. Rediscovering 8 Vintage Christmas Decorations

Timeless Treasures: Rediscovering 8 Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Christmas Decorations

Come Christmas and we all start contemplating how to decorate our homes, lawns, and surroundings with the best pieces of decorative items ever made. Living in a modern world, we run after luxurious stuff, that can give our Christmas trees and other festive decorations an elegant glow we all dream of.

But, in an endeavor to showcase our luxury, aren’t we underestimating the ideas of retro Christmas decorations that our predecessors used to esteem a lot?

Don’t you think that there’s some extraordinary magic and charm in those antique Christmas adornments that no modern resources could bring about?  After all, ” Old is gold”! So, why not disburse this year’s Christmas days and nights in vintage fashion? Come! Let’s rediscover the 8 vintage Christmas decorations of all time that are still trending hot this season. Come on! Let’s unveil their magic! 

How Do Vintage Style Christmas Decorations Differ From Modern Christmas Decorations?

  1. Unlike Vintage Christmas decorations, modern decorations play with different combinations and shades of unconventional colors. However, retro Christmas decor mainly includes 4 colors –
    1. Red.
    2. Green.
    3. Golden.
    4. Silver. 
  2. Modern X-mas ornamentations involve plastic lightning materials and LEDs unlike vintage decorations that are done using traditional substances, for example,
    1. Wood.
    2. Glass.
    3. Metal, etc.
  3. Vintage-themed Christmas adornments involve thoughtful, distinctive, and intricate designs. However, modern decorators pay attention to keeping everything minimal yet elegant. They involve flashy contours, fresh themes, etc in their decorations. 
  4. Modern decorations focus largely on taking the help of modern and innovative technologies in their decorations. They sometimes include programmable displays. Whereas retro-theme Christmas decor uses modest or conventional ideas and materials in their ornamentations including candles, conventional bulbs, hurricanes, etc. 
  5. Modern Christmas embellishments ​​​​encompass no scarcity of themes. The themes range from elegant and intricate ones to impulsive and vogue ones. However, vintage Christmas decorations are limited to conventional and historical themes. 
  6. Vintage decorations take into play traditional hand-blown glass, hand-made items, statues, etc. On the other hand, modern decorations keep everything sleek and polished with the use of acrylic designs, plastic entitydities, etc. 
  7. Vintage decorations especially on Christmas trees are accomplished with normal stars along with holy angels. Modern decorations employ distinct tree toppers (for example, bows, quirky cartoon toppers, etc) at Christmas. 

Vintage decor encompasses hand-crafted items, DIY wall hangings, etc. Though modern Christmas decorations also sometimes involve DIY items, the same is blended with store-bought items as well. 

8 Vintage Christmas Decorations Picked By Us

1. Christmas Decoration With Glass

People have used glass ornaments for decorating their Christmas trees for decades and even today, these practices are not obsolete. So, how about bringing this vintage Christmas decor back again? Paint your glass ornaments or showpieces with your hand and spread rich hues of pigments over them to look more attractive. 

The traditional beauty these hand-blown glass pieces bear makes your Christmas decorations and conventional holiday celebrations more meaningful, special, and impressive. Picking out the original pieces of handcrafted glasses made in the middle of the 20th century imparts a historical charm to your celebration of Christmas.  

2. Bring Metallic Tinsel Into Play

You know what, never underestimate the power of tinsels. After all, they were used to do super gorgeous retro Christmas decorations once upon a time. The shimmery glint these long bristles of metallic tinsels can give to your X-mass trees is hard to ignore.

Nothing including the passage of time became capable of subduing this Christmas decor, the trend of which revived again and again back in each era. Strangle these silver or golden metallic strands from different places of your X-mass trees and see the magic. The Christmas decoration will look so beautiful that anyone who visits your house will fall for it.  

3. Go For A Classic Aluminum X-Mass Tree

The classic aluminum X-mass tree mostly gained popularity during the midcenturies, that is in the 1960s. The wonderful effect the tree’s rotating light wheels create by transmitting a brilliant realistic glow is really captivating.

Visit any antique shop and grab a piece of this tree for your home to give a unique charisma to your vintage Christmas decorations. You can also make use of modern reproduction to grasp the vintage charm for your home’s or office party’s vintage-style Christmas decorations. 

​​​​4. Retro Hand-Painted Idols Or Figurines

Christmas is nothing without Santa Claus and the reindeer, who drive him from heaven to earth. So, how about making some vintage ceramic handcrafted idols or figurines of such figures and hanging them on your Christmas tree? Hey! These figurines can also be placed on your center table or beside your windows to give your retro Christmas decorations a new dimension.

The figurines of various angels are also quite attractive is displayed appropriately. The quaint designs of these figurines which are made with meticulous attention make your Christmas decorated rooms look cozy. These figurines set the mood for the festival from the very beginning and keep it flowing throughout the season.  

5. Decorate With Papers And Incorporate A New Style To Your Decoration

Love origami? Then, it’s time to show your hidden talent now! Indulge in making various paper decorations for your wonderful Christmas Eve and festoon your gorgeous X-mass tree and the entire lawn with these handmade paper decorations. Color these handmade paper decors and sprinkle some sparkles over them.

Your vintage Christmas decorations will be a perfect blend of color and shimmer. The magical atmosphere this decoration will sparkle within your lawn or room will be just spellbinding. You can also make Christmas garlands, cages, lanterns, etc with the paper to hang them on the walls of your rooms or Christmas trees.

The paperwork will add a touch of antiquity to your overall Christmas ornamentation and will bring a sense of nostalgia to it, that will keep you recalling the timeless beauty of the artwork of origami. You can either make the DIY paper decorations with your own hand or opt for store-bought retro paper decorations for decorating your house. 

6. The Magic Of Candles

Do you know, candles can do magic if they are embellished appropriately during your vintage Christmas decorations? So, forget LED lights this season and trust the power of the illuminating candles! The colorful glow the candles give will surely elucidate your X-mass-themed trees magnificently.

You will get a royal feeling with these candlelights which the kings and queens of the bygone eras used to lighten up their festivities. With candles in your hand, you will have a lot of options to showcase them in style. Transform them into candle chips or place them upon chandeliers, do whatever you want, the candle lights will keep giving their glow to your whole house. 

7. Miniature Houses

Miniature objects are something really cute and it was fancy to use those items for retro Christmas decorations during the twentieth century (early 20th century to middle 20th century). Why not bring this tradition back again in this era? Carve miniature ceramic houses or formulate such houses with cardboard.

You can also form mini village sets by joining those cardboard and putting mini trains upon them to make them look more attractive. These miniature Putz houses serve as a great vintage idea for Christmas decoration for your houses and X-mass trees. 

8. Socks Filled With Gifts

Christmas without sweets and gifts? Isn’t it like cake without whipped cream? So, how can we forget to include small pieces of sweets, chocolates, and gifts while decorating our home during Christmas? After all, it was a staple of Christmas celebrations during ancient times, especially during the Victorian era.

Take small pieces of socks or stockings and fill them with small showpieces, sweets, chocolates, Cadbury’s, gifts, etc. Hang these stockings on your Christmas trees. This idea for vintage Christmas decor is a great one especially if you invite kids to your Christmas Eve party. Children will just love it and have full fun throughout the party. 


So, Christmas celebrations are never complete without incorporating some vintage ideas into the decor, no matter how modern the entire decoration is. Indulge in some handcrafted paperwork and glasswork of vintage Christmas decor or hang stockings filled with gifts on your Christmas trees. The magical effect these small vintage objects give to your decorations, whether they are modern decorations or vintage Christmas decorations, is enough to make everyone say, “Wow”. 


1. How to decorate for Christmas cheap?

There are many ways to do Christmas decorations without spending much. Here are some of them –

  • Place a Santa mini tree at the entrance of your house.
  • Make brown paper boxes using cardboard and brown paper and paste strings on them. Now, hang those boxes with strings on a wall to give an extraordinary look to your vintage Christmas decor. 
  • Purchase some cheap vintage bells from the market and hang them from your Christmas tree.
  • Put gingerbread in your empty kitchen jars and decorate them on your dining table or center table. 
  • Put natural plants within small vintage enamel bowls and use them for your Christmas decorations. 
  • Make handmade paper bags, put candle lights or other iridescent lights with extreme care within them, and let the big day keep glowing. 

2. What is the Christmas theme for 2023?

People have set pink color or any other light color as the Christmas theme and color for 2023. Though it means it’s time for something modern and sophisticated, you can also bring the traditional styles and colors into effect by blending the traditional colors with pink and other light colors.

For example, you can choose to make a Barbie-themed Christmas decoration, however, blending the pink color with some hues of the traditional colors will make the theme more exciting and alluring.