. Top 7 Crew Socks Best for Wearing with Sneakers.

Top 7 Crew Socks Best for Wearing with Sneakers

Crew Socks

If there is anything that gives an outfit with sneakers a complete look, it is a pair of crew socks. You can wear these socks in any weather and season, and come in every possible size. No matter what sneakers you wear, these socks are a staple classic and have always been so. What kind of socks will suit you the best with your sneakers? It depends a lot on your occasion, personal style, and sometimes even the amount of money and effort you try to put into it.

Therefore, in this list of crew socks, we have included many different aspects and socks that come across a very wide price range. Feel free to get a collection of socks, all of which you equally adore and need a piece of!

Seven crew socks with sneakers for any season

You will be surprised by how much details go into planning an outfit when it comes to socks. The nature, material, length, color, and even pattern of your socks can completely revolutionize any everyday attire.

Black crew socks

The black crew socks can make an outfit stand out or give a formal and mysterious effect to even a semi-casual throw-on. At times it is good to pair them with ultra-white sneakers to get the best out of the contrast effect that is so in fashion right now.

On the contrary, black crew socks have always been the fashion for some outfits. If you are planning to wear sneakers with a formal get-up, definitely seek to try the black socks as a neutral addition.

Even though these have been considered a staple among all men’s crew socks options, they are equally popular among women these days.

White crew socks

White crew socks

If there is any classic version of the crew socks, it is the white crew socks. A pair of white socks go well with any pattern and color of outfit. You can as equally slay sneakers and white socks with a neutral or monochromatic theme as you can with a maximalist and highly patterned one.

White socks can be worn with the classic Adidas or the bolder Jordans. Men or women – almost every person who wears sneakers or formal shoes of any age should have at least one pair of cruel white socks in their wardrobe.

These socks are specially chosen for the summer season and can be worn with dresses and skirts as well.

Premium crew socks with logo

Premium crew socks are manufactured by international brands that delight in providing people with socks made out of 100% natural material at relatively moderate prices. And even though a pair of Nike crew socks is not something everyone can afford, there is certainly a standard and aesthetic associated with wearing these socks.

It is assumed that for anything like Puma or Adidas crew socks, any fashionable individual will wear these in such a way that only their logo is visible over the rim of their sneakers. You should own one pair at least if the price is not a huge issue.

Floral crew socks

Foral socks have only recently taken the world by storm. However, earlier versions of these women’s crew socks had already existed in the sixties and seventies. In those days, there used to be a fashion accessory for dresses and jumpsuits that would give women quite a refreshing, feminine look.

These days men and nonbinary individuals are challenging this image by wearing floral socks with their everyday outfits to emphasize that flowers are not just for women. Different patterns and colors are available in this genre, most of which are created by individual creators and small boutiques.

Themed socks

Who said themed socks are just for kids?

Themed socks are like your favorite pair of underwear – they give you a good feeling even when you are the only one who knows they are there. However, there is nothing wrong with advertising your favorite creator or fictional character.

Spider-Man theme socks, anime-themed socks, Barbie-themed socks, and even a pair of socks sold as a merge from your favorite musician or internet artist are good enough to own. It is the way to go if you love having a statement and fun with your outfits for crew socks women’s and men’s.

DIY creative socks

DIY socks are not only affordable but also unique. By putting some time and effort into a pair of socks, you can make them into something that is a statement piece of your outfit.

You can buy yourself white socks and use them as a canvas to paint anything, including floral patterns, the night sky, and recreation of Van Gogh’s painting style (which is hugely trending right now, by the way). Or, instead, go for embroidery, lacing, or adding some crochet flowers to the body of your socks.

Creative projects are always the best way to elevate your style.

Gray socks

After discussing patterns and flowers, it might be shocking to come through to such a neutral option. However, gray crew socks are very famous these days because of the sophisticated look that they can provide.

Both men and women equally appreciate them, and sometimes even children’s outfits derive great benefit from wearing these socks. The grey socks come in shades, from silver to dark gray, which look almost black.

A few bonus trends

Crew socks trends are going right now, which speaks about how diverse and cheerful the present fashion expectations have become worldwide. Our top three trend picks, which we would love to see on you, are:

Crochet socks

Crochet socks

Have you ever thought about wearing a pair of socks that are made entirely out of crochet? Yes, this can be a great idea for the fall season, when the weather is neither hot nor too cold.

A colored band

A pair of socks that has no pattern on it whatsoever except a single-colored band around the ankles? These bands look great if you wear them with speakers that are a bit patterned themselves. For example, the Jordans highly benefit from the addition of these bands.


We hope you found your personal crew socks from this article. Remember to switch off your socks according to the season and not refrain from experiencing the wonderful world of woolen socks, either.

It is a good idea to go for socks made of natural materials as even though they might cost more, they will give extended comfort to your feet and a more polished look.