. Common Kitchen Floor Plans and Shapes

Common Kitchen Floor Plans and Shapes

Kitchen Floor Plans

Many factors affect the kitchen layout: the apartment location, size, shape, the number of family members, and, of course, the location of utilities. All these points must be considered even at the stage of developing a design project and before purchasing furniture. Therefore, if you are planning a kitchen remodeling, read about these six basic kitchen layouts that you should pay attention to.

Single Wall

In the design projects of recent years, this kitchen furniture arrangement is increasingly common. This solution supports the general trend toward minimalism, conciseness, simplicity, and functionality. Often, a single wall set can ensure optimal use of the room space. This layout scheme is mainly used in small, narrow kitchens and small studio apartments.

Furniture and household appliances are installed along one of the walls, preferably in such a way that the stove and refrigerator are located on opposite sides of the sink. It is also suitable for those who cook rarely, keep a minimum of necessary items in the kitchen, and give more preference to the dining area.

Double Galley

This layout option is suitable for decorating a spacious kitchen, which can be used as a walk-through room. The stove and sink are usually located along one wall, and the refrigerator and cabinets — are along another, parallel to it.

You should consider the fact that the dinette often has to be moved outside the rooms with a narrow aisle between rows and walk-through kitchens.


This is a fairly versatile layout option suitable for almost any room. However, it will be most advantageous for medium-sized square kitchens. It is not the best option if your room is too narrow, or, vice versa, there is a lot of space.

Often, the corner kitchen is the most ergonomic: furniture and appliances create a very comfortable separate work area when placed along two adjacent walls. You can also easily organize a full-fledged dining area and install multiple built-in appliances.


A U-shaped layout implies placing furniture along three walls. For such a solution, your kitchen should be quite spacious. You can get a comfortable interior with spacious storage sections and large work surfaces with proper planning.

When choosing this type of kitchen layout, you should pay attention to design because a large amount of furniture can make the room visually overloaded and leave no room for a dining area.


This option is exclusively for large kitchens that are often combined with dining rooms. In fact, we are talking about any of the layouts mentioned above, supplemented by an island. It refers to a working area or a dining table taken out to the center of the kitchen.


The peninsular layout resembles an island layout, but an additional element is not autonomous in it. As a rule, it is a bar counter or small dining space, which rests on the end of the furniture. A peninsula can also be a series of conventional cabinets open on both sides with a work surface above them.

For the kitchen to be stylish and comfortable, and you want to spend time there and cook, it is important to carefully work out all the details of the interior as well as the future organization of food and utensils.