have an expensive look. But it will be well within your budget as it is a very cheap wall décor for your living room.

10. Decorate with Paint Patterns

Besides adding decoration to the walls, you can paint the walls with beautiful textures.

Texture in this case several different kinds of unique patterns. These patterns will totally give a new look to your wall.

The patterns on your walls can grab everyone’s attention. You can also consider a few living room wall paintings in this criteria. Also, these wall paintings for the living room will have a good effect on people’s moods whenever they are there.

Paintings and patterns can influence one person a lot. And with these large wall paintings, one can improve the quality of life.

11. Add some Headboards

Art is basically fun but is also functional at the same time when it comes to panel big wall art.

Using oversized art or any oversized wall décor is also a good choice instead of using the same old traditional headboards.


While you are choosing the headboard, you must not forget to make sure that the width of the piece is at least equal to the width of your furniture. Then you should hang the world art in such a manner so that the bottom of the art is just behind or exactly at the top of your furniture.

This living room framed wall art will help you frame up the room and it also allows you to design the room in your own way.

12. Modern tech additions

There are a lot of new things that have come to make your rooms look great. Televisions, sound boxes, and many more things can be stuck to the wall of your living room. You can design a modern wall for the living room.

A classy modern look is also something that works pretty well and amazing LED lighting can also set the mood of the room perfectly. Making the room versatile.

This cool wall art might be a little expensive to pull off but totally worth doing it. Because there are many ways of doing this artwork for the living room and this will also make the room useful.


Thus, you can see that there are numerous big wall decor ideas for decorating the large living room walls. These were some of the best wall art for the living room. The walls, if left blank, will not be appealing to anyone’s eyes.

These living room ideas will give a completely new look to your living room in just a few minutes. Put these wall art ideas for the living room into action at the earliest and see the magic.