. Common Swimwear Buying Mistakes that It’s Best to Avoid

Common Swimwear Buying Mistakes that It’s Best to Avoid


We all look back on photographs and videos of ourselves over the years and regret some of our fashion choices. There might have been our goth year where we only dressed in black, or that time when we got a horrible perm or had bangs cut that didn’t suit our face.

Maybe we wore colors that looked ridiculous on us or wore too-loose clothing because we were self-conscious but just hid any semblance of a figure as a result.

Many of us also regret some of our swimwear choices over the years, whether because of their styles, colors, transparency, or other factors. For those preparing to buy a new bathing suit in the coming months, there are multiple mistakes that it’s best to avoid.

Mistake: Not Considering Activities

Many people only pay attention to how pretty or fun or interesting a bathing suit is and don’t consider practicalities, too. When buying a product, stop and think about whether it will be appropriate for the types of activities you want to do while wearing it. For instance, if you plan to take part in triathlons or swim a lot of laps in a pool, etc., you’ll need a swimsuit that’s comfortable and flexible enough for you to move properly and that will handle a lot of chlorine time or other elements well.

If you’re active when in swimwear, playing beach volleyball, running after young children, or otherwise moving about a lot, you’ll likely want a bathing suit with proper support. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in finding a sexy bathing suit you can wear when on vacation or lying at the beach, you may be more interested in a product that shows plenty of skin and accentuates the parts of your body you like to show off most.

Mistake: Buying the Wrong Size

As with any other type of clothing, when it comes to buying a swimsuit, it’s vital to get the sizing correct. A common mistake made by many shoppers, though, is simply choosing a product in the size they usually wear in other clothing types or in other swimwear they’ve had before. However, this can steer you wrong.

All brands have different sizings, so you could be one size in one brand and a very different size in another. As such, it’s essential to always try on the options on your shortlist before buying them. If shopping online, check the returns information and shipping costs to ensure it’s feasible for you to send goods back if they’re not right. Most retailers have flexible terms and often provide reply-paid options for returns, too, so it shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s best to double-check.

Note, too, that when buying a two-piece swimming costume, it’s often better to pick different sizes for the top and bottom rather than sticking with the same for both. If you’re anything like many women, you may need a smaller top size than the bottom if you’re a pear shape or a larger top than the bottom if you have an inverted triangle body shape.

Mistake: Always Sticking to One Style

Once we find a style that suits our body shape, it’s easy and comfortable to stick with that. However, it’s also worth being open to trying new things over time. If you only ever buy the one style of swimwear, you could be missing out on wearing others that suit you just as well.


Plus, it’s nice to mix things up and have a bit of fun branching out. Next time you need to buy a swimsuit, try on various styles to see if you can find a different one that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Remember that our body shapes may change over the years, as do design trends and manufacturing, so what you may have thought didn’t work for you in the past could actually suit nicely now.

If you’re not sure whether a new bathing suit type works for you, take a partner or friend with you when you try them and get their opinion or take some photographs of yourself in different options that you can look at objectively for a better perspective. These are just three of the mistakes to veer away from when buying new bathing suits for women next time you need a wardrobe update. Be wary of not considering product materials and quality when you shop. Another mistake is covering up excessively, adding too much fabric to your frame, and buying pieces that lack adequate bust support. It takes a little time and effort to find the best options for your needs, but once you do, you’ll be all set for the coming summer months.