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10 Ultimate Winery Outfits For Winter Vacation

Winery Outfits

Most peoples love wine tasting. It makes for a great time for them with amazing scenery, fun people, and perfect weather around them. The last thing you want to worry about is your wine-tasting outfit. This style guide doesn’t just answer what to wear to wine tastings but also some style tips. What to wear in different seasons and full of costume photos!

Let’s review some general tips on how to dress in a winery. These tips will work for all your wine-tasting kits, regardless of location or season! Keep these ten style tips handy when packing for your wine region adventure.

You need to wear comfortable shoes: Once you are deciding to wine tour or have an extensive list of wineries that you plan to visit. Wear comfortable shoes. But comfort doesn’t have to be sneakers instead of wearing sneakers. You can wear flat sandals, flip-flops, or even nice sandals. Also, consider which winery you will be visiting. This means you may be walking in grass, soil, gravel, or cobblestone.

Is there any particular dress code to follow when visiting wineries in winter?

It is often known that we need a particular dress code for the winery. You can wear anything you wish to.

However, wineries are amazing and beautiful destinations with rich historical values and well-dressed staff to help you around all the time.

Though there is no particular dress code for visiting wineries, your outfit is often believed to reflect your personality. And it should match your style as well as the requirements of the destination.

The output should be in complement the destination. You are visiting. In short, it is suggested that you wear something that matches the winery’s atmosphere.

 If you are still determining whether the outfit you have chosen for yourself is ideal for the particular winery in winter, consider the ideas stated below. In this article, we have mentioned some cool and exclusive dressing outfit ideas which you can consider while planning a visit to a winery.

Outfit ideas for you to try when visiting a winery

1. Take your wallet off the shelf

You will have to walk around a lot, holding and reading brochures when you are tasting wine. So it’s better to carry a bag that is not cluttered. You run the risk of being left behind or dropped unattended. The best purses for a winery are small crossbody bags. You can need more concentration on the wine outfit focus. 

2. Wear a cute blazer or denim jacket

Winery outfits

 If your wine outfit is simple, go for it. Let’s add a stylish layer. You can wear a denim jacket in the summer, a floral blazer in spring, a long autumn cardigan, and winter coats depending on the season. Make sure this layer is not too bulky because you want to move freely in any season.

3. More Stylish Than Casual

 The wineries are farms in the country. But don’t think you can just put on jeans and a t-shirt and call today the day. Opt for a dress slightly more than casual. You can wear leather pants with any shirt and top it with a scarf or shawl, depending on the weather. Add gold-colored jewelry like hoop earrings or studs, and you are good to go.

4. Low Maintenance Hair

Low Maintenance Hair

 Your wine-tasting outfit ideas include your hair. So wear or style your hair in a way that doesn’t require maintenance throughout your wine-tasting event. This is the place to go if you plan a day out on the wine trail. This way, you won’t have to worry about it getting frizzy and flat, and you won’t have to mess with it during your wine tour. 

5. Wear Chapstick

 One of the main activities while tasting wine is drinking wine. So instead of lipstick, wear chapstick. You don’t want to check your lipstick or reapply it every time you get to your car. Please keep it simple and wear chapstick, which matches your wine-tasting outfits.

6. Skip the strong fragrances

You will have tons of wine scents trying to decipher which notes stand out the most. And you don’t want other scents to bother you, so skip the perfume! Not wearing perfume is a generous gesture for your wine-tasting group and other guests in the wine-tasting room or the cave. You can use the mild fragrance perfume on your wine dress.

7. Wear a Pretty Print

red dress

If you want to bring attention to your winter winery outfit, instead of wearing a solid blue dress, you can wear clothing with horizontal stripes. You can also wear a floral shirt in spring, stripes in summer, autumn plaid and tartan, and a houndstooth pattern shirt in winter.

8. Simple is better

Don’t wear a high-maintenance outfit for the day. What you wear to a winery has to be comfortable and stylish. But keep in mind that point number 4 is nothing too comfortable either.

9. Don’t be afraid to wear white

One of the best wine-tasting outfit ideas for winter is white. It is not wrong to wear white in a winery.

10. Cute wine tasting outfits

At last, for the wine-tasting locations, you can take minimal walking on land. Overall, it’s a cute and casual look. And the patterned pants add a touch of individuality, and the heel makes them look a little better.

You can choose a simple chiffon blouse and t-shirt in the same color. The colors of the sandals and handbags will be matched your outfit.

3 Things to avoid in your outfit when visiting a winery?

Now that you have 11 exclusive ideas for outfits you can try in your collection, we will let you know what you should not wear to a winery. Here are some outfit mistakes you must avoid when visiting a winery.

A large handbag

Small handbags always look stylish. Try avoiding large massive handbags when visiting a winery because you do not need to take the world with you in your bag while attending a wine tasting.

Excessive dressing

A winery is a place of ultimate luxury. You can show off your style at the winery while dressing for it. But it is suggested that you refrain from getting excessively dressed or dressed when visiting the winery. Try to keep it as minimal as possible while also being sophisticated.

Avoid heels

If you are not accustomed to wearing heels every time and are not a smooth-heel walker, try to avoid wearing heels at the winery. Though it is not a strict rule that you need to avoid, it is just an outfit accessory that you might avoid. But it is requested to avoid wearing pencils or slim heels at all costs.


Now that you have detailed information about what you should wear and avoid wearing, this article helped give you detailed knowledge about outfit ideas. If you like it, share it with your friends and family so they know what outfits they can try and what they should not try while visiting a winery in winter.